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Fri May 10, 2024, 11:58 AM May 10

Campus Protests Are Called Disruptive. So Was the Civil Rights Movement [View all]


A month after King’s City College address, Black Brooklynites staged pickets intended to disrupt—and ideally halt—construction work at the Downstate Hospital because construction companies excluded Black workers. Protesters even laid down in front of construction vehicles. Hundreds were arrested day after day.


By 1969, City College was still 91% white; while CUNY’s Brooklyn College was 96% white. Alongside student strikes across the country that accelerated in the wake of Dr. King’s assassination, a massive movement at CUNY crescendoed in the spring of 1969. Student protesters challenged CUNY’s segregation, its nearly-all-white faculty, and a biased curriculum. At City College, students engaged in a two-week occupation of the campus. At Brooklyn College, they took over a faculty meeting, had mass demonstrations, briefly took over buildings, and engaged in minor arson and vandalism. And they faced massive criminalization.

The Brooklyn College administration got an injunction against students congregating on campus and the NYPD raided the homes of 17 Brooklyn College activists who then faced multiple felony charges. The media framed them as Communists and terrorizers, and many city leaders and residents saw them as reckless and dangerous. But many Black and Puerto Rican community members rallied around them, continuing the pressure. And these protests ultimately succeeded in the establishment of Africana and Puerto Rican studies departments, the diversification of the faculty, and open admissions at CUNY.

