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130. It's more like 1.67...
Sun May 12, 2024, 06:28 AM
May 12

if you are saying 60% and really... that is NOT great for a "modern" war. Nor is it that far from the "normally 2 for 1" casualty rate.

And what about the 80,000 injured or disabled? A lot of them will die too, especially since the hospitals are being bombed and rendered useless. And who will report it? Journalists and aid workers are being targeted.

JFC and nobody listened to me. RandySF May 11 #1
MSM breathlessly reported every one of their lies mcar May 11 #2
Last week, a breathless, uncritical MSM believed a Hamas press release lapucelle May 11 #107
They absolutely did mcar May 11 #109
Where is it being reported? womanofthehills May 11 #9
I knew not to trust Hanas RandySF May 11 #14
Here, but it looks the UN changed their reporting. From bodies to positive ID LeftInTX May 11 #16
so they wouldnt b counted as fighters. mopinko May 11 #22
Hamas trains children to expect to be warriors. wnylib May 11 #57
Back when Al Jazeera was actually critical of Hamas. LeftInTX May 11 #63
Yes, very sad. There are other reports of Hamas wnylib May 11 #101
Thanks for clarifying why the numbers changed. Social psychology Earthrise May 11 #50
Thank you for being one of the very few on this thread to see what actually happened with the numbers. Celerity May 12 #140
Kick JustAnotherGen May 13 #182
I did. It's repulsive that Hamas raised the number of deaths just to get people to jump on jimfields33 May 11 #19
Except it claudette May 11 #51
Yes, and there's still a war going on elias7 May 12 #131
There is claudette May 12 #133
Tell this to the true culprits. Beastly Boy May 12 #142
Ok claudette May 12 #150
Ok, OMG, whatever you say Beastly Boy May 12 #151
+1 betsuni May 12 #152
They really didn't need to inflate the numbers William769 May 11 #68
Lots of people were already on that bandwagon, of course. nt RandomNumbers May 12 #139
Because they know there are a lot of useful idiots out there who will carry water for them. Ace Rothstein May 11 #80
I don't take jack shit at face value from a fucking Hamas scumbag shit eating terrorist. SoFlaBro May 12 #114
Not that it minimizes the tragic deaths of victims on all sides Torchlight May 11 #3
That's exactly right mcar May 11 #5
We don't even know who said it womanofthehills May 11 #10
You can go directly to the OCHA data here JustAnotherGen May 12 #145
even that number is probably high by several times..... getagrip_already May 11 #4
Many think the number is low womanofthehills May 11 #11
it's the number reported that is high getagrip_already May 11 #17
Your last paragraph can't be repeated often enough! ShazzieB May 11 #62
List of kids names & ages womanofthehills May 12 #120
You want to tell us who these "many" are? NoRethugFriends May 11 #29
Critical thinkers? AloeVera May 11 #81
I assume you're on the ground there with that knowledge. NoRethugFriends May 11 #93
I think you mean, "Do your own researchers" LOL AnrothElf May 12 #154
Those 'many' being "One person on Twitter saying this and he posts no source"? Torchlight May 11 #36
I keep reading that there's no support for Hamas on DU. yardwork May 11 #6
Yeah, it doesn't track. Cha May 11 #12
How does any of this claudette May 11 #32
It neither justifies, nor attempts to justify Torchlight May 11 #40
Hamas Ghosts are GD fucking Liars that Started This Shit Cha May 11 #41
Ok claudette May 11 #45
. atreides1 May 13 #179
Why? sheshe2 May 11 #77
Why did people start "pro-Palestine" protests mcar May 11 #85
Well organized and funded 'protests'. sheshe2 May 11 #97
It's been a long and well planned campaign, she mcar May 11 #110
Agreed. sheshe2 May 12 #116
Whatever innocent people there are in Palestine... Mountainguy May 11 #86
Well Done, she.. TY for Asking Why to All these Acts of Sadistic Brutality by Geocidal Hamas. Cha May 11 #96
Thanks Cha. sheshe2 May 11 #98
Yes Hamas did.. and Yes to the Rest Cha May 11 #102
Damn straight! All the right questions. Tarheel_Dem May 11 #99
Thank you, Tarheel. sheshe2 May 11 #100
