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Thu Jan 19, 2012, 08:45 PM Jan 2012

Barack Obama didnít just do the right thing, he actually did the brave thing. [View all]

from Democracy Now with Vt. Activist Bill McKibben: http://www.democracynow.org/2012/1/19/obama_rejects_keystone_xl_pipeline_under

AMY GOODMAN: Bill, when you heard the news yesterday that President Obama had rejected the pipeline outright, what was your response?

BILL McKIBBEN: Well, you know what? I had two responses. One, you know, I wrote the first book about global warming, I think 23 years ago now, and there have been precious few days in that two decades when scientists have been left smiling and Big Oil has been left scowling. This was a real victory for people standing up. If we hadn’t gone and done what we did out in the streets, if we hadn’t made record numbers of public comments on this, then the oil industry, as usual, would have gotten away with a really bad idea.

And the second thought, frankly, was about Barack Obama. Now, I’m no knee-jerk partisan, necessarily, of the President. I get arrested—I spent three days in jail for being arrested outside his house. But yesterday, in the face of just absolutely naked political threat—the American Petroleum Institute said last week, if the pipeline wasn’t approved, there would be, quote, "huge political consequences," and you know they have the money to make good on that threat. In the face of that kind of bald political threat, Barack Obama didn’t just do the right thing, he actually did the brave thing. The knock on him is that he’s been too conciliatory and eager to please all sides and things. Yesterday was pretty stunning.

read more and watch: http://www.democracynow.org/2012/1/19/obama_rejects_keystone_xl_pipeline_under

more from Vt. Activist Bill McKibben: http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2012/01/18/obama-s-denial-of-keystone-permit-was-a-welcome-win-against-big-oil.html

Obama’s Denial of Keystone Permit Was a Welcome Win Against Big Oil

Rejecting the transcontinental oil pipeline, the president turned the conventional wisdom on its head, but the real victors were the idealistic protestors.

I wrote the first book on global warming way back in 1989, so I know for a fact that there have been very few days in the last two decades when the scientists have been smiling and big oil scowling. When the president denied the permit for Keystone XL on Wednesday, he didn’t just turn the usual balance of power upside down, he turned the conventional wisdom more or less on its head—as late as October, a National Journal poll of 300 D.C. “energy insiders” showed 91 percent predicting that the pipeline would be approved.

The victory is of course a tribute to people who set aside their natural cynicism about the possibility of change and instead went to jail in record numbers, wrote public comments in record numbers, surrounded the White House shoulder to shoulder five deep. They managed to bring reality to the forefront for once, and that reality—the leaky pipeline, the oil destined for export, the carbon overload from the tar sands—managed to trump, for now, the bottomless pockets of the fossil fuel industry.

What was interesting yesterday was watching the reaction of the congressional leadership, who’d forced the issue by passing legislation mandating a speedy approval process. They’d set the president an essentially impossible task, since Transcanada Pipeline hadn’t even announced the route they wanted to take through Nebraska. But apparently they thought he’d blink anyway. After all, the head of the American Petroleum Institute had issued the most naked political threat imaginable: block the pipeline, he’d told the president in a speech last week, and there will be “huge political consequences.” And of course he has more than enough money to back up the threat.

read more: http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2012/01/18/obama-s-denial-of-keystone-permit-was-a-welcome-win-against-big-oil.html

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kick. sad positive threads about dems don't get more attention. dionysus Jan 2012 #1
yes he did the right thing....he is looking for the best answers to the most important project this opihimoimoi Jan 2012 #2
I'm writing him to thank him. Cleita Jan 2012 #3
right. good move bigtree Jan 2012 #12
Thanks. I hope other DUers use your information as well. Cleita Jan 2012 #14
Thanks President Obama. Old and In the Way Jan 2012 #4
that's right bigtree Jan 2012 #23
k&r... spanone Jan 2012 #5
Wah Wah Wah! He didn't close Guantanamo Gman Jan 2012 #6
IF only he had made the decision because the pipeline is a bad idea. But he didn't so we will Lionessa Jan 2012 #7
so you're telling Vt. Activist Bill McKibben to 'keep his cheerleading in proper perspective' bigtree Jan 2012 #11
Sure, why shouldn't I point out facts even to him. Lionessa Jan 2012 #13
because it just sounds like sour grapes bigtree Jan 2012 #16
I've given credit exactly as Obama asked for it, whereas he says he's not against the pipeline Lionessa Jan 2012 #17
Bull. He just rejected the project bigtree Jan 2012 #18
I'm sorry you lack critical reading skills. A few paragraphs down,... Lionessa Jan 2012 #19
you lack understanding that this is a political process bigtree Jan 2012 #20
If motive doesn't count in your world, so be it. It does count in mine. Lionessa Jan 2012 #21
For some, any credit would ruin the repackaging of Obama that they are trying to sell here. nt Old and In the Way Jan 2012 #24
it's usually, in effect, just campaigning against our all-but-prospective Democratic nominee bigtree Jan 2012 #27
What we're looking for is "I will not support the construction of ANY pipeline driving through Occulus Jan 2012 #25
that's what this action says bigtree Jan 2012 #26
Whoa, wait wait wait, let me get this straight Bodhi BloodWave Jan 2012 #28
We have a winner. The Doctor. Jan 2012 #29
it never ceases to amuse me tho Bodhi BloodWave Jan 2012 #30
Nah, it's all just words until he needs to get on a bully pulpit.... sweetloukillbot Jan 2012 #31
He sure did! KT2000 Jan 2012 #8
K & R Scurrilous Jan 2012 #9
credit to Obama for this. oil was for export, not USA - let Canada deal with it nt msongs Jan 2012 #10
Al Jazeera had an excellent documentary on the oil sands Cleita Jan 2012 #15
Good, that is the way to roll. TheKentuckian Jan 2012 #22
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