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Big Blue Marble

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1. Who is playing politics poorly?
Wed May 1, 2024, 06:25 PM
May 1

I fear that it is the Democratic establishment. The attacks on the students
attempting to label them anti-semitic, Putin-led dupes, and Hamas-loving idiots
then sending in the riot police do not open dialogues. It is amazingly insane
and totally self- sabotaging. It denies the sincerity of their sacrifices.

They have a legitimate perspective just as the students in 60's. They need to be
heard. You do not have agree with them, to listen to their positions. Otherwise,
they may ask exactly what country are we in and turn their back on the political
process permanently.

Who is playing politics poorly? Big Blue Marble May 1 #1
"...to label them anti-semitic, Putin-led dupes, and Hamas-loving idiots..." Jedi Guy May 1 #4
Largely agree, but I believe some discretion is advised in arrests for civil disobedience Martin Eden May 1 #10
Your anti-protestor bias prevented you from comprehending the point of my post. Big Blue Marble May 1 #14
"These students are castigated, slandered, and punished..." Jedi Guy May 1 #22
How are they slandered? Progressive dog May 1 #23
I'm not critiquing their ideas. returnee May 1 #7
Exactly. TomSlick May 1 #15
It Trump is elected, both Gaza and The US will long for the good old days of early 2024. n/t CincyDem May 1 #29
In rejecting them with such heavy-handed tactics, Big Blue Marble May 1 #16
Those who don't vote for Pres Biden Cha May 1 #32
Why do keep posting tweets from Collin Rupp? PufPuf23 May 2 #42
You are conflating things. TomSlick May 1 #37
What "students"? 80% of the protesters arrested in Tempe, AZ were not students, staff, or faculty AnrothElf May 1 #18
Post removed Post removed May 1 #21
The Democratic Party JustAnotherGen May 1 #38
No they aren't. But Trump has made it quite clear B.See May 2 #41
And Biden has made quite clear JustAnotherGen May 2 #43
Some good observations, but there are also some big differences Ocelot II May 1 #2
Thanks for all those details. returnee May 1 #9
All good points. And Biden is the sitting president, not a candidate Hassler May 1 #26
Another difference is that I believe Biden is actively seeking a ceasefire. LisaM May 1 #31
I agree. Ocelot II May 1 #33
An excellent summary of what happened in Chicago. Ping Tung May 1 #35
Very good summary of the aftermath - you are quite correect Ocelot II May 1 #36
i'm not far from northwestern. have half a mind to mosey down. mopinko May 1 #3
Saw a great sign at one of the protests senseandsensibility May 1 #5
I love that! ShazzieB May 1 #11
Thanks senseandsensibility May 1 #17
This message was self-deleted by its author ShazzieB May 1 #12
And then what happened to most of those "60's attitude" people? BannonsLiver May 1 #30
1972 might make your point better than 1980 IronLionZion May 2 #45
I'm not impressed... brooklynite May 1 #34
Signs at rallies are not stating that the way things are or have been senseandsensibility May 1 #39
Everybody get together IronLionZion May 2 #44
Here's some 50+ year old music to go with the current times. Mr.Bill May 1 #6
Reading the posts above me, Im thinking that we can slice and dice this thing six ways to Sunday but the Raven May 1 #8
History rhymes ClaudetteCC May 1 #13
Welcome to DU, ClaudetteCC! calimary May 1 #20
Also where were these protesters markodochartaigh May 1 #25
Gee Whiz, returnee! You just came up with an ALL-TIME-GREAT slogan!!! calimary May 1 #19
Without even taking sides, someone should be explaining to them that if they cast a protest Bev54 May 1 #24
I wasn't old enough to vote, either, but I remember what my teacher said about this election Rhiannon12866 May 1 #27
The nature of being young is they believe they have more room for mistakes IronLionZion May 1 #28
The war against Vietnam was immoral and criminal and needed to be stopped. David__77 May 2 #40
We were in an actual war with an ongoing draft... Does not come close JCMach1 May 2 #46
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