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10. Saying "He's a loser"
Tue May 14, 2024, 11:03 AM
May 14

might not have been the best thing.

Better would be, "If Trump wins, you can pretty much guarantee that he'll hoover up whatever money is in the Social Security 'lock box' and keep it for himself."

She also alientated you.... FarPoint May 14 #1
She alienated you AND you were the customer. TomSlick May 14 #37
The truth hurts ActRaiser May 14 #2
Wonder if I'll see her again. SeanHG May 14 #3
Yes AKwannabe May 14 #6
We need to do more of this. There needs to be a negative feedback loop when people blurt out that they are MAGA RAB910 May 14 #4
Guess she has no idea that Republicans are yorkster May 14 #5
They Don't. GB_RN May 14 #7
Yes Roy Rolling May 15 #41
Just another example of people who vote against their own best interests! 70sEraVet May 14 #8
No more tips for her! kimbutgar May 14 #9
Saying "He's a loser" swong19104 May 14 #10
And then say.... Think. Again. May 14 #26
GOP promotes that lie because they want to end SS and Medicare IronLionZion May 14 #11
At least she recognizes that Trump 'keeps losing' peggysue2 May 14 #12
Hopefully you talked some sense in to her! Blue Owl May 14 #13
she brouht it up and then she stepped right into it. her own fault and not the san andreas fault AllaN01Bear May 14 #14
Went inside, picked up personal items and got a ride home. usonian May 14 #15
Way too many MAGAts go ballistics if they hear anything negative KS Toronado May 14 #16
You planted a seed of doubt in the story she tells herself duhneece May 14 #17
Good for you. I'm sick and tired of hearing these people endlessly whine about tRUMP's treatment, etc. SWBTATTReg May 14 #18
Supposed construction pro IbogaProject May 14 #19
A "pro" at high end NY City real estate, one of the most corrupt industries in America... Wounded Bear May 14 #20
Its more Joe did more than any other ever IbogaProject May 14 #23
trump supporters don't like be told the truth. republianmushroom May 14 #21
or to tell the truth either. Think. Again. May 14 #27
Not just trump supporters. Marcus IM May 14 #31
We each must convert 2 or 3 to win. mahina May 14 #22
We outnumber them... Think. Again. May 14 #28
I understand, we have limited resources and time and need to make the best use of it. mahina May 14 #29
Well said.... Think. Again. May 14 #30
Great retort! ShazzieB May 14 #24
If you do talk to her again.. you might want Cha May 14 #25
I wouldn't trust her with my coffee after that JoseBalow May 14 #32
Too Bad, so sad, Conjuay May 14 #33
Don't drink anything she gives you lame54 May 14 #34
Proper response: "Trump & Republicans want to kill Social Security and Medicare. Look it up." ZonkerHarris May 14 #35
At least she said he keeps losing Bristlecone May 14 #36
I tell the guys at work.... hydrolastic May 14 #38
Don't forget to ask them about their latest annual report... Wounded Bear May 14 #39
Alien: Romulus soon Tetrachloride May 15 #40
You wouldnt think she'd be a trump voter. We'd better realize there are more of her. oldsoftie May 15 #42
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