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Jebus God. Treason at the highest levels. Irish_Dem May 17 #1
Very Coordinated too underpants May 17 #8
Well planned, well funded, and organized at the highest levels. Irish_Dem May 17 #11
And very many of these criminals are still markodochartaigh May 17 #21
Yes, and they have had a dry run. Irish_Dem May 17 #26
They will not orangecrush May 17 #71
I doubt they will roll over and play nice. Irish_Dem May 17 #83
They are evil to the core, no doubt about that at all, but, what they seem to misunderstand MarineCombatEngineer May 17 #89
They are in for the shock of their lives. Irish_Dem May 17 #93
Democrats will do orangecrush May 17 #98
I've always said..... AZ8theist May 18 #105
Yes. And Americans are quite different from Russian and Chinese citizens. Irish_Dem May 18 #106
That's why we have to VOTE, and make sure everybody around us does, too! calimary May 17 #94
They don't need to have him in office. wnylib May 18 #99
It is unfortunate there isn't a Remo. LiberalFighter May 17 #32
Heads need to roll, on this fake insurrection by all of these people. They need to be ID'ed, arrested and SWBTATTReg May 17 #56
I wish it were just trump to blame. Biophilic May 17 #59
The DOJ has focused on the foot soldiers. Irish_Dem May 17 #86
Yes. The political will isn't there, I guess. SWBTATTReg May 18 #120
If you are a member of congress or a judge you can commit treason. Irish_Dem May 18 #121
If they start going after the congrss and senate members who helped lindysalsagal May 17 #60
I think this is why the DOJ has given MOC a pass. Irish_Dem May 17 #87
I always thought the Capitol Police were betrayed, set up to fail, & hung out to dry. elocs May 17 #85
I think that is a given. Irish_Dem May 17 #90
I think there is at least ONE reason why the investigation did not go to the highest levels... Shipwack May 18 #127
I have said exactly the same thing. A deal was cut. Irish_Dem May 18 #128
This message was self-deleted by its author FelineOverlord May 18 #100
The breadth of is astounding n/t hibbing May 17 #24
If this were a movie, no one would believe it for a minute. Irish_Dem May 17 #28
I keep thinking I can't be shocked... FalloutShelter May 17 #52
Same here. Irish_Dem May 17 #84
Whixh is why ALL of those who aided & abetted, including powell & alio onetexan May 21 #132
Permanent Pee-residency Kid Berwyn May 17 #25
Pretty incompetent treason, though. malthaussen May 17 #57
No. They were very close. Irish_Dem May 17 #81
Unbelievable, Nancy Pelosi is a bad ass hero. She saved the ACA and a little over 10 years later she saves our Democracy Demsrule86 May 17 #2
We already knew she was a bad ass hero. ShazzieB May 17 #10
She so wonderful... Demsrule86 May 17 #20
Was trying to kill her husband revenge for spoiling the GOP plot? Irish_Dem May 17 #31
I don't know. They hate her and she ruined their insurrection...it is possible Demsrule86 May 17 #46
She not only ruined their insurrection, but outsmarted them. Irish_Dem May 17 #47
She did didn't she? She is a smart badass! It seems like that guy who did it could have been manipulated. Demsrule86 May 17 #55
We keep hearing about all the GOP/Trump plots and subplots. Irish_Dem May 17 #80
He was coming after Nancy gab13by13 May 17 #58
True. One wonders if this guy was manipulated into doing this? I usually would not even wonder about this. Demsrule86 May 17 #67
And they continue to foment their coup malaise May 17 #3
Exactly. All of those "tourists" were just a distraction. mjvpi May 17 #13
God I hope so. COL Mustard May 17 #27
We cannot say with any certainly it will fail again. Irish_Dem May 17 #35
This JustAnotherGen May 17 #66
They don't have as much power as they did before. Demsrule86 May 17 #70
We see the opposite. Irish_Dem May 18 #114
NOW, we know for sure the Supreme Court is our enemy. (wern't sure before) bluestarone May 18 #113
Yes I hope to God someone is developing a strategy to defeat our domestic traitors. Irish_Dem May 18 #115
Thank God for Speaker Emerita Pelosi. The insurrectionists Powell, Gomert and Alite... brush May 17 #4
"Justice" Alito should be tarred and feathered Blue Owl May 17 #5
Outmaneuvered by a woman Retrograde May 17 #6
If Alito was a decent human being and patriotic American, he would resign and PufPuf23 May 17 #7
America needs to HOUND him to resign! lastlib May 17 #33
And he is obviously not a patriotic American. Biophilic May 17 #61
Let's go Alitooooo !!! Seinan Sensei May 17 #62
Powell described a plot, a conspiracy, to overthrow the constitutional order of this country. Trust_Reality May 18 #116
Gohmert/Alito connection is an eye opener duckworth969 May 17 #9
Shocking..I doubt they could have raised a legal challenge. There were 60+ cases, some heard by SCOTUS PortTack May 17 #12
I think the issue is that Alito could have delayed certification, by himself. yardwork May 17 #50
