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64. Kris Mayes is proof EVERY vote counts!
Sat May 18, 2024, 03:25 PM
May 18

Rudy wouldn’t have received his most memorable birthday “gift” if not for AZ AG Kris Mayes.

She won the election by 280 votes (out of about 2.5 million). Former republican AZ Mark Brnovich refused to investigate AZ’s fake electors and Abe Hamadeh (Kris Mayes’ opponent) was a proud MAGAt.

From now until November’s election, I’m wearing my “Democracy uniform”; T-shirts from the Biden-Harris and Ruben Gallego campaigns, Mom’s Demand Action, and Planned Parenthood. Anyone who compliments my “uniform” gets the “Are you registered” and “Will you volunteer or donate to the campaign” questions. The question will evolve to “what is your plan to vote” the closer we get to the election. I even made a card (business card size) with information to register to vote on the front and ways to vote in AZ on the back.

Every vote counts and I really feel like we need to elect leaders that will actually COUNT all the votes.

You're on the lam from the law and you have a huge splashy birthday party? Irish_Dem May 18 #1
No, too arrogant. Thinks he's above it because of who he is. Biophilic May 18 #27
The entitlement and arrogance has been stunning. Irish_Dem May 18 #29
Seriously, and painful to watch. I really do dispise these people. Biophilic May 18 #35
We know if we had done 1/100 of what they did, we would have been in jail Irish_Dem May 18 #36
Just about any one that deal with "Justice" and "Law enforcement" is conservative, hen Republican. LiberalArkie May 19 #89
He owes Ruby and Shaye many millions-- viva la May 18 #79
Right he lives the high life while he has big debts to pay. Irish_Dem May 18 #80
I guess that Goodman guy Captain Zero May 18 #2
Slander Party Massacre peppertree May 18 #17
If there is a movie made, this scene has to be in it. Irish_Dem May 18 #30
Roger Corman would've liked that peppertree May 18 #43
Big --- YES AGREED ----- in huge blinking neon lights! SupportSanity May 18 #47
How embarassing BoRaGard May 18 #3
What to give the guy who has everything? "You've been served!" tanyev May 18 #4
Everytime this question is asked... aggiesal May 18 #18
Maybe they are waiting for Bannon's birthday party to drag him off to jail SupportSanity May 18 #49
I'm sure he was in "high spirits." yardwork May 18 #5
Yes he was tanked to the gills no doubt. Irish_Dem May 18 #31
Go Rudy! Hstch05 May 18 #6
Stormed the party like is was Normandy... Probatim May 18 #7
Does Caroline Wren know who the men Pototan May 18 #23
She has no clue. Irish_Dem May 18 #33
the bad guys were of the same ilk in both events prodigitalson May 18 #63
Yes exactly. Irish_Dem May 18 #65
Really? Conjuay May 19 #88
And he was once mayor of NY........................... Lovie777 May 18 #8
A lot of us NYC'rs Didn't like him! electric_blue68 May 18 #12
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! (nt) Paladin May 18 #9
Rootie PahTootie is a despicable meat popsicle. NoMoreRepugs May 18 #10
"Ahem"... cough... BAAAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAA!!!! electric_blue68 May 18 #11
"Who stands up for law enforcement." Botany May 18 #13
The fascist "trial by combat" repuke! Justice matters. May 18 #14
Too funny underpants May 18 #15
And yet so fitting! 😂 onetexan May 18 #16
He was probably so hammered he didn't notice. marmar May 18 #19
The guest list seems to be the whos who of who should be in jail with him. BoomaofBandM May 18 #20
Best Birthday Present Ever ! nt TeamProg May 18 #21
They should've treated him like a black kid who'd stolen a candy bar Orrex May 18 #22
This was epic! colorado_ufo May 18 #24
Self inflicted wound Picaro May 18 #25
His Profile Got Super Elevated By.... ProfessorGAC May 18 #48
Did they lure Traildogbob May 18 #26
That and a bottle of booze. Sky Jewels May 18 #40
Um, Rudy, No.... COL Mustard May 18 #28
And they don't take orders from you, either, Rudy. calimary May 18 #77
Confucius Say: He who is hot mess has runny hair dye Blue Owl May 18 #32
"Process server located Rudy by following a trail of jet-black hair dye." - Borowitz sop May 19 #87
Bwahahahaha -- too funny!!! Blue Owl May 19 #93
bravo. AllaN01Bear May 18 #34
Why oh why do I have to share the planet with these people? NBachers May 18 #37
Especially the oxygen! YUCK! ❤️ littlemissmartypants May 18 #66
Oh my nonexistent god, what a moron! Sky Jewels May 18 #38
Awww. He was having such a good time... CCExile May 18 #39
They "stormed" in "like it was Normandy." thucythucy May 18 #41
I see what odins folly May 18 #44
Yes n/t ArkansasDemocrat1 May 18 #46
Are you kidding me? SWBTATTReg May 18 #42
As a voter in AZ, I find it troubling that Rudy & other GOP mobster wanna-bees wasted resources trying to overthrow us. Attilatheblond May 18 #45
Where is Borat when we need him? SupportSanity May 18 #50
If trump gets back in the white house rudy will be pardoned. mucifer May 18 #51
Trump can't pardon someone for state crimes Kaleva May 18 #55
The subpoena was a courtesy. It was showing respect..... getagrip_already May 18 #52
A Message To You, Rudy... Pluvious May 18 #53
Happy birthday Rudy! Woodwizard May 18 #54
Could have retired, beloved. Do Trump's bidding and this is what you get. A long line of those idiots. OverBurn May 18 #56
He wouldn't have retired beloved NanaCat May 18 #82
The biggest drag for the partygoers was... LudwigPastorius May 18 #57
How DARE anyone make fun of Rudy after ALL he's been through!?! JoseBalow May 18 #58
One nice thing to take away from this story; BobTheSubgenius May 18 #59
LOL! Stormed a Party like it was Normandy. n/t Jacson6 May 18 #60
23 years later they're still playing 911 like a get out jail free card Bucky May 18 #61
As Joe Biden once observed about Rudy: sop May 18 #67
Wasn't that Ted Kennedys' line? N/T Conjuay May 19 #91
Joe said it during a presidential debate: sop May 19 #92
That tsf's toadies are still palling around with Rudy shows they're not lindysalsagal May 18 #62
Kris Mayes is proof EVERY vote counts! maspaha May 18 #64
❤️ littlemissmartypants May 18 #68
Thank you littlemissmartypants! maspaha May 19 #94
YW! ❤️ littlemissmartypants May 19 #95
Birthday parties for a man his age? pwb May 18 #69
Why not? GenThePerservering May 19 #86
Dusted off the Giuliani 9/11 line! wss2001 May 18 #70
The sight of law enforcement doing its job causes Republicans to scream. Hilarious. SunSeeker May 18 #71
Happy birthday loser! mcar May 18 #72
I am always amazed Texasgal May 18 #73
'Partygoers started screaming' What were they screaming ? Traurigkeit May 18 #74
This makes me smile LetMyPeopleVote May 18 #75
Rudy should have been expecting it. Dip shit, he did it this way for the purpose of shocking his friends ... marble falls May 18 #76
They engineered this poutrage. They practically invited them. unblock May 18 #78
I don't know why they'd start screaming Warpy May 18 #81
doesn't sound anything like my nana's 80th birthday party. just saying. nt orleans May 18 #83
This is unfortunately made up BS odins folly May 18 #84
Lake Clarke Shores is NOT Palm Beach. Stupid fucking Rudy was pretty close to the black side of town. SoFlaBro May 19 #85
You people! czarjak May 19 #90
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