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Fri May 17, 2024, 05:15 PM May 17

Alito was poised to stop Pence counting Electoral College votes on Jan 7; Pelosi foiled this [View all]

"This new interview by Powell is interesting. It suggests that the purpose of the insurrection was to DELAY the electoral college certification to give Alito time to intervene on this legal challenge. But, Powell says they didn’t anticipate Pelosi reconvening Congress that day."

If you don't want to watch the video on Twitter, Sidney Powell admitted it in writing on this wingnut website: https://defendingtherepublic.org/why-pelosi/

Sat Jan 2: 5th US Circuit Court of Appeals throws out Gohmert’s and several Arizona Republicans’ lawsuit seeking to force Pence to help throw the election to President Donald Trump next week when Congress meets to count the Electoral College votes.
Wed Jan 6: Powell, Gohmert and the others file for an injunction at SCOTUS. Powell's account, with her italics showing what she thought was important (she, of course, claimed it was a "democrats' coup" because she's a lying idiot):

We filed for an injunction at SCOTUS on January 6th, the day of the electoral count. We filed electronically and had a congressman deliver the paper filing required by SCOTUS. The Congressman was turned back by Capitol Hill Police, due to the unrest. We succeeded in getting the case docketed at 3:51 pm on January 6th.

Given Pelosi’s participation as amicus, she would receive notice of the Gohmert filing for an injunction with the Supreme Court. She would understand that Justice Alito could alone enter an injunction against use of the Electoral Count Act because he is the Circuit Justice for Louie Gohmert’s district.

Abandoning any concern for mass covid infection from the deplorables in the Capitol, Pelosi fired her political kill shot: she shockingly announced at 6:30 pm that members would resume the count at 8 pm—just hours after Michael Byrd killed Ashley Babbitt and demonstrators were still in the Capitol.

Notably, Pelosi’s rush to restart at 8 pm did not prevent the process’ continuation to January 7th. Members could have gone home to rest and resumed the vote early in the morning without losing a day. In other words, nothing would have changed regarding the date of the completion of the count. The absurdity of driving Congress to complete a process amidst such unrest was driven by something entirely different.

Speaker Pelosi had to act quickly to prevent Justice Alito from enjoining application of the Electoral Count Act and throwing a big wrench in the democrats’ coup.

Thur Jan 7: Alito denies the application, because it's too fucking late, ha-ha.

Powell felt confident that Alito would give the injunction, and is really pissed off that Pelosi saw what was happening, and made sure the count resumed that evening, and not the next day when Alito could have played his part.

Kudos to LetMyPeopleVote for spotting the tweet about this back in Sept 2021: https://www.democraticunderground.com/100215897554#post29 . I don't think I noticed anything about this at the time. I've seen it now because Roy Edroso posted about it today:

The absolutely bugfuck crazy story of Mrs. Sam Alito and the Upside-Down Flag. Three things make it even crazier: First, that Justice Alito ratted out (or passed the blame onto) his own wife to the Times; second, that per Sidney Powell’s testimony Alito was lined up to assist the Jan. 6 insurrection that his distress flag portended; and third, that Alito ran back to the Times to bitch that his wife had to wave the insurrection flag because one of his neighbors put up a sign with a swear word on it.