Fast forward 55 years, universities like CUNY and Columbia now celebrate those activists of old, featuring this activism on their websites and praising them in anniversary celebrations of Africana and Puerto Rican Studies. Yet, university administrations brought the NYPD to violently break up the encampments; Brooklyn College suspended all outdoor activities, and Columbia canceled its commencement.
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Civil rights movement was for INCLUSION. yagotme May 10 #1
Yes, there's so much desperation to equate the two when they are nothing alike. BannonsLiver May 10 #5
Yeah, 'nothing alike'. The civil rights movement wanted our citizens to have their rights, DemocraticPatriot May 11 #102
"...nothing alike..." Are you sure? yagotme May 13 #115
Correct Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin May 10 #20
Wrong on every count Doc Sportello May 10 #31
How am I wrong? yagotme May 10 #37
It's actually very offending to compare the two jimfields33 May 10 #51
I didn't consider the word "offended", but it sure seems to apply. nt yagotme May 10 #54
But in Gaza, Palestinian civilians, women and children are treated as 'collateral damage' DemocraticPatriot May 11 #104
Being used as human shields, and being killed by Hamas directly. yagotme May 13 #116
Israel will buster bomb a whole block of kids & families womanofthehills May 14 #149
Israel HAS given warnings before attacks. Hamas has not. yagotme May 14 #150
How do you know what MLK would say if he were alive today? yardwork May 10 #66
I came here to post that exact point! yardwork May 10 #65
The protests are not about demonizing Jews malaise May 10 #93
This message was self-deleted by its author debm55 May 10 #97
It is now 'fashionable' to oppose death by bombing of thousands of women and children DemocraticPatriot May 11 #105
"The protests are not about demonizing Jews" yagotme May 13 #117
Whether intentional or not. It is now- attacking American Jews even kids. It is a bad scene and helps no one. Demsrule86 May 13 #127
Excellent Point.. there's No comparison between Rosa Cha May 10 #82
Rosa Parks was arrested, NOT KILLED--- DemocraticPatriot May 11 #106
How about those shouting/posting signs and banners "Intifada". Are they wrong? yagotme May 13 #118
The Gaza protests ARE for 'inclusion'--- inclusion with the LIVING, DemocraticPatriot May 11 #103
Then they need to go protest the Hamas government. In Gaza. yagotme May 13 #119
No way are they are the same. No way at all. debm55 May 10 #2
Help me out here. RandySF May 10 #3
Glad to help. H2O Man May 10 #6
You nailed it malaise May 11 #112
Yeah!... Think. Again. May 10 #8
Would you equate denying Jewish students entry to campus facilities with Ms. Park's not getting out of her seat? RandySF May 10 #11
First of all... Think. Again. May 10 #12
They also denied Jewish students access to certain areas. yagotme May 10 #25
Rosa Parks did not deny anyone a seat Mossfern May 10 #30
I know.. Shocking. Cha May 10 #77
If refusing to vacate a seat so other (white) passengers could use it... Think. Again. May 10 #87
As a passenger she took up ONE seat. Dr. Strange May 11 #98
She didn't deny anyone a seat...I suggest you check google. She merely refused to give up her seat. Demsrule86 May 10 #85
If refusing to vacate a seat so other (white) passengers could use it... Think. Again. May 10 #88
If you can't see the diference, I can't help you. And that was an Amercan protest for our civil rights. Demsrule86 May 13 #120
I didn't ask for your help. Think. Again. May 13 #122
You really want to die on this hill? It is OK to call little kids baby killers at an American school. That is OK? Demsrule86 May 13 #125
You're the one who can't seem to move on. Think. Again. May 13 #126
Yeah, she denied a seat to all those white guys, and threatened and assaulted them when they tried yagotme May 10 #40
Did you happen to see... Think. Again. May 10 #41
Yes, I did. yagotme May 10 #44
If refusing to vacate a seat so other (white) passengers could use it... Think. Again. May 10 #50
The seat she was required to "give up" was in the "black" section. yagotme May 10 #53
I rest my case. Think. Again. May 10 #55
So, Rosa Parks is similar to terrorist-supporting, Jew-hating individuals denying Jews access yagotme May 10 #56
I wasn't comparing Ms. Parks to the provocatuers. Think. Again. May 10 #70
From your post #12: yagotme May 13 #114
And as is clear in my post... Think. Again. May 13 #121
You initially compared her to the protestors. yagotme May 13 #128
You don't understand how discussions work, do you? Think. Again. May 13 #130
Perfectly. yagotme May 13 #132
Instigators, provocateurs, chaos agents, etc... Think. Again. May 13 #138
Yes, they are, when they are imbedded with the protestors. yagotme May 14 #139
They are not protesters. Think. Again. May 14 #141
YOU say that. yagotme May 14 #142
Protesters are the people who are protesting... Think. Again. May 14 #143
The people that are there to not protest are protesting to cover the fact that they are not there to not protest. yagotme May 14 #144
And they are not protesters. Think. Again. May 14 #145
While they are protesting. nt yagotme May 14 #146
Protesters protest, people faking protesting are not protesters. Think. Again. May 14 #147
Stop? You're making the assertion that individuals standing with protestors, yagotme May 14 #148
It is not the same-now if she stood by door and wouldn't LET white men in at all...that is what we have here. And these Demsrule86 May 13 #123
I respect your anti-first amendment position... Think. Again. May 13 #124
That is fine. I don't want to see right wing assholes emboldened by antisemitic bullshit from these protests. Demsrule86 May 13 #129
My belief is that it is... Think. Again. May 13 #131
Exactly. The civil rights protests also weren't about Nixie May 10 #10
Recommended. H2O Man May 10 #4
All protests are disruptive. That's their nature. MineralMan May 10 #24
