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54. I expect
Thu May 9, 2024, 09:06 AM
May 9

that in the next few years he's going to demonstrate that he's a Trump through and through, just like his creepy brothers and his criminal father. He's stayed behind the scenes so far but he's entering his adult years and my guess is he'll start trash-talking and flinging poo at Democrats, just like dear old dad.

Absolutely. dalton99a May 9 #1
I'm tired already of seeing his picture. Why is everyone on Threads talking about Barron? applegrove May 9 #2
cuz, hes going to be worse than his old man brettdale May 9 #3
I can "see" both parents in his face. eShirl May 9 #29
His ears Mossfern May 9 #45
If he gets any taller... Omnipresent May 9 #57
"I can "see" both parents in his face." Talitha May 9 #66
Yep, and not just the physical attributes. GoCubsGo May 9 #82
Bad seed of two bad seeds LiberalFighter May 9 #65
They'll make him chairman of the Florida Republican Party dalton99a May 9 #4
I thought of Damien from the Omen as soon as I saw him. I don't know if it is because he's Trump's son, or Doodley May 9 #5
Except Damien wasn't 7 feet tall liberalmediaaddict May 9 #10
And he couldn;t say, "Daddy, Daddy, please press that nuclear button." Doodley May 9 #13
I had the same reaction... Wuddles440 May 9 #38
Blood chilling. A preview of the end of the world. Doodley May 9 #73
He's a byproduct of bad semen Aviation Pro May 9 #6
The top of the barrel wasn't mercuryblues May 9 #27
It wasn't the semen. It was the ship that was at fault. Wonder Why May 9 #67
It's Florida. Maybe Matt Gaetz could be his mentor and use him for bait. Marcuse May 9 #7
disappointed to hear this Skittles May 9 #8
Tiffany seems normal. rubbersole May 9 #17
She is also a FL delegate... BigmanPigman May 9 #20
no Skittles May 9 #28
You just didn't know him! dchill May 9 #21
When did he do something likable? we can do it May 9 #39
Same here MustLoveBeagles May 9 #70
I fear where this evil succession scheme is headed liberalmediaaddict May 9 #9
Fascists usually designate their family as heirs to the throne. Irish_Dem May 9 #32
Yup.Look at North Korea! BlueKota May 9 #40
Term limited? CanonRay May 9 #63
Baron will have to wait beyond 2036. Marcuse May 9 #79
why wait till 2036 brettdale May 9 #11
The only Trump I like is Mary FelineOverlord May 9 #12
Little Bored Fauntleroy has big diapers to fill JoseBalow May 9 #14
Okay, now - that's very good! 😊 dchill May 9 #22
You win the thread! MOMFUDSKI May 9 #41
Post removed Post removed May 9 #15
Howdy! EYESORE 9001 May 9 #16
That's what I thought EYESORE 9001 May 9 #35
My loathing for Trump is deeper than the deepest ocean and wider than the sky. ShazzieB May 9 #18
More like sharing victims' blood. dchill May 9 #23
Both of his parents are psychopaths. He never stood a chance at being normal. SunSeeker May 9 #25
Do you think there is even one Trump delegate Pototan May 9 #30
He just accepted a political job on his father's behalf. Irish_Dem May 9 #33
I agree Pototan May 9 #34
Has he ever spoken one word - any word? kskiska May 9 #80
4 posts Pototan May 9 #19
I feel sorry for him--- having to grow up with a moronic criminal perverted psychopathic DemocraticPatriot May 9 #24
Barron has yet to show his adult personality. Aussie105 May 9 #26
If he accepts and attends the Republican Convention Pototan May 9 #31
Which means what? former9thward May 9 #50
He is subject to the same criticism Pototan May 9 #51
Ok, what is your criticism of the 18 year old? former9thward May 9 #53
I'll jump in and take this one. bluesbassman May 9 #69
Thanks for your reply Pototan May 9 #86
He's a legal adult NanaCat May 9 #49
Has he ever shown a child's personality? kskiska May 9 #81
I heard he didn't always return his library books on time. Renew Deal May 9 #36
Trying to fire servants who displeased him NanaCat May 9 #55
Link? Renew Deal May 9 #74
Of course D_Master81 May 9 #37
What do we care who goes to the GOP convention? It's a convention that is only going to confirm ... marble falls May 9 #42
I'm with you. ShazzieB May 9 #43
He will shame himself MFM008 May 9 #85
And if he does, drag him all you want. ShazzieB May 10 #87
people here really acting like they never did anything dumb or at the behest of a parent they later regretted MistakenLamb May 9 #46
Could you explain your last. . .sentence, or whatever it was? niyad May 9 #59
you don't think it's a little disturbing to consider a high schooler "fair game" politically? MistakenLamb May 9 #62
nice evasion. the string of words I referenced still has niyad May 9 #64
Thanks for the context but ecstatic May 9 #47
When you know what Barron stands for (he's never said a word about it) please let me know ... marble falls May 9 #60
... Mitt Romney and Nikki Haley will end up being the ticket. ecstatic May 9 #71
i'd imagine it went something like this...... Takket May 9 #48
Do youze want me to pay for the college? Hope22 May 9 #52
Were you Goldwater's child? NanaCat May 9 #56
Do you think no Goldwater went to the Convention, or no Kennedy, or no Johnson? marble falls May 9 #61
Wow. So he approves of his dad. Interesting... ecstatic May 9 #44
I expect Chautauquas May 9 #54
Like they say "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree". nt doc03 May 9 #58
Thread was going great until the saviors arrived. BannonsLiver May 9 #68
Yup, fair game "if", he is a Florida GOP delegate at the convention. republianmushroom May 9 #72
This is some absolute bullshit. Initech May 9 #75
I hope he turns out to be a tall scrawny Kyle Rittenhouse. I suppose we know nothing about how intelligent brewens May 9 #76
Actually Jilly_in_VA May 9 #84
don't they have to know how to talk? samnsara May 9 #77
Myyyy, how times change. I still vividly remember the last moments niyad May 9 #78
Not really relevant here, but how tall is Barron? Are there any official numbers out there? TheRickles May 9 #83
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