Thank goodness Pelosi was so damn good at her job.
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Jebus God. Treason at the highest levels. Irish_Dem May 17 #1
Very Coordinated too underpants May 17 #8
Well planned, well funded, and organized at the highest levels. Irish_Dem May 17 #11
And very many of these criminals are still markodochartaigh May 17 #21
Yes, and they have had a dry run. Irish_Dem May 17 #26
They will not orangecrush May 17 #71
I doubt they will roll over and play nice. Irish_Dem May 17 #83
They are evil to the core, no doubt about that at all, but, what they seem to misunderstand MarineCombatEngineer May 17 #89
They are in for the shock of their lives. Irish_Dem May 17 #93
Democrats will do orangecrush May 17 #98
I've always said..... AZ8theist May 18 #105
Yes. And Americans are quite different from Russian and Chinese citizens. Irish_Dem May 18 #106
That's why we have to VOTE, and make sure everybody around us does, too! calimary May 17 #94
They don't need to have him in office. wnylib May 18 #99
It is unfortunate there isn't a Remo. LiberalFighter May 17 #32
Heads need to roll, on this fake insurrection by all of these people. They need to be ID'ed, arrested and SWBTATTReg May 17 #56
I wish it were just trump to blame. Biophilic May 17 #59
The DOJ has focused on the foot soldiers. Irish_Dem May 17 #86
Yes. The political will isn't there, I guess. SWBTATTReg May 18 #120
If you are a member of congress or a judge you can commit treason. Irish_Dem May 18 #121
If they start going after the congrss and senate members who helped lindysalsagal May 17 #60
I think this is why the DOJ has given MOC a pass. Irish_Dem May 17 #87
I always thought the Capitol Police were betrayed, set up to fail, & hung out to dry. elocs May 17 #85
I think that is a given. Irish_Dem May 17 #90
I think there is at least ONE reason why the investigation did not go to the highest levels... Shipwack May 18 #127
I have said exactly the same thing. A deal was cut. Irish_Dem May 18 #128
This message was self-deleted by its author FelineOverlord May 18 #100
The breadth of is astounding n/t hibbing May 17 #24
If this were a movie, no one would believe it for a minute. Irish_Dem May 17 #28
I keep thinking I can't be shocked... FalloutShelter May 17 #52
Same here. Irish_Dem May 17 #84
Whixh is why ALL of those who aided & abetted, including powell & alio onetexan May 21 #132
Permanent Pee-residency Kid Berwyn May 17 #25
Pretty incompetent treason, though. malthaussen May 17 #57
No. They were very close. Irish_Dem May 17 #81
Unbelievable, Nancy Pelosi is a bad ass hero. She saved the ACA and a little over 10 years later she saves our Democracy Demsrule86 May 17 #2
We already knew she was a bad ass hero. ShazzieB May 17 #10
She so wonderful... Demsrule86 May 17 #20
Was trying to kill her husband revenge for spoiling the GOP plot? Irish_Dem May 17 #31
I don't know. They hate her and she ruined their insurrection...it is possible Demsrule86 May 17 #46
She not only ruined their insurrection, but outsmarted them. Irish_Dem May 17 #47
She did didn't she? She is a smart badass! It seems like that guy who did it could have been manipulated. Demsrule86 May 17 #55
We keep hearing about all the GOP/Trump plots and subplots. Irish_Dem May 17 #80
He was coming after Nancy gab13by13 May 17 #58
True. One wonders if this guy was manipulated into doing this? I usually would not even wonder about this. Demsrule86 May 17 #67
And they continue to foment their coup malaise May 17 #3
Exactly. All of those "tourists" were just a distraction. mjvpi May 17 #13
God I hope so. COL Mustard May 17 #27
We cannot say with any certainly it will fail again. Irish_Dem May 17 #35
This JustAnotherGen May 17 #66
They don't have as much power as they did before. Demsrule86 May 17 #70
We see the opposite. Irish_Dem May 18 #114
NOW, we know for sure the Supreme Court is our enemy. (wern't sure before) bluestarone May 18 #113
Yes I hope to God someone is developing a strategy to defeat our domestic traitors. Irish_Dem May 18 #115
Thank God for Speaker Emerita Pelosi. The insurrectionists Powell, Gomert and Alite... brush May 17 #4
"Justice" Alito should be tarred and feathered Blue Owl May 17 #5
Outmaneuvered by a woman Retrograde May 17 #6
If Alito was a decent human being and patriotic American, he would resign and PufPuf23 May 17 #7
America needs to HOUND him to resign! lastlib May 17 #33
And he is obviously not a patriotic American. Biophilic May 17 #61
Let's go Alitooooo !!! Seinan Sensei May 17 #62
Powell described a plot, a conspiracy, to overthrow the constitutional order of this country. Trust_Reality May 18 #116
Gohmert/Alito connection is an eye opener duckworth969 May 17 #9
Shocking..I doubt they could have raised a legal challenge. There were 60+ cases, some heard by SCOTUS PortTack May 17 #12
I think the issue is that Alito could have delayed certification, by himself. yardwork May 17 #50
