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Beastly Boy

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Thu May 9, 2024, 05:44 PM May 9

Hillary Clinton slams anti-Israel protests on college campuses, says students have been fed propaganda [View all]

Former US secretary of state Hillary Clinton tears into the pro-Palestinian protest movement that has swept across American colleges, calling them ignorant and lamenting that they’re being misinformed by propaganda on social media and in the classroom.

“I have had many conversations with a lot of young people over the last many months. They don’t know very much at all about the history of the Middle East or frankly about history in many areas of the world, including in our own country,” Clinton tells MSNBC’s Morning Joe.

“With respect to the Middle East, they don’t know that under the bringing together of the Israelis and the Palestinians by my husband — then-Israeli prime minister Ehud Barak, the then-head of the Palestinian Liberation Organization Yasser Arafat — an offer was made to the Palestinians for a state on 96% of the existing territory occupied by the Palestinians with 4% of Israel to be given to reach 100% of the amount of territory that was hoped for.”


“Anybody who is teaching in a university or anyone who is putting content on social media should be held responsible for what they include and what they exclude. So much of what we’re seeing, particularly on TikTok, about what’s going on in the Middle East is willfully false, but it’s also incredibly slanted, pro-Hamas, anti-Israel.”


Hillary Clinton is currently a Professor of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University.

On edit: for reference, here is the link to the entire segment:

Thanks, chowder66 !