Dear she, it is nothing short of amazing how the aggressor in this whole shitstorm has wound up becoming the victim. Tarheel_Dem May 11 #104
You are right, the aggressor is now the victim. sheshe2 May 12 #113
"Russia, China and Iran". This is why I shake my damn head whenever I hear someone suggest that we should... Tarheel_Dem May 12 #153
And that's the truth Hekate May 11 #46
When posters give a shit about human life iemanja May 11 #58
Hamas considers that acceptable. They created it. yardwork May 12 #135
You think Oct 7 was the beginning of the conflict? iemanja May 12 #162
Duplicate iemanja May 12 #163
I can't see anything JustAnotherGen May 12 #146
It links to a DU post iemanja May 12 #161
Someone pm'd JustAnotherGen May 12 #168
I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell those people. William769 May 11 #72
This. nt mcar May 11 #84
No, that's not support for Hamas... Violet_Crumble May 11 #94
We Knew It.. If Hamas is reporting Hamas is Cha May 11 #7
Gullible and naive folks... That's who. Oopsie Daisy May 11 #69
I'll take option B mcar May 11 #87
Are we supposed to rejoice that it is "only" 20,000? Chainfire May 11 #8
yeah the fact that is less makes the actual butchery ok nt msongs May 11 #23
Here's the actual UN report Bucky May 11 #49
How many of the people, buried under tons of concrete have been counted? Chainfire May 11 #53
how many enid602 May 11 #76
A lie will travel the world... AloeVera May 11 #88
It's not a "UN estimate" of the number of deaths; it's the number of deaths that have been reported lapucelle May 12 #117
If you search that link JustAnotherGen May 12 #147
As I stated in another thread. The Hamas PR machine has been very successful. They've managed to make fools... Tarheel_Dem May 11 #13
The lie had already taken hold, no need to pretend anymore Beastly Boy May 11 #15
israel has only killed half as many children as previously thought prodigitalson May 11 #18
Oh, how very claudette May 11 #28
The Gang Rapists Hamas Ghouls Cha May 11 #37
they killed, so we kill Skittles May 11 #39
Fuck GD Gang Rapists Hamas! Cha May 11 #44
killing kids will do that! Skittles May 11 #79
Fucking Hamas Ghouls Gang Rapist Assholes. Cha May 11 #83
The Jews should just take it Happy Hoosier May 12 #169
it's fucking disgusting Skittles May 11 #38
Actually the OP is misrepresenting the facts of the UN report Bucky May 11 #47
They have removed the April 29th Flash Update entirely JustAnotherGen May 13 #176
Did you believe Hamas' propaganda? mcar May 11 #89
Can't they be more...."aspirational"? brooklynite May 11 #20
K&R betsuni May 11 #21
Wait, but... druidity33 May 11 #24
About a dozen people in the thread have pointed out this most important point Ponietz May 11 #111
Where did the UN say that? Eko May 11 #25
Here ya go... Bucky May 11 #34
Thanks, your link lead to tons of replies of which I dont want to search through to find your anwser. Eko May 12 #118
Did they mention how many kids were homeless and hungry? Chainfire May 11 #26
It wasn't only claudette May 11 #27
As I recall, MSM was reporting whatever mcar May 11 #90
I thought claudette May 11 #103
According to the UN disclaimer, the number of reported fatalities comes from the Ministry of Health lapucelle May 12 #159
We've been saying that the numbers are inflated since the beginning . . . Richard D May 11 #30
The revised total deaths are now 4,959 women and 7,797 children. surfered May 11 #31
All I'm seeing is unsourced tweets and "the UN *reportedly* cut in half" citations. Bucky May 11 #33
UN changed their reporting from bodies to positive ID. Links below are to the UN. LeftInTX May 11 #35
from the top of that same page Bucky May 11 #42
From the bottom of the page. lapucelle May 12 #156
It seems to go in line with this article NavyDem May 11 #43
Interesting. I'll bet it goes lower. Oopsie Daisy May 11 #48
Well, that's a relief. AverageOldGuy May 11 #52
The number of claudette May 11 #54
Is justifying an avenging death a solid path to peace? Torchlight May 11 #66
Not sure what claudette May 11 #71
Often a thousand miles of difference between what seems and what is. Torchlight May 11 #74