Exactly Farmer-Rick May 17 #79
I think Alito is not their stooge. He is clearly undermining Trust_Reality May 18 #117
On January 7th Alito could have stopped the count by taking the case...and it is being said it was part of the plot... Demsrule86 May 17 #68
Kicked and recommended Uncle Joe May 17 #14
Thank You Nancy Pelosi onethatcares May 17 #15
"damn good at her job"? She was Molly Pitcher when it counted. bucolic_frolic May 17 #16
That's why he flew the flag upside down. When she outfoxed him, it WAS a dire emergency (to him). Wonder Why May 17 #17
Keeps getting worse. Joinfortmill May 17 #18
When tsf is replaced by Kemp at the repub convention in July... rubbersole May 17 #74
I'm now revisiting my anger. Boomerproud May 17 #19
KICK for visability Demsrule86 May 17 #22
Nancy understands these criminals. MOMFUDSKI May 17 #23
Is it pure speculation that Justice Alito would gone along with this? Kaleva May 17 #29
The SC installed Bush into the WH. Irish_Dem May 17 #37
Yet you seem to trust crackpot Powell Kaleva May 17 #78
Well, I wondered, but she seems to put a lot of emphasis in Alito getting to make the decision alone muriel_volestrangler May 17 #39
Alito wasn't helpful in efforts to overturn 2020 election Kaleva May 17 #91
Someday, G-d willing, there will be a movie Freddie May 17 #30
Alito needs to resign immediately! ananda May 17 #34
No wonder Biden gave her the Medal of Freedom. Irish_Dem May 17 #36
Something has to be done to this bastard bluestarone May 17 #38
I hope to live to see the book & movie: "How Nancy Pelosi Saved Our Democracy" ... Hekate May 17 #40
I am going to say this Prince99 May 17 #41
Alito and Thomas are clearly corrupt but also Chief Justice Roberts has lost all credibility. His legacy walkingman May 17 #42
Thinking the SAME here, except i'm not sure about Roberts yet. bluestarone May 17 #49
Alito and Thomas would not get away with their crimes without Roberts. Traurigkeit May 17 #54
My sense is that Roberts is pretty much one of them, just more subtle. Trust_Reality May 18 #118
Don't forget... GiqueCee May 18 #109
Speaker Emeritus and Greatest American Hero Pelosi usonian May 17 #43
It's becoming more difficult by the day to keep the conservative brand from looking spoiled and spotty. Torchlight May 17 #44
Yes, this has been known. Nancy Pelosi saved our democracy. yardwork May 17 #45
It wasn't Pelosi's aides NanaCat May 18 #104
K&R! jmbar2 May 17 #48
Nancy Ladythatvotesblue May 17 #51
This is why all the Federal Trials are being delayed. If the US DoJ can ask TSF what happened to create th Jan 6th, 2021 Traurigkeit May 17 #53
This scares the crap out of me karin_sj May 17 #63
When you know Alito was gonna give them the whitehouse lindysalsagal May 17 #64
Good idea... Demsrule86 May 17 #72
Nancy Pelosi saved us so many ways. mahina May 17 #65
Nancy P Botany May 17 #69
Traitor Alito. That's my takeaway. oasis May 17 #73
Her being so damn good at her job that she saved the republic... Trueblue Texan May 17 #75
Can't Believe I Have to Ask This... DET May 17 #76
Why should the filing be based on Gohmert's district? LiberalFighter May 17 #77
I just don't know what to say anymore. grumpyduck May 17 #82
I hate to ruin a perfectly good conspiracy theory... brooklynite May 17 #88
Yes, so investigate the big picture for evidence of conspiracy. Trust_Reality May 18 #119
Fuck these traitors. All of them Evolve Dammit May 17 #92
I still wonder what part Stefanik played in the coup mgardener May 17 #95
Powell practically implicated Alito on camera DFW May 17 #96
She didn't provide any evidence Kaleva May 18 #101
They are so incapable of doing their jobs, soldierant May 17 #97
Pelosi is a heroine Blue Owl May 18 #102
Not even John Grisham. a mastermind in crafting legal thrillers, could come up with this. tulipsandroses May 18 #103
Repubes tried to SUCKER America BoRaGard May 18 #107
God bless Nancy Pelosi!! MaryMagdaline May 18 #108
Powell appears crazy or kool-aid drunk elias7 May 18 #110
Soapy Sam was the Kingmaker bucolic_frolic May 18 #111
This narrative is believable, but requires more evidence of Alito's role than Powell's say-so. Martin68 May 18 #112
Execute them all. Death penalty would be great here. Lucky Luciano May 18 #122
Also this posted on DU back on 9-26-21 FakeNoose May 18 #123
Roberts needs to clean up his court. Emile May 18 #124
"Justice" Roberts needs to be Thrown off this court. Traurigkeit May 18 #131
Nancy needs another bunch of flowers redqueen May 18 #125
Ms Pelosi is the best damn Speaker this country has ever had Trailrider1951 May 18 #126
Don't doubt Alito would have signed off, but is there any evidence this was arranged with him beforehand? Or Silent Type May 18 #129
Now I understand why they hate Pelosi - and by extension her husband - TBF May 18 #130
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