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21. Falls
Wed Apr 24, 2024, 12:42 AM
Apr 2024

I'm very sorry to hear about your mother's accident and injury; she's probably in a lot of pain and is looking at a lengthy recovery. I know you, family, and friends will stay with her - she's going to need a lot of help.

I'm a long-time EMT on a volunteer rescue squad in a rural VA county.

37% of our county's population are over 65, most well over 65.

One-third of our calls are for falls and the patient is always over 65.

Nationwide, falls -- mostly in the home -- are the biggest cause of injury or death for people over 65.

When we go for a fall, we first check out the patient for broken bones, bleeding, and the like, then start treatment as required. The next step is to ask the patient "Why did you fall?" It's not unusual for a patient to respond negatively -- "Why do you need to know that?" BECAUSE: If you tripped over the cat and fell, or got your feet tangled up in a throw rug, that's one thing. But if you blacked out, don't remember falling, felt dizzy and waked up on the floor -- anything like that could mean you have something cerebral going on -- onset of a stroke; possible bleed in the brain (which can be fatal within minutes); or a similar dangerous condition. We need to know why you fell because the reason for the fall could point to a serious condition that needs immediate diagnosis and treatment.

Update, about my mom. [View all] imanamerican63 Apr 2024 OP
I saw your initial post & have been thinking of you - TBF Apr 2024 #1
I hope all goes well with her surgery. BlueKota Apr 2024 #2
Thanks for the update. sheshe2 Apr 2024 #3
I'm sorry about this situtation with your mom. It is much harder brer cat Apr 2024 #4
thank goodness there is a speedy plan; this is great news. peacebuzzard Apr 2024 #5
my great- aunt broke her hip in the bathroom, + was in the bathroom for hours. luckily we got there early. pansypoo53219 Apr 2024 #6
I have an acquaintance in her 90s. shrike3 Apr 2024 #7
Thank you Dear_Prudence Apr 2024 #8
Thank you. Seeing your Mom in an ER bed is awful experience irisblue Apr 2024 #9
Actually, I'm on the road, head'n for the St. Paul. imanamerican63 Apr 2024 #12
Safe travels irisblue Apr 2024 #13
My dear 85 year old (at the time) husband recovered very well from hip surgery after his fall. MLAA Apr 2024 #10
Thanks for the update. Mr.Bill Apr 2024 #11
You break a hip, you can't move Warpy Apr 2024 #14
Thank you for the update. Sending good thoughts for a successful surgery and a rapid recovery for your Mom. LoisB Apr 2024 #15
I hope she heals quickly from surgery. area51 Apr 2024 #16
Fingers crossed n/t BaronChocula Apr 2024 #17
May her Surgery & Recovery be successful! electric_blue68 Apr 2024 #18
That sounds awful for her. Hoping the docs are able to get her sorted and she feels much better soon. Surgery is such mahina Apr 2024 #19
safe travels. sending you and your mom light and love. nt orleans Apr 2024 #20
Falls AverageOldGuy Apr 2024 #21
Holding you both cilla4progress Apr 2024 #22
Wishing her a successful surgery and a speedy recovery! calimary Apr 2024 #23
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