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7. If you don't like the seat STAND for the duration of the flight
Sun Apr 21, 2024, 11:03 AM
Apr 21

I can hear the air-transport industry, pushing to pack people in like sardines in a can.

Good. Some people are so inconsiderate, and overdo the reclining JohnSJ Apr 21 #1
Some asshole almost broke my laptop on a flight one time because he reclined too far. Initech Apr 21 #36
I hope you let him know. It is just garbage how inconsiderate some people are JohnSJ Apr 21 #42
Yeah I definitely pulled a Larry David on that one. Initech Apr 21 #54
I'm glad too. Absolutely annoying. jimfields33 Apr 21 #56
It's impossible to "overdo the reclining" Goodheart Apr 22 #87
I'm tired of the seats that are too damn narrow RainCaster Apr 21 #2
It's rare that I recline my seat, but I just accept that it's going to happen. No big deal. marmar Apr 21 #3
It's a big deal if your legs are long enough that your knees are crammed into the seat. nt pnwmom Apr 21 #34
So have you never wanted to recline your seat? yorkster Apr 21 #4
Nope. I'm not a seat recliner. True Dough Apr 21 #6
I seldom put my seat back. ProudMNDemocrat Apr 21 #5
If you don't like the seat STAND for the duration of the flight Model35mech Apr 21 #7
I welcome this. badhair77 Apr 21 #8
So you blame others because the airlines decided to cut the space between rows? And if the airlines decide to Wonder Why Apr 21 #9
The difference between the two is the degree of control by the passenger True Dough Apr 21 #11
Except that the narrowing of seats and shortening of rows has made airline travel more uncomfortable Wonder Why Apr 21 #15
I was responding indirectly to Post #4. badhair77 Apr 21 #79
My seat is my seat - and the space into which the airlines permit it to reclines is mine. Ms. Toad Apr 21 #22
Agree. I will pay extra and/or jump through hoops to get an aisle seat. RandomNumbers Apr 21 #24
Then what the airlines ought to do True Dough Apr 21 #33
I have no problems with that, Ms. Toad Apr 21 #40
I can't use the tray table if I am reclined (or if you do). LisaM Apr 21 #63
I was responding indirectly to Post #4 and her reference to people informing the person badhair77 Apr 21 #82
You would certainly qualify for an accommodation. Ms. Toad Apr 21 #83
They were OK before the airlines started to cram as many seats as they could together. Liberal In Texas Apr 21 #10
My back hurts terribly unless I recline cally Apr 21 #12
Me too. Nt lostnfound Apr 21 #17
Ditto. Ms. Toad Apr 21 #18
Same. Sky Jewels Apr 21 #26
Same mahina Apr 21 #52
Same here. I must fly in an upgraded class that I can barely afford. Oopsie Daisy Apr 21 #76
I think this is fine for short haul flights. Ace Rothstein Apr 21 #13
Exactly what I was about to write. honest.abe Apr 21 #47
Unfortunately, if this is allowed on short haul flights it will inevitably spread as an "option" & then be standard Hekate Apr 21 #72
Yay! Auggie Apr 21 #14
That will likely mean the end of flying or me. Ms. Toad Apr 21 #16
I have similar levels of pain cally Apr 21 #21
I concur. Layzeebeaver Apr 21 #67
In all my years of flying, dozens and dozens of flights... Paladin Apr 21 #19
I have never cared about anyone reclining but I'm short Phentex Apr 21 #20
All they have to do is limit the extent to which they recline. And more space which will never happen question everything Apr 21 #23
They already did that... 2naSalit Apr 21 #27
They BARELY recline as it is already! 2naSalit Apr 21 #25
Keep the recline, increase the space between seats. Sky Jewels Apr 21 #28
it teclines like an inch Woopideedoo!!! edisdead Apr 21 #29
People want cheap flights. That's why they are jimfields33 Apr 21 #59
I agree. I know it's an unpopular opinion but I believe spooky3 Apr 21 #78
I have had bad experiences on planes the last several times I flew. I am taking my time this summer Demsrule86 Apr 21 #30
There is no comfort whatsoever in flying today. It is an ordeal from the moment you pack your bags hlthe2b Apr 21 #31
The hi-speed trains of Europe have, alas, discovered US Airline seating DFW Apr 21 #45
Only underscoring that Greed is... hlthe2b Apr 21 #48
Not just greed, but apathy. DFW Apr 21 #51
Out of respect for whomever is sitting behind me, MineralMan Apr 21 #32
It is not disrespectful to use the space your seat entitles you to. Ms. Toad Apr 21 #41
What I said is that I don't recline my seat, MineralMan Apr 21 #43
I'm with you on this. oasis Apr 21 #44
So I believe. I don't consider myself any more, or less, important than any other passenger. MineralMan Apr 21 #46
Exit rows for me too. And middle seat gets the armrests - I think that rule is in the Constitution, or the Bible, petronius Apr 21 #65
Just as well do away with them there is doc03 Apr 21 #35
Fuck no, I won't go! lark Apr 21 #37
They need to charge what they did in the 70's and jimfields33 Apr 21 #61
you forgot the sarcasm emoji Celerity Apr 22 #85
The most indecent attire I've ever seen in public was at Hartsfield Airport in the mid-eighties. lark Apr 22 #90
Sitting upright for more than 10 minutes is northoftheborder Apr 21 #73
Eventually we will all be sitting on the floor nevergiveup Apr 21 #38
This just makes me so sad. I used to fly from West Coast to East Coast about once a year... Hekate Apr 21 #39
I understand what you are saying. MineralMan Apr 21 #49
I'm going to have to investigate business class. I spent my life being frugal, and that's how I flew... Hekate Apr 21 #60
There you go. MineralMan Apr 21 #64
Ever since my knees started deteriorating, I told my employers DFW Apr 21 #68
Business/first class is the only way i fly now DetroitLegalBeagle Apr 21 #70
Good. Elessar Zappa Apr 21 #50
Good. I make 2-3 trips a month, and I never recline... Mark.b2 Apr 21 #53
I like the idea of the fixed pre-reclined seat. honest.abe Apr 21 #55
I agree, unless they change the seat pitch to allow more space. MineralMan Apr 21 #57
Reclining Seats Were From A Different Era ProfessorGAC Apr 21 #58
As they should. Business class seat can be a few thousand bucks. jimfields33 Apr 21 #62
Airlines set the prices and the spaces. As a very frugal younger person, I still had space & comfort... Hekate Apr 21 #71
And? ProfessorGAC Apr 22 #86
I just think you get what you pay for. jimfields33 Apr 22 #88
We're Agreeing ProfessorGAC Apr 22 #89
The demand for flying as cheaply as possible caused this. marybourg Apr 21 #84
The new saddle seat wont have recline newdayneeded Apr 21 #66
If they follow through with that, True Dough Apr 21 #69
Coming soon: Each passenger will be stuffed into a cube for easier packing and higher profit. Hermit-The-Prog Apr 21 #74
lol Renew Deal Apr 21 #75
Rack 'em and stack 'em takes on a different meaning. Hermit-The-Prog Apr 21 #77
Good! Some people are so rude we were in the seats behind the extra comfort helpisontheway Apr 21 #80
I would be happy if they had some kind of lock-out mechanism GenThePerservering Apr 21 #81
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