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107. You don't know that.
Fri May 10, 2024, 10:14 AM
May 10

Biden might get bored after handing over the reins to President Harris in 2029 and decide to run for another Senate term. He'd still be younger than Chuck Grassley.

Hmmm. Whose side is Axelrod on? Support the Dem candidate for God's sake. brush May 9 #1
Axelrod is a political strategist brooklynite May 9 #5
Axelrod. doesn't like Biden and never did...so his words are not relevant really. Although I am disappointed with such Demsrule86 May 9 #60
All of your citations are responses to Biden political strategies. brooklynite May 9 #61
Give me a break...not once did he ever say anything positve about Biden...seriously he is scum. Biden has to beat Trump. Demsrule86 May 9 #67
I voted biden I_UndergroundPanther May 10 #101
I find that nonsensical...so Biden needs to address your issues or you won't vote? Sorry vote Democatic in every Demsrule86 May 10 #135
I vote democratic in every election as well. I_UndergroundPanther May 11 #149
It's not the message. It's the means. shrike3 May 11 #164
Unfortunately, some Obama people are not Biden people PatSeg May 10 #127
What do Axelrod want to accomplish? Do they want to help elect Trump. Biden is the nominee. He beats Trump or Trump Demsrule86 May 10 #136
I think it pisses him off that PatSeg May 10 #141
There is no question that Biden has achieved more legislation...although Obama gave us health care. I doubt my husband Demsrule86 May 10 #144
Yes, they were both excellent presidents PatSeg May 10 #147
Axelrod has been on every network including Fox...trashing Joe Biden so while he may be a political straegist of sorts, Demsrule86 May 9 #64
See posts 24 and 65. brush May 9 #74
Biden should ask the people if they want a Socialist as President LiberaBlueDem May 9 #78
Not a socialist by classic definition...from each according to his/her ability, to each according to her/his needs... brush May 9 #79
But the people think Biden is responsible LiberaBlueDem May 9 #80
Not even close. Joe will tell you at the drop of a hat that he's a capitalist. brush May 9 #84
Right LiberaBlueDem May 9 #87
Axelrod was one of the "Biden should step aside" people. shrike3 May 9 #90
Hmm Wonder who "Prideful" Axe thought should Cha May 9 #94
Why isn't he doing this in meeting rooms, rather than in a public forum? shrike3 May 11 #166
Axelrod hates Biden and regularly trashed him...I wouldn't one sentence on a guy makes appearances on Fox and trashes Demsrule86 May 9 #65
Agreed. I remember during the 2020 campaign he tried everything to stop Joe from getting the nomination. brush May 9 #72
I don't know why but there is bad blood...the sneered at Biden before South Carolina...and then breathlessly Demsrule86 May 9 #77
Yes, he needs to stop the near-repug spew about Joe. brush May 9 #82
I read recently that during the Obama years, PatSeg May 10 #129
Frankly Alexrod seems to have a personal grudge against Biden. Anybody know the history? emulatorloo May 9 #2
The history of a non-existent grudge? No I don't brooklynite May 9 #6
Constructive criticism good. Chronic hate boners bad. emulatorloo May 9 #10
I listen to him regularly and don't hear "chronic hate" brooklynite May 9 #12
You're a smart guy who I agree with a lot. But we all have blind spots. emulatorloo May 9 #16
Naturally. Oopsie Daisy May 9 #22
Possible history, I wonder? emulatorloo May 9 #24
Oh great.. a much longer history Cha May 10 #102
Have you ever listened to his podcast with Mike Murphy (Republican) or perhaps seen him on Fox... He trashes Biden on a Demsrule86 May 9 #68
Tell me the nice things he has said...if you can think of any. Demsrule86 May 10 #140
Maybe his buddy Barack Obama needs to have a word with him and set him straight. greatauntoftriplets May 9 #20
Axe is Depressing the fucking Vote I know this. Cha May 9 #21
And there it is! Biden was right...yet again! BComplex May 9 #39
Thank You! 🕯️🕊️💙🌊🇺🇸😎 Cha May 9 #41
I didn't know about this! sheshe2 May 9 #55
AXe is Projucting his "Pride" on to Pres Biden, Cha May 9 #57
I remember this. Yeah, it's personal. shrike3 May 9 #92
Thought So .. and it's Not Cha May 9 #93
I believe it dates back to when Biden was a vice-president...He has called Axelrod a prick...which IMHO is true. Demsrule86 May 9 #66
10% working class tax cut. Make the wealthy pay for it. It's a slam dunk no brainer. He might not get it through brewens May 9 #3
I keep saying that people vote by their wallets. Alliepoo May 9 #4
+1... myohmy2 May 9 #56
Not this year. Roe Roe your vote. We have won every election since 2016. This one will be no different. Demsrule86 May 10 #111
