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10. As long as Ukraine gets the help they need.
Sun Apr 21, 2024, 07:30 PM
Apr 21

For a moment there I was almost tempted to think maybe MJ had a heart, but nah.

Makes me wonder what he heard in those intelligence briefings Raven123 Apr 21 #1
I bet it was something along the lines of Russia not stopping at Ukraine and going after a NATO country soon maryellen99 Apr 21 #4
I think this could be a part of it, for sure. He did mention it Nictuku Apr 21 #9
Interesting...Mike's got game in smart geo-politics. OAITW r.2.0 Apr 21 #27
Whatever concerned him enough to worry about his son going to war. He is going to military college Bev54 Apr 21 #37
I don't think TFG's got the stroke over Congress some people think he does. I think Democrats made it clear ... marble falls Apr 21 #2
I think so, too. Democrats threw him a lifeline. Midnight Writer Apr 21 #12
Neither does MTG Pachamama Apr 21 #24
She can challenge him at any time. The only way she can drop him is if Democrats turn on him the way they ... marble falls Apr 21 #36
I think Dems also made it clear to him that he would go down in history as the one who gave Ukraine to Russia... brush Apr 21 #29
Beue of the fifth column did a piece on this..... getagrip_already Apr 21 #3
I'm not quite sure I know what you mean Nictuku Apr 21 #6
Twitter faction..... getagrip_already Apr 21 #20
He's said WAY too many stupid things in the past..... Red Mountain Apr 21 #8
I think some fundie Baptist ministers brought him into the light. JustABozoOnThisBus Apr 21 #5
Pence is livid Trump (currently) doesn't support a total abortion ban. Maybe Johnson is too, and realized 50 Shades Of Blue Apr 21 #7
Ahh, interesting. I hadn't thought of that angle. Thank you! Nictuku Apr 21 #13
As long as Ukraine gets the help they need. Demobrat Apr 21 #10
I know, I've been so upset about this Nictuku Apr 21 #14
FWIW Johnson was nodding along w Biden at the SOTU when Biden spoke of aid for Ukraine. emulatorloo Apr 21 #11
Yeah, I was watching that very closely Nictuku Apr 21 #16
The last person in the world gab13by13 Apr 21 #15
I agree Nictuku Apr 21 #17
Proof will be in Trump's reaction to the Ukraine aid bill. How's he gonna play that? OAITW r.2.0 Apr 21 #30
I don't think so. I reao he's seen the polling Cha Apr 21 #18
There were 101 votes to pass Ukraine aid from the other side. And just before that BootinUp Apr 21 #19
In that light, it makes sense Nictuku Apr 21 #21
218 BootinUp Apr 21 #22
This was in clear defiance of what Mango Mussolini would want Pachamama Apr 21 #23
I think he just took out his pocket calculator and did some addition DFW Apr 21 #25
Trump isn't the same snarling, roaring tiger of the past. no_hypocrisy Apr 21 #26
Republicans want TikTok bad enough to give $60 B to Ukraine. live love laugh Apr 21 #28
Trump is the one who demanded that some of the Ukraine money... CousinIT Apr 21 #31
Sometimes ._. Apr 21 #32
MAGA Mike is weak by nuture and nature GenThePerservering Apr 21 #33
It became personal to him jrandom421 Apr 21 #34
I read an Axios article that explained it was all about the okaawhatever Apr 21 #35
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