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And then something will trickle down on us. Permanut Apr 23 #1
Warm and yellow. Golden Raisin Apr 23 #3
I think I read that domestic oil production is at maximum already. yellowdogintexas Apr 23 #2
I've brought that very point up with them as well. Yavin4 Apr 23 #7
I did talk with Mr YD and we are in maximum yield of the wells yellowdogintexas Apr 27 #23
Doesn't domestic oil production go on the world market? Yavin4 Apr 27 #24
We do sell on the market and we do import from other countries yellowdogintexas Apr 28 #25
Those people have absolutely NO clue. All they know is his bombast and BS yellowdogintexas Apr 23 #4
They don't seem to get around to mentioning.. Permanut Apr 23 #12
In the past they have typically used "crashing the economy with stupid policies" as their strategy for that. nt Gore1FL Apr 23 #5
"Plan??" They're republikans... lastlib Apr 23 #6
What's worse Mad_Machine76 Apr 23 #15
Democrats need a detailed plan for everything including how to pay for it Yavin4 Apr 23 #19
Or Mad_Machine76 Apr 24 #21
Tax cuts, deregulation, and increased oil production are all inflationary, of course. unblock Apr 23 #8
Yeh ScratchCat Apr 23 #10
It isn't clear at all that 'Covid money' caused inflation. Voltaire2 Apr 28 #27
Savage cuts to safety net programs and to green initiatives. Doodley Apr 23 #9
About that ScratchCat Apr 23 #11
Same plan as they have for immigration Cosmocat Apr 23 #13
Exactly right. Do nothing, and blame it on Biden. rsdsharp Apr 28 #28
Same as always: Cutting taxes on the rich. NanaCat Apr 23 #14
What are their plans for the MidEast? spanone Apr 23 #16
Because its all they got. GoodRaisin Apr 23 #17
Cutting taxes is inflationary.... but that's always their DemocraticPatriot Apr 23 #18
Another tax cut for billionaires Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Apr 23 #20
To fuck up the economy and kick off another recession. dawg Apr 24 #22
The GOP doesn't care about inflation affecting the consumer. Irish_Dem Apr 28 #26
Firing Jerome Powell Qutzupalotl Apr 28 #29
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