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I don't think that Rep Raskin will be able to maintain his professional demeanor if we had any more. mjvpi May 17 #1
watch Jamie Raskin smile and barely contain agingdem May 17 #10
I missed it. I hope there's a video.. Deuxcents May 17 #2
Somebody on DU posted a video link Marthe48 May 17 #3
I saw the video at the hearing but I missed Ali Velshi tonight with Rep Crocket Deuxcents May 17 #6
Misunderstood what you missed Marthe48 May 17 #8
Here's the clip from YouTube soldierant May 17 #16
Thanks for posting..it's what I missed earlier Deuxcents May 18 #31
YVW. soldierant May 18 #37
I was so impressed I called out "Bravo" and started clapping. BigmanPigman May 17 #4
Brava!!! niyad May 18 #21
She acts and sounds like a person who was drinking. BigmanPigman May 18 #22
I'm thinking that you meant this in reference to MTG. erronis May 18 #39
"Drunken teenagers" is a good description BigmanPigman May 18 #44
MTG is not win a dissing contest with Crockett. she's a sharp one nt msongs May 17 #5
Yes bdamomma May 17 #7
I get tired of MSM calling Traitor Greene and BoBo GenThePerservering May 17 #9
Shit Flingers is the correct term for Greene, Bobbert, etc. Don't get near their cages. erronis May 18 #40
Remember when we chipped in and sent flowers to the WH journalist ... cliffside May 17 #11
I think it was Helen Thomas. sheshe2 May 17 #14
Yes and thanks! nt cliffside May 18 #48
It was Helen Thomas. I sent her a note and got a really nice louis-t May 17 #17
Mr. Raskin's doubletake was priceless Marthe48 May 18 #29
Yes absolutely we do...she is the best!! PortTack May 17 #12
Harris/Crockett 2028! Yes we can! AnrothElf May 17 #13
Rep. Crocket is always worth listening to. Never disappoints. wnylib May 17 #15
Smart on her feet with a quick wit. I agree we need more like her. jalan48 May 17 #18
She is great!! FoxNewsSucks May 17 #19
Here's the video for those who missed it (she's my favorite, too!): Rhiannon12866 May 17 #20
She acts like she has been drinking BigmanPigman May 18 #23
You mean Jasmine? RussBLib May 18 #26
NO WAY! BigmanPigman May 18 #28
Bobo and MTG the Bounty Hunter don't get along Kaleva May 18 #33
What are they pissed off about? BigmanPigman May 18 #43
Bobo complained about being asked about Jewish lasers in space Kaleva May 18 #46
Ha. I guess that is as close as they'll get BigmanPigman May 18 #47
my anger meter has been busted for years . and my secondary has been busted too. AllaN01Bear May 18 #24
I try to watch any segment when she is a guest Marthe48 May 18 #30
I was impressed. calimary May 18 #25
Hard to believe she's from Texas captain queeg May 18 #27
Here is the video LetMyPeopleVote May 18 #32
MTG: "I think your fake eyelashes are messing up what you're seeing" CoopersDad May 18 #34
Crockett: "if somebody starts talking about somebodies bleach-blonde, bad-built, butch body...." CoopersDad May 18 #35
She is amazing redqueen May 18 #36
She's good malaise May 18 #38
I like her a lot. I like AOC too. We need intelligent men and women willing to call out the vile Magats. nt Evolve Dammit May 18 #41
She Offsets Marge HandmaidsTaleUntold May 18 #42
Tell It Like It Is, Jasmine!!! I am SOOOO Proud of Her!!! panfluteman May 18 #45
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