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43. Because Donald signed it
Mon Apr 22, 2024, 11:14 AM
Apr 22

and made that Melania's signature. Basically, he has control of her documents because he can sign her name. It's his signature.

Why does her signature look like Trump wrote it? dem4decades Apr 22 #1
The signature does look awfully familiar, does it not? ProudMNDemocrat Apr 22 #2
who wants to bet it's not real gold vermeil? getagrip_already Apr 22 #45
I literally just asked my husband the same thing! Bettie Apr 22 #12
It is because trump is sure... S/V Loner Apr 22 #17
It certainly does look like his signature PatSeg Apr 22 #20
They've been sharing Sharpies for years. jaxexpat Apr 22 #37
Because Donald signed it swong19104 Apr 22 #43
I was thinking the very same thing! Alliepoo Apr 22 #44
This necklace is an outrageous grift. madaboutharry Apr 22 #3
$245. But wait, there's more...buyers will also receive a "digital collectible." sop Apr 22 #5
And not gold-plated PatSeg Apr 22 #22
Give your mother a necklace with another woman's name on it. Irish_Dem Apr 22 #4
Nothing says "I LOVE YOU, MOM" like another woman's name. ProudMNDemocrat Apr 22 #6
Looks like they want Melania to be their mother. Irish_Dem Apr 22 #27
...and it looks really cheap! Tesha Apr 22 #7
As the man said, Mysterian Apr 22 #8
Won't be worth the silver that has been painted over.. ProudMNDemocrat Apr 22 #9
seems like might make a good dog tag... jcgoldie Apr 22 #10
build assets separate from hubby in case ny takes all of his dembotoz Apr 22 #11
As well as keep her "kidneys" functioning properly. ProudMNDemocrat Apr 22 #15
Yes, that's what I was thinking PatSeg Apr 22 #23
That's what I think. Irish_Dem Apr 22 #28
Grifters gonna grift Old Crank Apr 22 #13
... jcgoldie Apr 22 #14
So the orange fuck signed his name on her necklace? Autumn Apr 22 #16
Milania's signature looks like it's in TFG's hand writing. Maybe she's not in on it. marble falls Apr 22 #18
Trump ripping off Melania. Sounds about right. Irish_Dem Apr 22 #31
She saw the TikTok on "Independent Revenue Streams" Kid Berwyn Apr 22 #19
Maybe she started an LLC with Captain Zero Apr 22 #40
Um... the closeup photo of the back shows her "signature"? calimary Apr 22 #21
I Googled "Melania's signature" PatSeg Apr 22 #25
"the same vertical spiky mess" Prof. Toru Tanaka Apr 22 #38
Makes me think of KKK hoods NanaCat Apr 22 #42
I thought it was a 3 leaf clover Farmer-Rick Apr 22 #24
Pearl necklaces? She was used to being on the recieving end at one time. :) n/t brewens Apr 22 #26
From Trumpsky, an occasional button, maybe. n/t Harker Apr 22 #32
I doubt she ever bobbed his shroom. If he's even touched her since she was knocked up with her anchor baby brewens Apr 22 #35
It's a pathetic cry for emotional help... Harker Apr 22 #29
Greedy and pathetic. She's as big a grifter as trump is. brush Apr 22 #30
Melania is finally earning her keep FakeNoose Apr 22 #33
That think will turn your neck greener than Donnie's diaper. ECL213 Apr 22 #34
And the Cult will but them in droves oldsoftie Apr 22 #36
The gross is overwhelming. The Unmitigated Gall Apr 22 #39
Why would any other mother want a necklace with Melania's name on it? IronLionZion Apr 22 #41
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