Thank you. nevergiveup May 10 #38
Anti war protests were because the US was involved in the war Mossfern May 10 #32
Depends on how H2O Man May 10 #49
And what did they really accomplish? Nixone was elected twice. The war continued. Demsrule86 May 10 #86
The direct involvement by US troops would have continued for a lot longer, DemocraticPatriot May 11 #107
We send huge sums of money and weapons to Israel Sky Jewels May 11 #101
Again, not the same. Mossfern May 11 #110
Ludicrous comparisons. It just shows the desperation. Nixie May 10 #7
Agree with you Nixie. Many of the marchers died or were badly beaten for equal rights. This right now is like cosplay. debm55 May 10 #28
Rec'd! Mossfern May 10 #33
Thx, Deb, and you nailed it with "how dare they" compare Nixie May 10 #95
And a lot of Jews marched for egual rights beside their African American brothers and sisters. And some died for that debm55 May 10 #64
Trucker blockades were call disruptive too. Mountainguy May 10 #9
You do understand that... Think. Again. May 10 #13
We're discussing tactics Sympthsical May 10 #15
No, Mountainguy and I were discussing... Think. Again. May 10 #16
Well, we see people protesting against Jews in America Sympthsical May 10 #19
No, Jews in America, as a whole, are definitely not oppressing anyone, that I am aware of. Think. Again. May 10 #27
Wrong sarisataka May 10 #26
No, the protests are based on the university's refusals to divest from Israel financially. Think. Again. May 10 #29
Here- sarisataka May 10 #43
Those demands were made after the initial protests were formed... Think. Again. May 10 #48
I can only lead you to the water sarisataka May 10 #57
How gracious of you. Think. Again. May 10 #71
Looking back to where the goalposts started sarisataka May 10 #76
Excellent POint.. These so called "protesters" are Cha May 10 #81
This is all far more Louis Farrakhan than MLK Sympthsical May 10 #14
The antisemitism checks out... AZSkiffyGeek May 10 #52
Where did the Civil Rights movement disrupt institutions that weren't engaged in denying civil rights? brooklynite May 10 #17
The universities ARE engaged in denying civil rights by... Think. Again. May 10 #18
No they're not Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin May 10 #21
So, the universities are at fault because they allow Jewish students to attend classes there? yagotme May 10 #23
You are correct, surely that is not what I mean. Think. Again. May 10 #34
"Drawing attention to", and shutting down access, denying entry to a certain group, etc. yagotme May 10 #42
We might have come full-circle back to... Think. Again. May 10 #45
I did not reference any of those. yagotme May 10 #47
Not to be snarky. But it is spelled Israel.not Isreal. debm55 May 10 #35
Thank you, I try to be as typo-free as possible but it doesn't really seem... Think. Again. May 10 #39
"The universities ARE engaged in denying civil rights by their refusal to divest in Israel." Jedi Guy May 10 #59
Being murdered is the ultimate denial of civil rights.... Think. Again. May 10 #73
Universities aren't murdering anyone, though, unless I missed a really big news story. That was what you said. Jedi Guy May 10 #79
um, okay. Think. Again. May 10 #80
So, anyone who is invested in an Israeli company is actively engaged in denying civil rights? Patton French May 10 #60
Financial support of entities denying civil rights can imply culpability, yes. Think. Again. May 10 #74
Can you expand on that? maxsolomon May 10 #62
You might have notice that... Think. Again. May 10 #75
I'd have to be blind not to notice that. maxsolomon May 10 #78
MLK's movement was strategically disciplined Bad Thoughts May 10 #22
So the NYPD was brought into Brooklyn CUNY in 1969 JustAnotherGen May 10 #36
I am glad people are speaking out. David__77 May 10 #46
Stop trying to make fetch happen. emulatorloo May 10 #58
Exactly. It's not going to happen. betsuni May 10 #94
I get more 2016 vibes myself. LeftInTX May 10 #61
Yeah no kidding. emulatorloo May 10 #67
And: The labor movement, the women's suffrage movement, the Green movement, Ping Tung May 10 #63
The Early History of the UW Black Student Union jalan48 May 10 #68
The Civil Rights movement was intended to address flaws in our own Constitution... PeaceWave May 10 #69
Thank You! Cha May 10 #83
The "current movement" is intended to address.... Think. Again. May 10 #91
Kick red dog 1 May 10 #72
Why the comparisons to the civilian rights movement? elias7 May 10 #84
They've been attaching Palestinian stuff to the Civil RIghts movement for decades. LeftInTX May 10 #90
A entire raft of sealions sails a sun dappeld sea. Torchlight May 10 #89
Yes, everyone who disagrees with you shall be ....called a funny name. Think. Again. May 10 #92
It does not follow Torchlight May 10 #96
Hit sea lions holler just like dogs do, it seems... N/T Jedi Guy May 11 #99
They won't give up! betsuni May 11 #113
Amazing! It's just like the original Wondermark comic strip! AnrothElf May 11 #111
Wrong. Civil Rights movement developed over time (incrementalism) and was highly organized to be effective. betsuni May 11 #100
'People become more conservative as they get old' is an old saying... DemocraticPatriot May 11 #108
For example? Can you paraphrase what anyone says here that's conservative/supportive of fascism betsuni May 11 #109
Sometimes they become wiser as they remember delisen May 13 #137
Civil rights protests were about the discrimination in the United States. BlueTsunami2018 May 13 #133
Oh noes. People didn't like other people harassing EllieBC May 13 #134
Obviously. Jirel May 13 #135
Concerning the actions of the protesters, the current protests are very mild compared to what I saw in the 60's. patphil May 13 #136
False comparison... Campus protesters are literally JCMach1 May 14 #140
Cutting through all the above bull . . . Aussie105 May 14 #151
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