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Trump Day 4 is looking rough [View all] Nevilledog Apr 19 OP
He is trying to do his best Gotti who he MOMFUDSKI Apr 19 #1
What a miserable human being. Bleacher Creature Apr 19 #2
Looks like less make-up than usual.... Happy Hoosier Apr 19 #3
Maybe Lawrence O'Donnell's brutal takedown about the make up got to him. Irish_Dem Apr 19 #11
I think he's just finding out what it's like to have to show up someplace at 9:30 AM every day Walleye Apr 19 #17
Actually be on a schedule and act appropriately. Irish_Dem Apr 19 #21
That may be true... Happy Hoosier Apr 19 #23
His fingernails are dirty FarPoint Apr 19 #28
A former resident where I lived had discolored fingernails. ProudMNDemocrat Apr 20 #39
A day in court? Trump can give a shit lame54 Apr 19 #4
I saw what you did there Poiuyt Apr 19 #20
He has LOTS of shit to give too. ProudMNDemocrat Apr 20 #40
He's come full circle. He now looks like a guy wearing a Trump mask. Not a great quality one either. nt Carlitos Brigante Apr 19 #5
Orange Bastard looks like a bag of boiled owl shit. He fucking looks like the orange last turd my dog left in the yard. SoFlaBro Apr 19 #6
I'm guessing that "Team Trump" (tm) filing OSHA complaints... Hugin Apr 19 #7
He looks like he should be in assisted living - TBF Apr 19 #8
He seems to be practicing his glower on the photographer Ocelot II Apr 19 #9
Be best. Kid Berwyn Apr 19 #10
Holy shit look at that hair. What a buffon. OverBurn Apr 19 #12
He is guilty man Beachnutt Apr 19 #13
He is one of the most repulsive men I've ever had the misfortune of seeing. Sky Jewels Apr 19 #14
Are those real-time odor spreading photos? BeyondGeography Apr 19 #15
Scratch and sniff Traildogbob Apr 19 #30
Scratch and gag you mean. CanonRay Apr 19 #33
Correct Traildogbob Apr 19 #36
You ain't see anything yet malaise Apr 19 #16
good to see the family supporting him through thick and thin rurallib Apr 19 #18
He is a reverse Dorian Gray Danmel Apr 19 #19
Nice glower . . . . . . no_hypocrisy Apr 19 #22
He needs to put in an emergency call to his hairdresser. Ping Tung Apr 19 #24
Yes, what happened to the sides of his head? Has he decided to go brunette? Raven Apr 19 #32
Looks like the people who were sitting behind him have been evacuated from their seats behind him. OAITW r.2.0 Apr 19 #25
I dont think he is going to make it through the end of this trial. honest.abe Apr 19 #26
Looks more like a bruise on his finger to me. StarryNite Apr 19 #27
Wait until Traildogbob Apr 19 #29
Your "Flagged Lapel won't get you, into heaven anymore". Traildogbob Apr 19 #31
They look Rebl2 Apr 19 #34
What's with the bruise on his right hand? pfitz59 Apr 19 #35
It looks like his ring finger on his left hand. Delmette2.0 Apr 20 #38
Croak already! ProudMNDemocrat Apr 19 #37
His right arm down to his wrist looks swollen and purple. NanaCat Apr 20 #41
As for the rest of him NanaCat Apr 20 #42
His head tilted downwards is his way of Emile Apr 20 #43
Imagine what he would look like if he washed that shit off his face! RKP5637 Apr 20 #44
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