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Madam Secretary says the protesters are ignorant and misinformed by propaganda... sarisataka May 9 #1
Social media is full of lies. Elessar Zappa May 9 #2
We better figure this ancient conundrum out soon. markodochartaigh May 9 #35
You really think someone would do that? JoseBalow May 9 #41
The truth doesn't crack thick skulls. Check out the demosincebirth May 10 #103
K&R betsuni May 9 #3
If you agree with something, then it is the truth. If you don't, then it's propaganda. elocs May 9 #4
??? wnylib May 9 #39
I don't ForgedCrank May 9 #61
Truth and facts aren't propaganda, nothing to do with emotions. "Agree" is for opinions. betsuni May 10 #89
She's absolutely right. The ignorance of history and facts shown by marybourg May 9 #5
+1,000,000 wnylib May 9 #7
And Hillary is right to call out the failure of teachers. yardwork May 9 #9
I haven't seen any "pro-hamas" posts here on DU. Think. Again. May 9 #14
Right! I mean folks who compare Hamas leaders to Nelson Mandela aren't necessarily pro-Hamas! tritsofme May 9 #15
Just keep walking AZSkiffyGeek May 9 #16
Neither do I, I definitely haven't seen that post! Think. Again. May 9 #17
I have NickB79 May 9 #77
It was one of many posts that I screen shot revmclaren May 10 #95
It's not necessary to prove it. yardwork May 11 #158
Yes, we have. Obviously why all the references -- gaslighting won't work. betsuni May 10 #96
Calling violent radical religious fundamentalist terrorists "freedom fighters" isn't pro-terrorist! betsuni May 9 #38
Yesh, it can be Denied all they Cha May 9 #67
and some posting that the brutality of October 7, with the mutilations, and rapes didn't really happen isn't JohnSJ May 9 #53
Why are you calling that poster a troll? obamanut2012 May 10 #107
Huh? Those are your words, not mine. tritsofme May 10 #108
It was the person who replied to Tritsofme who did the troll accusation... Violet_Crumble May 11 #199
... mcar May 10 #122
"News" that amplifies Axis of Resistance (i.e. Triunvirate of Terrorism) talking points lapucelle May 11 #177
Those videos seem to actually be still shots... Think. Again. May 11 #184
The videos were posted here. lapucelle May 11 #187
Are you not willing to back up your claim... Think. Again. May 11 #188
Sorry. That doesn't work on me. lapucelle May 11 #191
Are you now saying you have NOT read pro-hamas posts on DU... Think. Again. May 11 #193
Like I said, that doesn't work on me. lapucelle May 11 #194
I see, this discussion is obviously not a discussion. Thank you for your input. Think. Again. May 11 #196
It was never a discussion. lapucelle May 11 #198
Well, at least we established that there have been no pro-hamas posts on DU. Think. Again. May 11 #200
Don't presume to speak for me or in my name. I am no part of your "we". lapucelle May 11 #201
I agree 1000%! ShazzieB May 9 #47
Well said. yardwork May 11 #159
The fact these students are willing to interject themselves into the miasma misanthrope May 10 #88
For the first time in my life I actually wish the protesters would go check it out for themselves. yardwork May 11 #160
So glad to see a prominent Dem leader say what I've been saying wnylib May 9 #6
Just to clarify... Think. Again. May 9 #12
Yes, I know. And my posts have pointed out wnylib May 9 #19
Hillary has No Fear! She knows what Cha May 9 #8
Ditto, Cha! ffr May 9 #42
Mahalo, ffr! Cha May 9 #48
Interesting campaign strategy for sure. WhiskeyGrinder May 9 #10
Is she running for something this year? BannonsLiver May 9 #13
Riiiiight. Yea, whatever. paleotn May 9 #18
Hillary is Right.. "students have been fed propaganda"! Cha May 10 #136
You should watch the clip before making ass-umptions about her points. emulatorloo May 11 #179
Hi, I read the article you linked to... Think. Again. May 9 #11
Ummm, maybe they aren't real sure what exactly they're protesting about? paleotn May 9 #20
I wouldn't know what the protesters are aware of as far as the history... Think. Again. May 9 #22
Not sure how you read that, but to me that's a slam.... paleotn May 9 #23
The article pretends she is "slamming" the protests... Think. Again. May 9 #26
Not different topics. The false information is about the wnylib May 9 #43
Again, the article pretends she is "slamming" the protests... Think. Again. May 9 #49
She laments the "garbage in, garbage out" nature of the protests. Beastly Boy May 9 #62
No, she doesn't speak about the protests at all. Think. Again. May 9 #63
She speaks about the protesters. And their ignorance. Beastly Boy May 9 #66
Perhaps you should watch the original interview.... Think. Again. May 9 #70
Watching the interview was the first thing I did. Beastly Boy May 9 #72
You honestly feel that article was a reliable... Think. Again. May 9 #74
I don't feel, honestly or otherwise. I do check for accuracy, though. Beastly Boy May 9 #82
Thank you for sharing and for taking the time to read the article. ecstatic May 10 #140
Just witnessed a protest at the #1 public university... mjvpi May 11 #204
That quote does not even mention protesters Diraven May 12 #209
You're right, she doesn't slam the protests, she slams the ignorance of the protersters. Beastly Boy May 9 #25
Thank you. Think. Again. May 9 #27
