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I support student protests over Palestine. I support Jewish students' counter protesting, also ... marble falls Apr 2024 #1
Well History says otherwise edisdead Apr 2024 #116
I have no problem with protests. BlueTsunami2018 Apr 2024 #2
Hamas has a hell of a propaganda machine. nt LexVegas Apr 2024 #3
Yeah. Israel's bombs and over 13000 dead children. nt Autumn Apr 2024 #5
After Hamas attacked, murdered and raped Israelis on 10/7. Pretty Fly Apr 2024 #9
Genocide, starvation and over 13000 dead children will motivate people against the Autumn Apr 2024 #10
Post removed Post removed Apr 2024 #18
Hate and centuries old grudges are a two way road . Americans have every right to peacefully protest. Autumn Apr 2024 #23
Absolutely. Never said otherwise. Pretty Fly Apr 2024 #33
Many of those young and old leftists - and protestors are Jews. Nanjeanne Apr 2024 #75
The majority are not Jewish. Liberal Christian churches wnylib Apr 2024 #157
Not only were they on the street the next day . . . Richard D Apr 2024 #24
News hits quick. If you see your family & friends being bombed or under threat from Autumn Apr 2024 #40
War sucks Richard D Apr 2024 #49
You know what else sucks? Genocide and war crimes . Nothing fucking excuses that. Autumn Apr 2024 #50
Perhaps . . , Richard D Apr 2024 #52
Wishful thinking. Hamas has promised to kill more Jews. keithbvadu2 Apr 2024 #133
But does anything excuse terrorist attacks, rape and murder? paleotn Apr 2024 #57
no, but nothing excuses over 13000 dead children and countless other Autumn Apr 2024 #87
And conveniently ignored by one side because Netanyahoo is evil. paleotn Apr 2024 #146
And some people do exactly what they accuse others of doing. Autumn Apr 2024 #147
Is that your version of "you are but what am I"? paleotn Apr 2024 #150
No I'm not a 3rd grader. Just stated a fact. I don't assume anything I responded Autumn Apr 2024 #155
Not you individually...maybe... paleotn Apr 2024 #156
There was no response from Israel on 10/8 Mossfern Apr 2024 #63
When people know a war is coming they will protest before the bombs fall. Autumn Apr 2024 #80
Yes, it was uncanny. Quakerfriend Apr 2024 #74
I had not heard that. AloeVera Apr 2024 #101
Israel began bombing Gaza on Oct 7. AloeVera Apr 2024 #45
Record Always Blue Apr 2024 #51
On 10/8 there were perhaps no U.S "protests" but you know well of the deep sympathy that was offered to Israel after TeamProg Apr 2024 #71
You remember it correctly. Nanjeanne Apr 2024 #76
Um, no. See my post below sarisataka Apr 2024 #83
Yes. I'm sure there are Hamas supporters. As well as Muslim haters. Jew haters. Trans haters. And on and on. Nanjeanne Apr 2024 #86
So you're admitting your post here was wrong? MarineCombatEngineer Apr 2024 #88
No. There was great sympathy for Israel and horror over the terrorist attack. The post was what i Nanjeanne Apr 2024 #92
Kinda figured you would answer in the negative. MarineCombatEngineer Apr 2024 #93
Kind of figured after honestly trying to have dialogue you would reply with something i don't have a clue Nanjeanne Apr 2024 #95
Have you forgotten the infamous DSA rally sarisataka Apr 2024 #89
Allow me to refresh your memory sarisataka Apr 2024 #81
Ah, the swastika picture... AZSkiffyGeek Apr 2024 #126
Pro-Hamas demonstrator showing a republican flag on her cellphone. keithbvadu2 Apr 2024 #138
Your post suggests Mossfern Apr 2024 #108
Because protesting a terrorist group is really effective Redleg Apr 2024 #105
I see many trying to do to legit, non hateful support for Palestinians and against the disproportionate Israeli response Celerity Apr 2024 #55
Exactly. Brenda Apr 2024 #61
Nailed it as always malaise Apr 2024 #139
I suspect Russia has lent them theirs. BlueTsunami2018 Apr 2024 #7
Exactly. 58Sunliner Apr 2024 #12
