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35. It's the equality. They can't stand it.
Sat May 18, 2024, 05:33 PM
May 18

To the ones who have a probablem, marriage is where a stronger party is joined to a weaker party. They assume those are respectively, a man and a woman. Because every man deserves his servant.

Anything other then that is wrong, and deserves an accompanying slur.

Two men? (They're f*ggots). Two women, (l*sbos, & who wears the pants? ie, is pretending to be stong). Straight or gay marriages where the/a woman is dominant? (she's a d*ke).

Outstanding. Congratulations and thank you. underpants May 18 #1
How mean and cruel people can be. That school administration needs to be sued. 1WorldHope May 18 #2
I did not sue them, I fought them Teacher of the Year May 18 #3
I'm glad to hear that most of them were voted out! 1WorldHope May 18 #7
Thank you! Teacher of the Year May 19 #47
Good for you and your husband. Thank you. Biophilic May 18 #4
I encourage you to write the story of yours (and your other half too) and get it printed. Such bigotry and hatred SWBTATTReg May 18 #5
It was investigated by the state Teacher of the Year May 18 #8
O got curious and googled Bostick vs. Clayton County. ShazzieB May 18 #26
What a heartfelt, sad but beautiful story. Fla Dem May 18 #6
We've never even had a fight. Teacher of the Year May 18 #9
I am in awe of your courage and determination. MLAA May 18 #10
What I lack for in smarts, I make up in determination Teacher of the Year May 18 #19
Welcome to D.U. orangecrush May 18 #11
I'm an old-timer on here... but I stopped posting for most of a decade. Teacher of the Year May 18 #20
i think I recently read your post soldierant May 18 #34
Well thanks for your courage SomedayKindaLove May 18 #45
My brother came out, only after my dad passed away. ... aggiesal May 18 #12
Thank you for your testimony - TBF May 18 #13
Very lovely, thank you. Teacher of the Year May 18 #21
Thank you for your courage. multigraincracker May 18 #14
Stop with the closet attraction myth. NanaCat May 18 #41
I tell you...You are one brave person. It's people like you that actually make.. chouchou May 18 #15
Thank you for those kind words. I'm plenty bullheaded Teacher of the Year May 18 #28
I'm on your side. demigoddess May 18 #16
Should be treated equally LiberalFighter May 18 #17
It's the equality. They can't stand it. Whatthe_Firetruck May 18 #35
It's rooted in patriarchy YodaMom2 May 19 #55
Congratulations DeeDeeNY May 18 #18
Thank you for telling your story mountain grammy May 18 #22
I'd do anything for the Marks out there. Teacher of the Year May 18 #33
Your supervisor thought it was appropriate PoindexterOglethorpe May 18 #23
A few months before, in a meeting with all of my staff that I oversaw Teacher of the Year May 18 #40
Did you out her for trying to cover up her past NanaCat May 18 #42
High praise for your courage BaronChocula May 18 #24
You won the good fight. I'm in awe. quaint May 18 #25
I was really honored they included me. Teacher of the Year May 18 #37
I'm choked up by this post. Thank you for sharing. jmbar2 May 18 #27
Teaching is a sacred thing. A good teacher creates ripples in the lives of his or her students PatrickforB May 18 #29
These damn bigots are so cruel! They don't care at all about all the suffering they cause. Dave Bowman May 18 #30
Wow moose65 May 18 #31
That's sad, and beautiful. Thank you. NT Happy Hoosier May 18 #32
This is a story that needs to be told. Thank you for returning and sharing it here. N/t Iris May 18 #36
I know what I would want to say to that supervisor dai13sy May 18 #38
Thank you so much. My uncle (and godfather) was a gay teacher. TygrBright May 18 #39
🌈This Hekate May 19 #50
I see myself as standing on the shoulders of giants. Teacher of the Year May 19 #51
Happy anniversary! Wild blueberry May 18 #43
BRAVO Faux pas May 18 #44
Gay people can become Secretary of Transportation. Wednesdays May 18 #46
Thank you for this story and your courage FirstLight May 19 #48
I am so very glad you have returned to DU & are writing here again. I hope you are saving all your essays for a book. Hekate May 19 #49
I'vehad a couple of book offers Teacher of the Year May 19 #52
I do understand Hekate May 19 #56
Congratulations on you anniversary and your hard-fought victory dlk May 19 #53
Thanks so much for sharing your story. MrsCheaplaugh May 19 #54
"My shy husband, traumatized by all the cameras, looked at me and said, "I have waited a long time to marry you." calimary May 19 #57
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