At least after getting a high school diploma lapfog_1 May 9 #68
Hi I read the article too. Progressive dog May 10 #127
I know right? she never said a word about the protests. Think. Again. May 10 #128
No, she just talked about the ignorance of the protesters Progressive dog May 11 #153
We're discussing the misinformation of the article, aren't we? Think. Again. May 11 #154
You are discussing your assertion of disinformation Progressive dog May 11 #155
Oh, I see, because you want to point out... Think. Again. May 11 #156
What imaginary friend are you trying to communicate with? Progressive dog May 11 #157
Are you Okay? Think. Again. May 11 #161
... AnrothElf May 11 #162
Just a few links to other articles about Clinton's thoughts on the protests Progressive dog May 11 #163
And some articles on her thoughts about netanyahu... Think. Again. May 11 #165
So now you want to conflate what Hillary thinks about the protesters to Progressive dog May 11 #166
What do her thoughts on the dangers of social media misinformation... Think. Again. May 11 #167
Watch the interview on MSNBC Progressive dog May 11 #168
I did, I actually posted it above. Think. Again. May 11 #169
Yes, the students have been fed propaganda. intheflow May 9 #21
Afte reading the article... Think. Again. May 9 #24
I know that many here do not the history of the Middle East. Butterflylady May 9 #30
Very true... Think. Again. May 9 #34
This. We can see the bombing in real time. ExciteBike66 May 9 #46
I recommend you the read description and watch the actual interview emulatorloo May 11 #180
I've noticed Sec. Clinton isparticular skillful of amking obvious statements in such as way as to Torchlight May 9 #28
I've never thought of her as a troll... Think. Again. May 9 #29
Most likely no intent on her part, just a penchant for the subtly obvious Torchlight May 9 #32
or maybe her words were taken out of context and twisted... Think. Again. May 9 #33
Or maybe Torchlight May 9 #36
um, you started it? Think. Again. May 9 #40
Wow. jimfields33 May 10 #100
Deep thought. jimfields33 May 10 #101
You don't troll sealions, because sealions are themselves trolls NickB79 May 9 #79
Okay then... Think. Again. May 9 #80
Sealions are incredibly persistent! betsuni May 10 #124
Yeah, not to mention.. Cha May 10 #137
I'd be a terrible sealion, would never spend that much time on something unless it was my job! betsuni May 10 #146
.. Cha May 10 #150
Hillary's not a troll. ShazzieB May 9 #84
I believe you responded to the wrong poster. Think. Again. May 10 #97
Regarding that last assertion... SYFROYH May 11 #164
Yep, Madam Secretary knows of what she speaks. BlueTsunami2018 May 9 #31
I wouldn't call that "slamming" or "tearing into" (not the OP's fault). LisaM May 9 #37
Yep. She didn't slam or tear or even use the word ignorant. chowder66 May 9 #50
She is also very concerned about ignorant people taking over the narrative. Beastly Boy May 9 #60
Exactly. The ignorance about the Palestinian's refusing Nixie May 10 #102
Here's one attempt to get students' actual knowledge wnylib May 9 #73
My favorite: "I want to see empire fall ... free Hawaii!" betsuni May 9 #87
Yeah, I have a hunch that she's not on the Dean's List. wnylib May 10 #91
Headache inducing and all kinds of shady. TheKentuckian May 10 #141
Hillary was stating facts, not "slamming." SunSeeker May 9 #44
Post removed Post removed May 9 #45
I guess HRC will get turned against now. Just like people have turned on John Fetterman AZLD4Candidate May 9 #51
But Ms. Clinton didn't even mention the protests... Think. Again. May 9 #54
But, but. . .what about all the babies the Hamas Government in Gaza has claimed Israel killed? AZLD4Candidate May 9 #57
Yes, that's exactly the kind of misinformation she is warning against. Think. Again. May 9 #58
She was responding to Joe, who DID mention the protesters, in rather unflattering terms. Beastly Boy May 9 #71
The propaganda that I was fed growing up was: "Israelis Good/Palestinians Bad" Sky Jewels May 9 #52
Me too... Think. Again. May 9 #55
I don't think you're remembering correctly. Jedi Guy May 10 #104
Oh, so it was 17th century Germans who first... Think. Again. May 10 #105
Sigh. No, they weren't conflating anything with the Palestinians. They were referring to the Biblical Philistines. Jedi Guy May 10 #106
Didn't you just tell me that... Think. Again. May 10 #109
Deliberate obtuseness, as expected. Carry on, then. N/T Jedi Guy May 10 #111
Obtuse? But those were YOUR words! Think. Again. May 10 #112
Do you grasp the concept that the Philistines and the Palestinians are not the same people? Jedi Guy May 10 #113
But didn't you just point out the connection when you wrote... Think. Again. May 10 #114
I sure didn't. You assumed that connection because it suits your purpose. That's not my problem. N/T Jedi Guy May 10 #115
Again, those were your words. Think. Again. May 10 #116
You grasp that a land and a people are not the same thing, right? Jedi Guy May 10 #117
To attempt to deny that... Think. Again. May 10 #120
Kindly cite a source, because I've never once heard it used specifically to refer to the Palestinians. Jedi Guy May 10 #125
Here's a quick source... Think. Again. May 10 #126
Back under your bridge, please. I think we're done here. N/T Jedi Guy May 10 #129
