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Thu May 9, 2024, 09:34 AM May 9

There's A GOP Plan For An Execution Spree If Trump Wins The White House [View all]

There's A GOP Plan For An Execution Spree If Trump Wins The White House
Buried on page 554 of the plan is a directive to execute every remaining person on federal death row — and dramatically expand the use of the death penalty.
By Jessica Schulberg
May 9, 2024, 05:45 AM EDT

During the final six months of Donald Trump’s presidency, his administration carried out an unprecedented execution spree, killing 13 people on federal death row and ending a 17-year de facto federal execution moratorium.

Shortly after Joe Biden entered the White House, the Justice Department formally reinstated the federal execution moratorium and announced a sweeping policy review. But despite Biden’s campaign promise to work to end the federal death penalty, there has been little progress toward that goal.

Meanwhile, Trump, the GOP’s presumptive 2024 presidential nominee, has openly fantasized about executing drug dealers and human traffickers. He reportedly suggested that officials who leak information to the press should be executed, too. And behind the scenes, there’s a team of pro-Trump conservatives who are pushing for a second Trump term that involves even more state-sponsored killing than the first.

Last year, a coalition effort by conservative groups known as Project 2025 released an 887-page document that lays out policy goals and recommendations for each part of the federal government. Buried on page 554 is a directive to execute every remaining federal death row prisoner — and to persuade the Supreme Court to expand the types of crimes that can be punished with death sentences.


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Republicans are hot to piss on another of the Ten Commandments BoRaGard May 9 #1
Its actually "You shall not murder/Do not murder" translated oldsoftie May 9 #28
Far from it NanaCat May 9 #33
I get so sick of the rationalizations. Aristus May 9 #36
It's not a "rationalization" ScratchCat May 9 #39
Which word was mistranslated? JoseBalow May 9 #43
Kill vs murder Zeitghost May 9 #46
I am asking which word has been allegedly "mistranslated" JoseBalow May 9 #49
The word murder has been mistranslated as kill Zeitghost May 9 #50
"The literal translation" of what? What is the word that is being mistranslated? JoseBalow May 9 #51
Tirtsach Zeitghost May 9 #52
That's right! And what is the translation of that word? JoseBalow May 9 #53
You can lump them together all you want ; it doesnt make them the same. oldsoftie May 9 #41
Especially when you turn to Leviticus 20 jmowreader May 9 #54
Good thing that our laws aren't supposed to be based on religious texts. Elessar Zappa May 9 #55
It was relevant to the poster I replied to. oldsoftie May 9 #57
I wasn't criticizing your response. Elessar Zappa May 10 #77
If trump wins I_UndergroundPanther May 10 #71
I think they'll go even FURTHER. oldsoftie May 10 #78
Then why didn't God tell us Diraven May 9 #56
You'd have to ask him I guess. But our laws tell US the difference. oldsoftie May 9 #59
Murder is killing that's not legally sanctioned Crunchy Frog May 10 #74
The bible is jam packed with lies and false advertising. Not to mention a lot of blood letting. Ping Tung May 9 #65
Evil for evil's sake. Irish_Dem May 9 #2
Yep, and that's spelled R,I,G,H,T,W,I,N,G,E,R,S. Think. Again. May 9 #29
evil mamacita75 May 9 #61
The cruelty is the part the GOP particularly enjoys. Irish_Dem May 9 #62
This guy has to be beaten to the ground in the next election, along with his Congressional supporters. lees1975 May 9 #3
Um...we don't do that kind of thing. Wednesdays May 9 #16
It's better to just let fascist forces in America Farmer-Rick May 9 #21
You're confusing inaction with the media's failure to report NanaCat May 9 #34
and alito will pull something out of his ass about how not killing all priosoners is not Takket May 9 #4
and Alito will quote some 16th century witch burner to support this DBoon May 9 #26
Wow, gab13by13 May 9 #5
"American carnage" was a warning underpants May 9 #6
They're a bloodthirsty lot. They really like violence. This is a warning to us all. Liberal In Texas May 9 #7
Going all-out NAZI Kid Berwyn May 9 #8
Do they include treason in their death list? bsiebs May 9 #9
I'm sure they don't. That would mean they all get the axe. flying_wahini May 9 #10
Treason is in the eye of the beholder JoseBalow May 9 #44
If only their planned curse on America would fall upon them instead. wnylib May 9 #22
Count on them to define treason as opposition to the Drumpfenfuhrer. Eugene May 9 #32
No treason! DENVERPOPS May 9 #66
Does anybody still think these animals are not following in the footsteps of the Nazis? hadEnuf May 9 #11
We've already learned what it takes to defeat Nazis JoseBalow May 9 #45
Wikipedia doesn't paint a pretty picture of project 2025 KS Toronado May 9 #12
LOL! open-minded repugs! Think. Again. May 9 #31
Wikipedia is not a reliable source for anything NanaCat May 9 #35
right? better to go et tu May 9 #37
Thanks for bdamomma May 10 #76
Executing Human Traffickers? Botany May 9 #13
I'm pretty sure Jeffrey had some help. Just saying. ashredux May 9 #15
Both guards had fallen asleep and the video Botany May 9 #20
It makes you wanna go...Hmmmmmm 🤔 ashredux May 9 #25
Well, not THEIR human traffickers............. lastlib May 9 #23
Projection. To MAGAs, "human traffickers" means Dems, the people that wnylib May 9 #24
And they would probably extend it to people who help girls getting an abortion The Mouth May 13 #79
It's simple folks, when they tell you who they are, believe them !!! ashredux May 9 #14
After which they can start skipping the trial. Turbineguy May 9 #17
trails take time and money et tu May 9 #38
The Christian Taliban is pushing this. nt Hotler May 9 #18
How about individuals sharing highly classified state secrets with foreign goverments - huh DiaperDon?? NoMoreRepugs May 9 #19
Killing American citizens sounds like a great way for Republicans to celebrate Warpy May 9 #27
I think that markodochartaigh May 9 #30
They will package it up as part of their moral values liberal N proud May 9 #40
OMG drmeow May 9 #42
Wish I_UndergroundPanther May 10 #72
They may as well go do the battle cry for Khorne now sakabatou May 9 #47
Here is my problem with that proposal they are making and the death penalty period. Peacetrain May 9 #48
trmp must love that stuff. the ultimate judge; life or death....evil bastard spanone May 9 #58
Stalin 2.0 The Blue Flower May 9 #60
they never fail to shock me. barbtries May 9 #63
Cruelty and vengeance in God's name will carry the day. Cult 45. Nt Evolve Dammit May 9 #64
It has been proven DENVERPOPS May 9 #67
And he keeps saying there'll be a bloodbath if he loses. soldierant May 9 #68
The "bloody code" did not work when it was enacted GenThePerservering May 9 #69
Every I_UndergroundPanther May 10 #70
Post removed Post removed May 10 #73
Republicans have mostly tended toward Pro-Death in recent years DFW May 10 #75
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