We all have eyes and ears. TeamProg Apr 2024 #16
What do American Jews have to do with that? shrike3 Apr 2024 #35
Apparently you already have an answer? Please tell me! TeamProg Apr 2024 #41
Little to nothing at all. That's my answer. Jewish Americans are trying to live their lives, like the rest of us. shrike3 Apr 2024 #43
and DU was outraged when Iranian Americans were harassed during JohnSJ Apr 2024 #53
Du wasn't around during the hostage crisis, or so I thought. But I don't know everything. shrike3 Apr 2024 #96
Well, they would have been outraged. Thanks for setting me straight +++ JohnSJ Apr 2024 #97
I agree, they definitely would have been outraged. I knew what you meant, btw. shrike3 Apr 2024 #98
No equity in war Ontheboundry Apr 2024 #42
and this isn't the first time it has happened either. After three wars JohnSJ Apr 2024 #62
The dead children in Gaza punched Israel in the face? Cuthbert Allgood Apr 2024 #136
The dead children from no war ever punched anyone in the face. Ace Rothstein Apr 2024 #148
Does that make it OK? Cuthbert Allgood Apr 2024 #149
It makes it part of reality. Ace Rothstein Apr 2024 #151
Maybe people should protest it when they think it's a bad think? Cuthbert Allgood Apr 2024 #152
That's fine and expected. Ace Rothstein Apr 2024 #154
The Hamas propaganda machine is tiny and lacking in influence compared to the Israeli propaganda machine. PufPuf23 Apr 2024 #91
No Shit. Cha Apr 2024 #114
It sure does!! FlyingPiggy Apr 2024 #135
If anyone is interested bdamomma Apr 2024 #4
There are many articles by students and teachers about the peaceful protest. Below are a few Nanjeanne Apr 2024 #6
Of course. People should be able to differentiate. shrike3 Apr 2024 #37
I am for peace and protesting for peace Johnny2X2X Apr 2024 #8
It's almost as nonsensical Mad_Machine76 Apr 2024 #14
It's a rock and a hard place Johnny2X2X Apr 2024 #19
It's a complicated situation Mad_Machine76 Apr 2024 #29
Yeah Johnny2X2X Apr 2024 #36
Or Sudan as well Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Apr 2024 #21
There aren't any social media videos denouncing the ethnic cleansing of the Ughurs? shrike3 Apr 2024 #39
Are you really comparing a social media video with an active demonstration? Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Apr 2024 #100
Well, I am simply referring to comments by others that social media videos have sparked awareness of the shrike3 Apr 2024 #102
Because those issues aren't trendy on "Insta" and TikTok. BannonsLiver Apr 2024 #66
I think the cause (supporting the Palestinian people) is a good and noble cause RAB910 Apr 2024 #11
Are you for harassing Jewish students? sarisataka Apr 2024 #13
Are you for genocide? Voltaire2 Apr 2024 #17
I am against genocide, and I have spoken against Israeli actions and Netanyahu repeatedly. sarisataka Apr 2024 #28
DU was outraged when Muslim-Americans were blamed for 9-11. And now? shrike3 Apr 2024 #34
I consider my question fully answered sarisataka Apr 2024 #58
So you won't answer his question about Attacking, Cha Apr 2024 #117
Well at least we agree that the genocidal siege of Gaza is wrong. Voltaire2 Apr 2024 #122
"Protest the War but do not advocate for violence against our Jewish brothers and sisters" Cha Apr 2024 #124
Maybe you better let the US Secretary of Defense know about the "genocide" EX500rider Apr 2024 #144
Not seeing students harassing other students in any videos womanofthehills Apr 2024 #65
Since no one is wearing a sign that says "Student" sarisataka Apr 2024 #69
I support protests as well, 58Sunliner Apr 2024 #15
calls for violence are a deal-breaker for me eShirl Apr 2024 #20
DURec leftstreet Apr 2024 #22
Why? brooklynite Apr 2024 #25
I oppose genocide Voltaire2 Apr 2024 #59
So do I; I fail to see what protest encampments accomplish. brooklynite Apr 2024 #67