it's about time. Think. Again. May 10 #131
For you to slink back under your bridge? Absolutely, I couldn't agree more. Jedi Guy May 10 #133
Projection. Think. Again. May 10 #135
I am not sure how appropriate this response is to the OP in which HRC is warning us of Beastly Boy May 9 #64
Yes they are. Sky Jewels May 9 #86
No they are not. Beastly Boy May 10 #92
+1 betsuni May 10 #94
The only element absent in the charge of genocide... Think. Again. May 10 #110
You are not saying that a legal definition of a crime is contingent on one man's lack of honesty, are you? Beastly Boy May 10 #118
I am clearly saying that the element of intention is... Think. Again. May 10 #121
This is like saying that the only element that prevents me from owning a 50 foot yacht is Beastly Boy May 10 #132
No, you would not yet be the legitimate owner, just as charges have not yet been brought against netanyahu. Think. Again. May 10 #134
Exactly my point. Intent is as essential in my becoming a legitimate owner as it is Beastly Boy May 10 #138
You do understand that the common language use... Think. Again. May 10 #139
In the same way the common language use of "You are killing me!" does not describe attempted murder. Beastly Boy May 10 #142
Well no, more like how "homicide" has a legal definition of a criminal charge... Think. Again. May 10 #143
Actually, "murder" is a legal definition. It denotes premeditation. Beastly Boy May 10 #144
Oh stop, people can come to conclusions on their own without a court involved. Think. Again. May 10 #145
You're kidding, right? Beastly Boy May 10 #148
I'm not kdding.... Think. Again. May 11 #151
As I keep repeating, apparently to no avail, "genocide" is a legal term, describing a crime. Beastly Boy May 11 #170
As I keep trying to remind you... Think. Again. May 11 #171
I am not disputing the misappropriation of "genocide" to be used in common language. Beastly Boy May 11 #172
It hasn't been appropriated... Think. Again. May 11 #173
I will not let this thread to descend into etymology. Beastly Boy May 11 #174
Finally. Think. Again. May 11 #175
I was very patient, but my patience has its limits. Beastly Boy May 11 #176
Well, really, we were just going around and around. Have a great night. Think. Again. May 11 #181
Can I private message you Beastly Boy ? revmclaren May 11 #189
It is not "just a common word people use", at least not serious people. lapucelle May 11 #178
I suspect the common-use word was in common use... Think. Again. May 11 #183
I don't think that's correct. lapucelle May 11 #185
oh, so I was right... Think. Again. May 11 #186
No, actually you were wrong. lapucelle May 11 #190
No, I was right... Think. Again. May 11 #192
Yes, I know. The word was coined in 1944 and was recognized as a crime in 1946. lapucelle May 11 #195
The word was introduced into common-usage (as opposed to legal terminology)... Think. Again. May 11 #197
"it's just a common word people us [sic]" lapucelle May 11 #202
I think it's obvious that... Think. Again. May 11 #203
Nope. You yourself made the distinction between "the common-use word" and "in common use". lapucelle May 11 #205
You're really reaching now. Think. Again. May 11 #206
... lapucelle May 11 #207
Hillary Clinton is on point peggysue2 May 9 #56
I agree, her interview was very clear about... Think. Again. May 9 #59
Is President Biden misinformed too? ecstatic May 9 #65
If this is a serious question, no. Beastly Boy May 9 #69
Biden has referenced indiscriminate bombings and now he has set a red line. ecstatic May 9 #81
Did Biden ask Hillary any questions? Did Hillary respond to Biden? Beastly Boy May 9 #83
Clinton said the people protesting the bombings and mass slaughter in Gaza are misinformed. That's why I asked ecstatic May 9 #85
HRC made no comment about the bombing and mass slaughter. Beastly Boy May 10 #90
Yes and no. The history of the Middle East ecstatic May 10 #98
What does this have to do with Biden being misinformed "too"? Beastly Boy May 10 #99
I guess we're just not on the same page here (or you're playing around). I asked for clarification and explained why ecstatic May 10 #119
You keep asking for clarification of things I am not talking about. Beastly Boy May 10 #130
Why don't you watch the actual interview to hear what she actually said. emulatorloo May 11 #182
I admitted on another post that I didn't read the article or see the video until later. ecstatic May 11 #208
Yeah the headline was just awful. Total misleading clickbait. Thanks for the reply. emulatorloo May 12 #210
Is Biden chanting, "Free, free Palestine. Ceasefire Now. From the River to the Sea. Globalize the Intifada"? LeftInTX May 10 #123
Sec Clinton is so right. I only watch BBC News on PBS, and the coverage is so pro Palestine that it's actually.... Tarheel_Dem May 9 #75
And the Chinese shot Yitzhak Rabin LuvLoogie May 9 #76
HRC must have forgotten that the Chinese killed Rabin and stopped the Oslo Accords. PufPuf23 May 9 #78
Yep Sugarcoated May 10 #93
Ignorant students don't understand history and context and are fed propaganda? Ping Tung May 10 #147
I agree 100 percent with Hillary. chouchou May 10 #149
Hillary is correct... AGAIN!! Oopsie Daisy May 11 #152
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