People also care about reproductive choice, Elessar Zappa May 11 #158
It's not the message. It's the way Axelrod chose to deliver it. shrike3 May 11 #165
Biden is contrasting his record with TFG's Raven123 May 9 #7
"I hate Trump's corruption, but I heard that a political strategist didn't like Biden's campaign message, so....." brooklynite May 9 #8
I hope not...I would like to believe since Biden is the only one who can beat Trump that Axelrod should STFU. Demsrule86 May 9 #69
And his Democratic cohost... brooklynite May 11 #168
If it doesn't matter, why say it? shrike3 May 11 #167
Axelrod's been doing this for awhile Ritabert May 9 #9
Axelrod said Biden was to old in November which is when he became dead to me...He is as Biden reportedly said... Demsrule86 May 9 #70
Agreed Ritabert May 10 #130
Maybe "You can't tell voters they're wrong in how they feel", but I think endless apologies and caveats... Silent3 May 9 #11
"I feel your pain" brooklynite May 9 #14
My memory is fuzzy on how "I feel your pain" worked out for Clinton. Silent3 May 9 #18
If you ever saw Clinton in person... brooklynite May 9 #63
He Was RobinA May 13 #171
How didn't it work out? BeyondGeography May 9 #32
It worked out well he served two terms. live love laugh May 9 #35
He lost 2 Presidential elections right? awesomerwb1 May 9 #42
Good grief. With friends like these... NewHendoLib May 9 #13
How many elections has David Axelrod won? Walleye May 9 #15
There is time to fix the message. SleeplessinSoCal May 9 #17
Well said, and Biden is anything but prideful. He's also won a lot of elections. emulatorloo May 9 #19
Yesh the "pride" thing is Axe just putting Salt Cha May 9 #23
I think you're exactly right BannonsLiver May 9 #46
STFU Axelrod!!!!!!!!!!!! N/T Upthevibe May 9 #25
THANK YOU!! Yeah AXE is AN ASSHOLE. Cha May 9 #31
Axelrod is always a big downer. He wasn't very helpful to Hillary skylucy May 9 #43
Oh Yeah, skylucy.. and Axe has Cha May 9 #48
Yeah, Axelrod was just the campaign manager for the last two term Democratic president. former9thward May 9 #95
No really, others ran the show which is part of the reason why Axelrod is furious...He didn't get enouh TV time as he Demsrule86 May 10 #110
Not at all accurate. former9thward May 10 #114
Im torn on this. I have a ton of respect for both Biden and Axelrod. honest.abe May 9 #26
I don't. President Biden is the only one who can beat Trump. Fuck Axelrod. Demsrule86 May 9 #71
Just as a matter of curiosity, what do you think he has been niyad May 9 #96
I've been saying this for weeks. Ms. Toad May 9 #27
Big 3 oil companies made $85 billion profit last year 303squadron May 9 #28
You tell them to stop being greedy I_UndergroundPanther May 11 #151
They would shrug it off like water off a duck 303squadron May 11 #155
Maybe it's time to end the profit I_UndergroundPanther May 12 #169
Do you have a plan for that? nt 303squadron May 13 #170
Rewrite it I_UndergroundPanther May 14 #172
Axelrod appears to have a personal hatred of Biden for some reason or another. Vinca May 9 #29
Seems like a fair comment. Why so many comments angry at Axelrod? Doodley May 9 #30
Because Axe is a fucking Vote Depressing Asshole That's Cha May 9 #36
Because this is something he could have taken up with the campaign. shrike3 May 9 #88
This message was self-deleted by its author Doodley May 10 #134
Fuck Axelrod he's made prior negative comments about Biden. live love laugh May 9 #33
The election is not won in May, it's won from Columbus Day forward bucolic_frolic May 9 #34
Axelrod also said Biden is too old. So is Axelrod. Hassler May 9 #37
I noticed a difference in him on his Podcast MOMFUDSKI May 9 #38
He sold out and even has a GOP host on the podcast. He is paid by CNN to trash Biden. I believe he works for them. Demsrule86 May 9 #73
Telling hungry people "Yes, but the GDP reports are good!" is out of touch Sympthsical May 9 #40
Really? Where Iive. Jobs are plentiful and pay way better than when Trump was president...all the restaurants are fully Demsrule86 May 10 #139
No offense but Sympthsical May 10 #146
I agree, but why not pick up the phone and call the campaign? shrike3 May 11 #162
Same here I_UndergroundPanther May 11 #150
How does saying this publicly help things? shrike3 May 9 #44
Thank you MustLoveBeagles May 9 #50
Exactly. Axelrod was part of the "Biden should step aside crowd" not long ago. shrike3 May 9 #85
Biden must address this SARose May 9 #45
No he should not. Demsrule86 May 10 #112
Nope. He's wrong. Joinfortmill May 9 #47
This is dumb. Biden is running a very similar campaign on the economy that Obama ran in 2012. My Own Worst Enemy May 9 #49
Welcome to our DU family. niyad May 9 #97
