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10. In the primaries, so far, Trump has lost a lot of voters to Haley and others. This is not a good sign for him. It is a
Wed May 1, 2024, 11:53 AM
May 1

good sign for Biden as he may be able to pick up some of those voters who appear to be never Trumpers.

Vote!!! OLDMDDEM May 1 #1
Trump is a vile creature, as we all know, who would do a lot of damage. Biden should already be 20 points ahead. Doodley May 1 #2
The early elections including the one in NY yesterday, LakeArenal May 1 #9
In the primaries, so far, Trump has lost a lot of voters to Haley and others. This is not a good sign for him. It is a OLDMDDEM May 1 #10
Fox News and the creation of the Trump cult's hive-mind. Ocelot II May 1 #3
And most major MSM outlets don't call out his crazy and authoritarian shit. TheBlackAdder May 1 #13
Right. elleng May 2 #26
Fox News is not very relevant anymore womanofthehills May 2 #38
Maybe not any more, but they got the ball rolling. Ocelot II May 2 #39
I recommend not putting too much weight in the polls. MontanaMama May 1 #4
Because we are "nice" and "go high when they go low" PCIntern May 1 #5
Agree entirely. The Trump and the R/W message is getting through, but not ours. Doodley May 1 #12
Let djt's two worst enemies continue to publicly escalate his deterioration: Jrose May 1 #6
Those polls are not legit statistical samples of the population but tools of the right wing in order to .... Botany May 1 #7
There are a lot of polling organizations. Are they all part of a conspiracy? Doodley May 1 #14
The only real conspiracy is between M$M organizations Blue Idaho May 1 #17
None of the "MSM organizations" conduct polls... brooklynite May 2 #31
Sorry Blue Idaho May 2 #34
What about 3.5 years of relentlessly negative reporting on President Biden who in reality has Botany May 1 #19
Do you mind linking to the WSJ poll that foretold of a red wave? In Too Deep May 1 #23
The polling data is being manipulated to use to manufacture the image of a close election to get ratings. lees1975 May 1 #8
We need left or at least moderate billionaires to take over a few media outlets and steer the dialog back to sanity unblock May 1 #11
39 months and counting (includes foot dragging) republianmushroom May 1 #15
Here's 8 reasons liberalmediaaddict May 1 #16
Biden is the president. In Too Deep May 1 #21
"But he's running a very lowkey campaign." BumRushDaShow May 2 #28
Thanks for the links. In Too Deep May 2 #29
Let's address this BumRushDaShow May 2 #30
I disagree. Biden went on TV today and guess what? The media covered it. In Too Deep May 2 #32
Again BumRushDaShow May 2 #35
He wasn't in Charlotte yesterday. He was there today. In Too Deep May 2 #36
I got your number BumRushDaShow May 2 #37
Fox doesn't even have that many viewers womanofthehills May 2 #27
The real reason isn't popular, but here it is Polybius May 1 #18
Have you seen what comes out of the institution NanaCat May 1 #20
The focus was getting the economy going and fix the problems. LiberalFighter May 1 #22
Trump's busy little rallies GenThePerservering May 2 #24
Biden does what people say they want, more than any other president, and nobody knows about it betsuni May 2 #25
The dilemma of "good governance"... Caliman73 May 2 #33
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