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7. I think that people that sell guns are disgusting,
Thu May 9, 2024, 07:56 PM
May 9

but that doesn't mean that I think that they should all be shot.

Is is misogyny if you believe that both the men and the women in sex videos are disgusting? Chainfire May 9 #1
apparently that is not allowed Skittles May 9 #4
The question isn't what we think of what she does for a living. It's whether we think she deserves basic Scrivener7 May 9 #6
Of course that is true. I will defend her rights even if I don't like the way she makes/made a living. Chainfire May 9 #8
I don't think she's a here but disagree that by taking the money she worked against my best interests. CincyDem May 10 #30
If it wasn't important to Trump, why do you think that he paid her rather than taking her to court? Chainfire May 10 #32
I think that people that sell guns are disgusting, Staph May 9 #7
Does someone want to harm Daniels? Certainly not me. Chainfire May 9 #9
She thought the alternative was being murdered by them. Demobrat May 9 #10
LOL Skittles May 10 #16
And some people are fooled by an 'orange turd'.... DemocraticPatriot May 10 #17
LOLOL Skittles May 11 #46
Oh, you know her? Do tell. Demobrat May 10 #19
Well, maybe we don't need to know her NanaCat May 10 #37
Please show me where I said that. Demobrat May 10 #38
😂 I don't think she feared Tickle May 10 #20
Firstly she is not a "sex worker" that in itself shows misogyny. She does porn films Bev54 May 9 #11
She has sex with men, for money, on video but she is not a sex worker? That is a semantic arugument of no value. Chainfire May 9 #12
I am not sure people are presenting her as a hero but perhaps admire how Bev54 May 9 #13
Given how many rich and powerful men propelled Trump into the presidency dlk May 9 #14
I admire the way she handled herself up there. Demobrat May 9 #15
I think that she handled herself well also. She is a bright and determined woman and that is to be admired. Chainfire May 10 #22
Are you done beating the crap out of that strawman? NanaCat May 10 #39
A porno actress is not the same thing as a prostitute. DemocraticPatriot May 10 #18
I am sorry, but she is a sex worker by definition. Chainfire May 10 #21
You may not have called her a prostitute, DemocraticPatriot May 10 #23
I did not call her a prostitute or imply that she was one. Exactly how is it my fault that you don't know the Chainfire May 10 #24
I don't entirely agree with the definition in Wikipedia, that's all. DemocraticPatriot May 10 #25
I posted three definitions from different sources. If you have a published source that defines the term differently, Chainfire May 10 #27
Pffft. I already conceded the point, DemocraticPatriot May 10 #29
If you can't attack the message, attack the person with "bullying." The last gasp of a failed argument. Chainfire May 10 #31
This message was self-deleted by its author DemocraticPatriot May 10 #33
Since you are down to nothing but personal attacks, I will let you have the final word for all to see. Chainfire May 10 #34
Have a good day! :D DemocraticPatriot May 10 #35
How about Merriam-Webster? NavyDem May 10 #45
Does your personal disgust have any bearing whatsoever NanaCat May 10 #36
My massage lady and I Tree Lady May 9 #2
Yes cally May 9 #3
This trial is becoming a teachable moment MOMFUDSKI May 9 #5
Same thoughts. Irish_Dem May 10 #26
They TRIED to slut shame her. Demobrat May 10 #40
Stormy pushed right back at them. Irish_Dem May 10 #41
She was magnificent Demobrat May 10 #43
Yes. Irish_Dem May 10 #44
Deleted Demobrat May 10 #42
contrast her treatment to that of westerhout getagrip_already May 10 #28
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