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15. I'm going get myself in trouble here ...
Sat May 18, 2024, 12:01 AM
May 18

and just posted some of my history in another thread. I grew up as a Catholic in a small Jewish community in grammar school, had every Jewish holiday off and my classmates were my friends. I could not believe we got all those days off, what a great time to get both Jewish and Catholic off from school!

We did not have any knowledge and no classmates of other religions at the time, Jewish mostly, or Christian, but now we know are more informed.

Honestly most of us never identified as a religion, we skipped services, we had fun. We went caroling together before Christmas, had our first foray into hash from an older brother. We did not care about religion, that was the good old days.

So what changed? The settlements in the West Bank have not helped, nor has the right of Palestinians in Gaza to move freely. I'm not going to blame this entirely on the far right or far left, I do know what an "Antifa" sticker looks like that you mentioned and why your son felt threatened and I am sorry that he did. What is this symbol, I'm curious.

Indigenous people have been slaughtered, dark skinned people have been killed and enslaved, how many, I'm not sure? I do not want to try and diminish the suffering of Jewish people during the holocaust or what happened on October 7.

I currently live in an over 55 community, many Jewish with a decent mix of other Asian cultures, we get along, although we have differences along political lines, that is the most important diving line.

I'm sorry your son felt threatened, that should not happen. With the current events it is more pronounced because of the stance Israel is taking towards the entire population of Gaza.

The more we try and group people along religious or ethnic lines does not help anyone IMHO.

K&R betsuni May 17 #1
These self-righteous Anti-Semitic Bigots are Stupid Fucks. Cha May 17 #2
Antisemitism has gotten so much worse. SunSeeker May 17 #3
Hamas couldn't be happier with their objectives.. jimfields33 May 17 #4
They've gotten a bunch of gullible US college kids to wear keffiyehs and shout for "Intifada!" SunSeeker May 17 #10
Absolutely true. jimfields33 May 17 #12
Expression of anti-Semitism is worse. Igel May 17 #5
It isn't just the US where we see Jews being blamed, it is worldwide. sarisataka May 17 #6
True, much like Trump opened the gate on racism in the US. nt SunSeeker May 17 #11
Hamas has one hell of a propaganda machine. It's ALL over the internet pushing the narrative. nt LexVegas May 17 #7
They have Putin helping them sow the division over Gaza. SunSeeker May 17 #13
It is antisemitism, pure and simple mcar May 17 #8
If you're not objecting to the antisemitism, you're part of the problem. yardwork May 17 #9
As someone stated upthread, Hamas has one helluva PR machine, and our so called media couldn't wait to climb aboard. Tarheel_Dem May 17 #14
I'm going get myself in trouble here ... cliffside May 18 #15
It wasn't about the antifa sticker. xmas74 May 18 #16
The more we try and group people along religious or ethnic lines does not help anyone IMHO... cliffside May 18 #17
And anti-Semitism is NEVER acceptable, no matter what. Behind the Aegis May 18 #18
If you took my post was as being someone who sympathizes with an anti-semitic view that was not the intention ... cliffside May 18 #19
The problem is "whataboutism". Behind the Aegis May 18 #20
KnR Hekate May 18 #21
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