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Article here: WhiskeyGrinder May 8 #1
And some of those people are Hamas militants. n/t Igel May 8 #11
Good news. n/t. whathehell May 8 #13
And it's about time, too. calimary May 8 #15
Some! HUAJIAO May 8 #25
But most probably aren't. flying_wahini May 9 #47
So maybe next time there's a school shooter... Think. Again. May 9 #53
And most are not, so we just chalk up the majority, most women and childern, as collateral damage... brush May 9 #58
Hamas did not agree to a ceasefire. They tendered a counter proposal lapucelle May 9 #73
My point still exists. Further negotiations are closer to agreement on both side that ever before. brush May 9 #75
My resistance is to misinformation being repeated to the point where it becomes disinformation. lapucelle May 10 #76
Is a deal closer than ever now or not. It's certainly not time to star fighting/surging into Rafah again. brush May 10 #77
Hamas's propaganda concerning a ceasefire was called out by the US Department of State. lapucelle May 10 #78
Oh, please. Not a repeat of the same stuff you posted before to me. brush May 10 #79
According to Biden's Department of State, Hamas did not accept a ceasefire. lapucelle May 10 #81
lol@ anyone saying "oh please" to your Cha May 10 #80
And now JustAnotherGen May 10 #82
Very few obamanut2012 May 9 #63
good Celerity May 8 #2
We should be giving all those weapons to Ukraine anyway. Crunchy Frog May 8 #3
Know know Ukraine has much use for bunker-busters. Igel May 8 #12
I think he's taken as much as he can from that netanyahu guy. Think. Again. May 8 #4
He was incredibly patient with Bibi. ShazzieB May 8 #17
I agree with all of that. Well said. Think. Again. May 8 #21
Post removed Post removed May 8 #5
Post removed Post removed May 8 #6
No Pres Bidden "did NOT "dig a huge hole for himself" ! Cha May 8 #34
Biden needs to call Bibi Netoneyahoo and tell him: AverageOldGuy May 8 #7
and put the video up on Youtube because I would watch that 1M times TomDaisy May 8 #19
As it should be! PortTack May 8 #8
Post removed Post removed May 8 #9
Thank you Joe! He knows how to lead. Bibi has been PM for 16 years! That does NOT sound like a democracy. TeamProg May 8 #10
demmiblue ....... Upthevibe May 8 #14
Welcome news. liberalla May 8 #16
We must stand up to war criminal Netanyahu. Thank you POTUS. TomDaisy May 8 #18
14,500 children and 9,500 women were killed in Gaza. ClearSky24 May 8 #20
Those are numbers provided by the Hamas government. Genocide is targeted. Prove the genocide please AZLD4Candidate May 8 #22
What is it when the ultra RW Israelis use it and have used it for 100 years or so? Celerity May 8 #29
Thank you! SalamanderSleeps May 9 #39
Not at all the same FBaggins May 9 #42
Of course it is the same, as we are talking about 2 groups who want to remove (and that will definitely involve killing Celerity May 9 #46
Nope - not even close FBaggins May 9 #49
Israel's forces have killed many thousands of children. David__77 May 9 #45
Based on number the UN used provided by the Hamas run Gaza government. AZLD4Candidate May 9 #48
How many babies do you think Israel has killed? David__77 May 9 #50
Won't say anything until I get numbers not provided by the Hamas run Gaza government AZLD4Candidate May 9 #51
Israeli spokesman on civilian casualties. David__77 May 9 #52
First statement says they don't target. But thanks for playing. AZLD4Candidate May 9 #57
He said he's not allowed to say how many civilians were killed. David__77 May 9 #64
Because there are no exact numbers. . .but if you trust Hamas to tell you accurate numbers, you do you. AZLD4Candidate May 9 #72
It's NOT genocide. More innocents than that dead in Ukraine. And Hamas' numbers include their own fighters... AnrothElf May 9 #43
We support Ukraine when they got attacked. AZLD4Candidate May 9 #56
DING DING DING DING DING!! AnrothElf May 9 #59
Israel wants to be left alone. The only time they attacked was in 1967 because they knew they would be and AZLD4Candidate May 9 #62
Militant deaths manicdem May 9 #71
Something is going on with these numbers JustAnotherGen May 11 #83
Thanks-I never trusted Hamas' numbers LetMyPeopleVote May 11 #84
That's bananas! JustAnotherGen May 11 #85
I would never trust Hamas Fatality Numbers. JohnSJ May 13 #86
From Fox LetMyPeopleVote May 13 #87
I am so relieved! NH Ethylene May 8 #23
Yes, it would. Israel now possesses a huge inventory of US-supplied weapons. David__77 May 9 #44
Still mostly... 2naSalit May 9 #54
Fetterman is not happy about this.. DemocratInPa May 8 #24
Well, that's too bad. Butterflylady May 8 #26
He is mine too... DemocratInPa May 8 #31
Didn't your good friend who worked on the campaign know Fetterman's stance in 2022? lapucelle May 9 #74
Fetterman doesn't unilaterally get to dictate US foreign policy. Celerity May 8 #30
No - but as the potential 51st senator... FBaggins May 9 #41
That's OK. We're not republiQans. We don't have to do the lockstep thing. Scrivener7 May 9 #61
Thank you, President Biden! Chautauquas May 8 #27
Its about time. no matter what we do or don't do in this will be wrong. This whole thing is a trap. Srkdqltr May 8 #28
Yes LiberaBlueDem May 8 #32
And this is just Dark Brandon *frowning*. AnrothElf May 8 #33
Rec wryter2000 May 9 #68
It's similar in that we're supplying weapons to allies to fight an aggressor. AnrothElf May 9 #69
finally some boundaries. Thank you, President Biden. ecstatic May 9 #35
About time. sinkingfeeling May 9 #36
Good for Joe. It will, at least, slow down the killing of civilians. Ping Tung May 9 #37
K&R GoodRaisin May 9 #38
Joe had walked a tight rope with this war Johnny2X2X May 9 #40
Getting rid of their weapons smuggling tunnels is the key. (Heck Hamas is likely eating smuggled steak ) LeftInTX May 9 #65
The tunnels have been degraded a ton Johnny2X2X May 9 #66
The smuggling tunnels from Egypt are still intact. IDF just got into the Philadelphi Corridor on Tuesday. LeftInTX May 9 #67
Ran out of patience. Martin68 May 9 #55
K&R!!! uponit7771 May 9 #60
Seems reasonable to me. Elessar Zappa May 9 #70
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