You think wars are fought to a certain number and then called off? NickB79 May 11 #70
No, I don't think that claudette May 11 #73
Hamas is a Hydra NickB79 May 11 #108
There are people around the world JustAnotherGen May 12 #157
The best and most foolproof way to avoid civilian casualties . . . Richard D May 11 #55
Yes. mcar May 11 #91
"REPORTEDLY"!! DEAD IS DEAD!! cornball 24 May 11 #56
UN seemingly halves estimate of Gazan women, children killed LetMyPeopleVote May 11 #59
How many deaths of women and children are acceptable? iemanja May 11 #60
How many tortures, gang rapes, burning alive murders mcar May 11 #92
None iemanja May 12 #127
What should Israel have done, then, mcar May 12 #134
Gone after Hamas fighters without annihilating all of Gaza iemanja May 12 #160
I stopped believing a word either side said on October 8 Warpy May 11 #61
UN credibility down the tube. republianmushroom May 11 #64
Also, keep in mind that Hamas fighters common age is 16 to 35 which may count in the children numbers. mymomwasright May 11 #65
Questionable analysis by a JP reporter. AloeVera May 11 #67
But again, the damage is done. AloeVera May 11 #75
Can you plz tell me ilovegamers43 May 12 #129
When all Palestinians are dead? AloeVera May 12 #132
So does this mean all numbers ilovegamers43 May 12 #136
The IDF determines who is Hamas in an unorthodox way. AloeVera May 12 #137
These numbers sound to hard to understand then ilovegamers43 May 12 #138
That is very true. AloeVera May 12 #141
UN Reports are in this thread LeftInTX May 11 #78
Thanks. AloeVera May 11 #82
60% non-combatant casualties is pretty low for modern conflicts NickB79 May 11 #95
It's more like 1.67... druidity33 May 12 #130
You can search backwards at this link JustAnotherGen May 12 #148
Thank you! AloeVera May 12 #149
This OP is the kind of internet misinformation Hillary Clinton recently warned about... Think. Again. May 11 #105
Best and most concise response in this entire depressing thread Ponietz May 11 #112
Point to a worthwhile argument which relies upon an exact number RockRaven May 11 #106
This! nt ecstatic May 13 #184
Important question that don't know the answer to about HAMAS ilovegamers43 May 12 #115
Where in the OP was that stated? sheshe2 May 12 #121
Just curious ilovegamers43 May 12 #122
Okay. sheshe2 May 12 #123
Its just when looking at numbers ilovegamers43 May 12 #124
No. sheshe2 May 12 #126
Uh, that does not say what you think it does. Those people are dead. The number of dead people has not changed. Eko May 12 #119
Does that make the deaths of the innocents by the killers a positive act? Ping Tung May 12 #125
The UN had better watch their step DFW May 12 #128
n/s JustAnotherGen May 12 #158
I posted the UN page yesterday JustAnotherGen May 12 #143
Thanks mcar May 12 #144
That lists 34,000 civilian deaths iemanja May 12 #171
I failed to read the small print. iemanja May 13 #173
Ah - you got it! JustAnotherGen May 13 #175
I'd like to know the age range of the "children" EX500rider May 12 #155
All 18 yr olds are not Hamas fighters iemanja May 12 #164
And conversely no 18 year olds are children EX500rider May 12 #165
Then they wouldn't be counted as children iemanja May 12 #166
They shouldn't be counted as children EX500rider May 12 #167
This thread is about the UN's numbers iemanja May 12 #170
The small print does show the count of children dead iemanja May 13 #174
As of today, the UN has not cut its estimates of total fatalities iemanja May 12 #172
Oh yeah, 7000 dead kids is soooooo awesome... ExciteBike66 May 13 #177
Who said that, who said it was about "brown kids"? betsuni May 13 #181
A LOT of DUers fell for it hook line and sinker. BannonsLiver May 13 #178
Hamas Dorian Gray May 13 #180
But that's who has JustAnotherGen May 13 #183
I can't believe that some people are taking a victory lap over this. ecstatic May 13 #185
Fox News is reporting these facts LetMyPeopleVote May 13 #186
The Report didn't change the the number dead Always Blue May 16 #187
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