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The crowd was reported at 80k... one of his largest ever. WarGamer May 11 #1
Metlife stadium here in NJ has a capacity of 82k SledDriver May 12 #5
And don't forget what he said about his inauguraion crowd! ShazzieB May 12 #13
His inauguration crowd lol SledDriver May 12 #43
I doubt it was 80 to 100K, I would guess it was half that. Big, yes, but not OMG big. Celerity May 12 #23
Thanks for this link, which puts the event into a more accurate context. TheRickles May 12 #29
Make America Bored Again n/t hibbing May 11 #2
The better people know Donnie, the less they like him unblock May 11 #3
not more than a few thousand in that pic if that many. the line leaving is thick and he's babbling lol nt msongs May 12 #4
Yup looks more like around 5k, not 80k onetexan May 12 #15
Even his hard core MAGA dipshit followers don't want to listen to the psychotic ramblings of that dumb ass motherfucker. SoFlaBro May 12 #6
Well put. nt oasis May 12 #42
So I guess they won't be chanting for an encore. NBachers May 12 #7
His crowd like his hair is wearing thin.🤣 sheshe2 May 12 #8
His forehead and his hairline have a lot in common. GoneOffShore May 12 #20
Not the snake thing again... DET May 12 #9
What the fuck were his snake story ramblings about? So weird.... SunSeeker May 12 #14
He's dehumanizing migrants by equating them with snakes and saying when people take pity on them and help them femmedem May 12 #32
They go to get flicks for Insta Prairie Gates May 12 #10
They always leave before he shuts up. lindysalsagal May 12 #11
They just want to see and support their cult leader SomedayKindaLove May 12 #12
I think it's more like the game show Let's make a deal. ZonkerHarris May 12 #17
Trump calls it a leaving ovation lame54 May 12 #16
You win! 🏆 Think. Again. May 12 #33
They always do that, tho. When it's time for din-din, get back on the road or to the hotel. betsuni May 12 #18
My "TV Guide" allegory: Buns_of_Fire May 12 #19
Here is some good video of the crowd leaving........ riversedge May 12 #21
More threats to Biden from the Trumper truck scum Celerity May 12 #22
I did watch a lot of it Tickle May 12 #24
There are vids above showing people leaving. Brenda May 12 #25
I don't think anyone is lying Tickle May 12 #37
Yep, the hate and anger are what the rightwingers go for. Think. Again. May 12 #36
There are so many Tickle May 12 #38
We outnumber them.... Think. Again. May 12 #39
Agree 👍💯 NT Tickle May 12 #40
His crowd are people who leave early "to beat the crowd" underpants May 12 #26
That snake shit again malaise May 12 #27
Trump doesn't even try to understand our system of elections Walleye May 12 #28
Long... Mike Nelson May 12 #30
Yeah, and it was in a little space near a mediocre seasonal amusement park. Think. Again. May 12 #35
I admire an orator who Aussie105 May 12 #31
It's interesting that he's choosing smaller venues now... Think. Again. May 12 #34
Who is surprised by this? LetMyPeopleVote May 12 #41
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