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marble falls

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5. It gets worse, you know: look up the "unschooling" movement. Now that's some scary shit ...
Sun May 12, 2024, 09:55 AM
May 12

... they claim it's a sort of poor people's Montessori school. What it really is: parents too lazy, busy, incapable of home teaching salving their consciences. They believe their kids should be grazing education, whatever interests them will turn them on. The problem is: how does the average kid teach himself to read or do math when the parent is functionally illiterate with no reading comprehension past "place in the microwave 5 minutes" and math skills limited by the range of ten fingers.

Don't get me started. We actually have a home schooling network here in Marble Falls that is highly successful, but it requires two or three days a week at a Christian Academy. They have a high number of scholarships to colleges and universities that are not bible colleges. These are mostly kids from higher income, well educated parents. So this is what could be, but isn't what is 90% of the time.

I think a lot of these morons are embarrassed by their lack of education and are playing it off. I've never heard the sorts of word salads these goofs make trying trying to sound smart and proudly under-educated from that many all at once before.

The reporter was taking his life in his hands, some of them were getting worked up over their inability to coherently speak.

These are dodgy people. They dodge questions they don't like and and ignore answers that don't fit the MAGA narrative. marble falls May 12 #1
and they think they know it all. Probably graduated Emile May 12 #2
It gets worse, you know: look up the "unschooling" movement. Now that's some scary shit ... marble falls May 12 #5
Unschooling movement. Oh dear lord. paleotn May 12 #12
Most of them were too dumb to realize Emile May 12 #14
Unschooling can work, done right NanaCat May 12 #20
My son got his masters from George Washington University, my eldest daughter graduated St Edwards University ... marble falls May 12 #22
Many people are uneducated or undereducated. Being proud of it makes one stupid. They will die that way. Wonder Why May 12 #3
They will die early and in great pain and will blame us. paleotn May 12 #11
Sometimes a laugh at the man in the street interviews. JohnnyRingo May 12 #4
There's a sinister aspect to the arrogance of their ignorance. It is telling. jaxexpat May 12 #6
The: "I'm ignorant and proud of it" contingent dlk May 12 #7
I know a guy that fits right in Woodwizard May 12 #8
What's scary is how many of these buffoons there are in this country. lees1975 May 12 #9
agreed Skittles May 12 #18
Some of them in blue areas have cranked out their own supply NanaCat May 12 #21
They're the mob as John Adams called them. paleotn May 12 #10
Paddle faster, I hear banjos. n/t flvegan May 12 #13
Does this go on in other countries? not fooled May 12 #15
We do have 'teh stoopid' here in France, but it doesn't seem to be as endemic GoneOffShore May 12 #17
Time for a Terry Pratchett quote: GoneOffShore May 12 #16
The Rapist in Chief said it himself: They LOVE the poorly educated, because B.See May 12 #19
Knowledge and Truth are "woke." Emile May 13 #23
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