Myopia, anti-Semitism and calls for violence... JCMach1 Apr 2024 #26
I don't support them. Richard D Apr 2024 #27
There's also the blurb to the left of the highlighted section. Ace Rothstein Apr 2024 #30
That photo is obviously manipulated. Jacoby365 Apr 2024 #31
What a bunch of illiterate gobbledygook. yardwork Apr 2024 #32
Islamophobia is on rise. So the cure is anarchists and "death to America" chants? What's wrong with this dichotomy? LeftInTX Apr 2024 #77
I believe . . . Richard D Apr 2024 #84
Can you please provide a link to what you have posted? PufPuf23 Apr 2024 #106
This is fake. You should take this down. nt Goddessartist Apr 2024 #111
Why do you say it is fake? Richard D Apr 2024 #113
Look at it. Goddessartist Apr 2024 #115
Yes . . . Richard D Apr 2024 #119
You're spreading false, Goddessartist Apr 2024 #127
I'm so sorry. Cha Apr 2024 #118
I support peaceful, respectful protests. Happy Hoosier Apr 2024 #38
The apoplectic response has been pretty telling Prairie Gates Apr 2024 #43
Shouting "Go back to Poland" is what kind of got to me. shrike3 Apr 2024 #47
DU was outraged when Muslim-Americans were harassed after 9-11. shrike3 Apr 2024 #46
So do I. It's sad that there even needs to protests against war and killing again. Ping Tung Apr 2024 #48
Just a reminder that this phase of the conflict was initiated by Hamas. Happy Hoosier Apr 2024 #73
What a surprise. BannonsLiver Apr 2024 #54
Harvard Always Blue Apr 2024 #56
So do I, if they are NOT in support of Hamas Martin Eden Apr 2024 #60
A big IF JohnSJ Apr 2024 #64
Definitely a big IF Martin Eden Apr 2024 #99
Many do support Hamas BannonsLiver Apr 2024 #68
From NM - UNM picketing with tents womanofthehills Apr 2024 #70
And more univesities and colleges including NYU and Yale. Ping Tung Apr 2024 #79
Oh? Are they protesting Hamas killing, raping, kidnapping and desecrating human bodies in their name? marybourg Apr 2024 #72
I don't. n/t Coventina Apr 2024 #78
They should be protesting in Tel Aviv. Biden can't end the war. Vinca Apr 2024 #82
Well obviously we could stop funding it. Voltaire2 Apr 2024 #94
That wouldn't end the war and that's the point of the demonstrations. Demonstrate where it matters. Vinca Apr 2024 #107
Right, any protest that is not immediately successful in achieving its goals is a failure. Voltaire2 Apr 2024 #120
Well, at this point, I'm out of sympathy for the protesters. You work for a solution, you don't become Vinca Apr 2024 #140
I do too. Protesting genocide is a good thing! Goddessartist Apr 2024 #85
The students are in the right. elena92 Apr 2024 #90
So threatening jews Ontheboundry Apr 2024 #103
She didn't say that. Goddessartist Apr 2024 #109
It' has plenty of "merit".. in the thread they Cha Apr 2024 #121
Hard reach Goddessartist Apr 2024 #128
Facts aren't a Reach. Andy why the personal attack? Cha Apr 2024 #130
No personal Goddessartist Apr 2024 #131
Yes it was. Cha Apr 2024 #132
I disagree. You Goddessartist Apr 2024 #134
you're Wrong. "They screamed #antisemitic slurs at peaceful pro-#Israel.." Cha Apr 2024 #141
I refer you to this post, Goddessartist Apr 2024 #145
She said"they are in the right" Ontheboundry Apr 2024 #142
"Protest the War but do not advocate for violence against our Jewish brothers and sisters." emulatorloo Apr 2024 #104
great statement Celerity Apr 2024 #110
Thank You!! Cha Apr 2024 #123
The OP was given the opportunity to state that they also opposed harassing Jewish students. The OP declined to do so. onenote Apr 2024 #112
Exactly declined to my post, too. Cha Apr 2024 #125
As I said in another thread sarisataka Apr 2024 #129
Ditto malaise Apr 2024 #137
You "support" this Ugly Anti Semitic SPEW? Cha Apr 2024 #143
Couple questions Cuthbert Allgood Apr 2024 #153
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