Exactly Farmer-Rick May 17 #79
I think Alito is not their stooge. He is clearly undermining Trust_Reality May 18 #117
On January 7th Alito could have stopped the count by taking the case...and it is being said it was part of the plot... Demsrule86 May 17 #68
Kicked and recommended Uncle Joe May 17 #14
Thank You Nancy Pelosi onethatcares May 17 #15
"damn good at her job"? She was Molly Pitcher when it counted. bucolic_frolic May 17 #16
That's why he flew the flag upside down. When she outfoxed him, it WAS a dire emergency (to him). Wonder Why May 17 #17
Keeps getting worse. Joinfortmill May 17 #18
When tsf is replaced by Kemp at the repub convention in July... rubbersole May 17 #74
I'm now revisiting my anger. Boomerproud May 17 #19
KICK for visability Demsrule86 May 17 #22
Nancy understands these criminals. MOMFUDSKI May 17 #23
Is it pure speculation that Justice Alito would gone along with this? Kaleva May 17 #29
The SC installed Bush into the WH. Irish_Dem May 17 #37
Yet you seem to trust crackpot Powell Kaleva May 17 #78
Well, I wondered, but she seems to put a lot of emphasis in Alito getting to make the decision alone muriel_volestrangler May 17 #39
Alito wasn't helpful in efforts to overturn 2020 election Kaleva May 17 #91
Someday, G-d willing, there will be a movie Freddie May 17 #30
Alito needs to resign immediately! ananda May 17 #34
No wonder Biden gave her the Medal of Freedom. Irish_Dem May 17 #36
Something has to be done to this bastard bluestarone May 17 #38
I hope to live to see the book & movie: "How Nancy Pelosi Saved Our Democracy" ... Hekate May 17 #40
I am going to say this Prince99 May 17 #41
Alito and Thomas are clearly corrupt but also Chief Justice Roberts has lost all credibility. His legacy walkingman May 17 #42
Thinking the SAME here, except i'm not sure about Roberts yet. bluestarone May 17 #49
Alito and Thomas would not get away with their crimes without Roberts. Traurigkeit May 17 #54
My sense is that Roberts is pretty much one of them, just more subtle. Trust_Reality May 18 #118
Don't forget... GiqueCee May 18 #109
Speaker Emeritus and Greatest American Hero Pelosi usonian May 17 #43
It's becoming more difficult by the day to keep the conservative brand from looking spoiled and spotty. Torchlight May 17 #44
Yes, this has been known. Nancy Pelosi saved our democracy. yardwork May 17 #45
It wasn't Pelosi's aides NanaCat May 18 #104
K&R! jmbar2 May 17 #48
Nancy Ladythatvotesblue May 17 #51
This is why all the Federal Trials are being delayed. If the US DoJ can ask TSF what happened to create th Jan 6th, 2021 Traurigkeit May 17 #53
This scares the crap out of me karin_sj May 17 #63
When you know Alito was gonna give them the whitehouse lindysalsagal May 17 #64
Good idea... Demsrule86 May 17 #72
Nancy Pelosi saved us so many ways. mahina May 17 #65
Nancy P Botany May 17 #69
Traitor Alito. That's my takeaway. oasis May 17 #73
Her being so damn good at her job that she saved the republic... Trueblue Texan May 17 #75
Can't Believe I Have to Ask This... DET May 17 #76
Why should the filing be based on Gohmert's district? LiberalFighter May 17 #77
I just don't know what to say anymore. grumpyduck May 17 #82
I hate to ruin a perfectly good conspiracy theory... brooklynite May 17 #88
Yes, so investigate the big picture for evidence of conspiracy. Trust_Reality May 18 #119
Fuck these traitors. All of them Evolve Dammit May 17 #92
I still wonder what part Stefanik played in the coup mgardener May 17 #95
Powell practically implicated Alito on camera DFW May 17 #96
She didn't provide any evidence Kaleva May 18 #101
They are so incapable of doing their jobs, soldierant May 17 #97
Pelosi is a heroine Blue Owl May 18 #102
Not even John Grisham. a mastermind in crafting legal thrillers, could come up with this. tulipsandroses May 18 #103
Repubes tried to SUCKER America BoRaGard May 18 #107
God bless Nancy Pelosi!! MaryMagdaline May 18 #108
Powell appears crazy or kool-aid drunk elias7 May 18 #110
Soapy Sam was the Kingmaker bucolic_frolic May 18 #111
This narrative is believable, but requires more evidence of Alito's role than Powell's say-so. Martin68 May 18 #112
Execute them all. Death penalty would be great here. Lucky Luciano May 18 #122
Also this posted on DU back on 9-26-21 FakeNoose May 18 #123
Roberts needs to clean up his court. Emile May 18 #124
"Justice" Roberts needs to be Thrown off this court. Traurigkeit May 18 #131
Nancy needs another bunch of flowers redqueen May 18 #125
Ms Pelosi is the best damn Speaker this country has ever had Trailrider1951 May 18 #126
Don't doubt Alito would have signed off, but is there any evidence this was arranged with him beforehand? Or Silent Type May 18 #129
Now I understand why they hate Pelosi - and by extension her husband - TBF May 18 #130
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