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19. The "tax cut" money.
Wed Apr 24, 2024, 11:51 AM
Apr 24

The owners of these businesses are wealthy.

Also, the "advertising" money. Lots of their corporate advertising clients are headed by wealthy right-wing assholes. They don't want to risk alienating some of their biggest customers. (You know, by actually reporting the truth.)

Its not just CNN dclarston13 Apr 24 #1
$$$$ edhopper Apr 24 #3
Exactly. MSM is corporate censored and manipulated rubbish. $ is their master. Magoo48 Apr 24 #16
Not so sure they do it for the money. Farmer-Rick Apr 24 #17
The "tax cut" money. dawg Apr 24 #19
Exactly Farmer-Rick Apr 25 #22
Where did Haley get 25% of the vote? Pretty Fly Apr 24 #8
She got 16.5% of the PA primary vote SCantiGOP Apr 24 #9
My bad I was looking at number before I went to sleep dclarston13 Apr 24 #18
May I suggest Tetrachloride Apr 24 #2
In their defense, Trump is the presumptive GOP presidential nominee, currently a defendant in a criminal trial sop Apr 24 #4
"I hope they asked... Mr. Mustard 2023 Apr 24 #10
That's a good point PatSeg Apr 24 #11
Lucky I was watching Columbo and not that nonsense n/t Just_Vote_Dem Apr 24 #5
I'm amazed that Columbo is a two hour show. LiberalFighter Apr 24 #12
Some of them were two hours (with commercials) Just_Vote_Dem Apr 25 #21
Ahh.. Columbo..."just one more thing." TV Gold. Comfortably_Numb Apr 24 #13
Brings back 'memories' of life during Covid. Abolishinist Apr 24 #20
I wonder if he did more to violate the gag order? BlueKota Apr 24 #6
Lucky for me i quit watching cnn Fullduplexxx Apr 24 #7
Cesspit Nonnews Network NT Patton French Apr 24 #14
CNN along with most of the MSM are not prepared to deal with the larger implications of the propaganda campaign that is Ford_Prefect Apr 24 #15
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