Message auto-removed Name removed May 10 #100
Oh for gawdsakes Biden's "Pride" may lose his re-election. Trump is the one that doc03 May 9 #51
Axelrod is currently doing a "both sides" podcast with Kellyanne Conway. I think it is safe to ignore his advice. FSogol May 9 #52
Mahalo! Cha May 9 #89
Biden always acknowledges there is more work to be done to help people FloridaBlues May 9 #53
Sounds to me like it's axelrod's pride that's the problem here. unblock May 9 #54
Explain how Trump's proposals (increased tariffs, mass deportations) make things worse Freethinker65 May 9 #58
How an issue in the US compares to ann issue annywhere else is irrelevant. brooklynite May 9 #62
Actually, it is relevant. Freethinker65 May 9 #75
It is not relevant to the average voter. brooklynite May 9 #81
I have not doubt...but I don't agree just as I didnt on Fetterman...you Sen. Fetterman. Demsrule86 May 9 #59
I don't care if you disagree brooklynite May 9 #83
Well Fetterman ended up winning now didn't He? This was despite the meeting where with you and Fetterman which I Demsrule86 May 10 #137
So you didn't answer the question. brooklynite May 10 #142
How many general elections has Biden won? How many general elections has Axelrod won? ms liberty May 9 #76
You don't know that. dawg May 10 #107
😆 ms liberty May 10 #117
Nope-- in the end, the inflation rate and interest rates will determine how people feel/vote about the economy andym May 9 #86
Not this time. Roe Roe your vote. Demsrule86 May 10 #124
Axelrod has become irrelevant duckworth969 May 9 #91
Constructive criticism? You are telling us what he is doing wrong. What should he do? question everything May 10 #98
it worked larwdem May 10 #99
Oh, ridiculous. First there was whining that Democrats didn't tout their accomplishments enough and now betsuni May 10 #103
I get the point to an extent but Cosmocat May 10 #104
Never underestimate the stupidity Algernon Moncrieff May 10 #132
Mr Axe-to-Grind is an ass, but not wrong IbogaProject May 10 #105
But why say it publicly? shrike3 May 10 #108
He hates Biden and he is wrong...he is all about money know...and hops from one venue to another spreading his poison Demsrule86 May 10 #109
I disagree with Axelrod LetMyPeopleVote May 10 #106
To everyone saying Axelrod is obnoxious or "has a grudge"..... brooklynite May 10 #113
Bad venue but not untrue IbogaProject May 10 #115
i do believe it is the everyday living expences that are hurting Biden-. It is constant and riversedge May 10 #116
We are a group we have to be willing to pitch Biden IbogaProject May 10 #120
That is nonsense...and a bit right wing. We have had a good recvery. Demsrule86 May 10 #123
Yes, he wants Biden to lose. He doesn't care about this election. clearly he would not be jumping from venue to venue to Demsrule86 May 10 #122
So what you're saying is.... brooklynite May 10 #125
Really trying to help Biden is he? I suppose saying Biden is too old is constructive criticism? Not in my book. Demsrule86 May 10 #138
If he wants to help, why isn't he saying it privately? shrike3 May 11 #156
Why do you imagine that his saying it publicly has any negative impact? brooklynite May 11 #157
Why do you imagine saying it publicly has any positive impact? shrike3 May 11 #159
If we've established that it neither helps nor hurts... brooklynite May 11 #160
You didn't answer the question. Why would saying this publicly have a positive impact? shrike3 May 11 #161
Damn, that is brutal PatSeg May 10 #131
What about Biden turned Axelrod against him? flamingdem May 10 #118
I don't know but it dates back to when Obama was president. Axelrod wasn't getting on the TV shows,I have heard he Demsrule86 May 10 #126
I found this old article that explains PatSeg May 10 #133
Excellent article...and think it is true. IMHO Biden delivered the rust-belt to Obama in both 08 and 12 with a some Demsrule86 May 10 #143
I'd picked up hints about the anti Biden bias PatSeg May 10 #145
The economy is stellar compared to what it COULD be flamingdem May 10 #119
Feeling inadequate Axelrod? Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin May 10 #121
Or perhaps promote left populist reforms Voltaire2 May 10 #128
When will Democrats ever learn? lees1975 May 10 #148
Seeing Bibi is a Republican , its not surprising he is pulling this off to avoid going to prison himself. Traurigkeit May 11 #154
Dear Gawd claudette May 11 #152
What "pride" is he pulling out of his --- ? Yup, when you are not a Republican the GOP media Traurigkeit May 11 #153
Walmart and other corporate behemoths are bullying small businesses and driving up prices Biden needs to be Humble! Flash953 May 11 #163
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