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Big claudette Apr 19 #1
I hear you, but I trust Joe... Joinfortmill Apr 19 #2
What strings can he attach? DemocratInPa Apr 19 #5
This is not a good look. jrthin Apr 19 #3
I have to believe Joe knows his number one MOMFUDSKI May 1 #79
Post removed Post removed Apr 19 #4
NO. MorbidButterflyTat Apr 19 #6
Should we withhold our votes sarisataka Apr 19 #8
It's beyond mere parties. Basic LA Apr 19 #10
You're the only one suggesting it here. Scrivener7 Apr 19 #11
I am just seeing a lot of criticism sarisataka Apr 19 #13
And yet, no one put it into the conversation but you. Scrivener7 Apr 19 #15
My focus was most on the unjustified, IMO, sarisataka Apr 19 #20
You're not the only one.. I agree with you. Cha Apr 19 #36
So, because you don't want the focus to be on the idea of not voting for Biden over this, you Scrivener7 Apr 19 #47
I did not introduce it, it has been in the news sarisataka Apr 19 #48
Didn't the OP introduce the idea that some would not vote for Biden over this? onenote Apr 19 #49
Right? edisdead May 1 #75
Lol hope your day gets better. BannonsLiver Apr 19 #17
Ah, the sacrosanct cloak of antisemitism Basic LA Apr 19 #19
Clearly not sacrosanct to everyone. BannonsLiver Apr 19 #22
Can't help but notice you have no argument. Basic LA Apr 19 #25
Can't help but notice you have put out antisemetic tropes on this platform. BannonsLiver Apr 19 #26
Anti-semitism accusations Basic LA Apr 19 #28
Shalom. BannonsLiver Apr 19 #29
My faith in DU is renewed nt sarisataka Apr 19 #32
Guess they posted one antisemitic trope too many. revmclaren Apr 20 #57
.. Cha Apr 20 #69
Excellent. Oopsie Daisy Apr 21 #73
Talk to GD Fucking Hamas about a "ceasefire".. Cha Apr 19 #35
Ceasefire now edisdead May 1 #76
Can you break down how many of those 13,000 are actual children? EX500rider Apr 19 #37
I Think You'll Be Waiting... ProfessorGAC Apr 20 #50
They don't even give the pretense of pretending anymore tritsofme Apr 19 #21
Not even a little bit. BannonsLiver Apr 19 #23
Nothing new sarisataka Apr 19 #27
Holy shit. No. ismnotwasm Apr 19 #18
Do you have a source for this? MorbidButterflyTat Apr 19 #7
Hillary's emails, Dean's scream, Kerry swift boating Cosmocat Apr 19 #9
Message auto-removed Name removed Apr 19 #31
I'm pretty sure this funding goes to US military contractors. Earth-shine Apr 19 #12
Do you mean the House is giving Israel an extra billion? Kaleva Apr 19 #14
Additional to the Congressional bill that Congress is voting on shortly? maxsolomon Apr 19 #16
Reading the responses to this thread iemanja Apr 19 #24
Please provide a link to a reputable source so we can know what you're talking about. Thanks! emulatorloo Apr 19 #30
ISW ZoMe Apr 19 #34
This website? lapucelle Apr 20 #60
WSJ DemocratInPa Apr 19 #39
No, he is not. Jose Garcia Apr 19 #33
What is the DCC? W_HAMILTON Apr 19 #38
DNC DemocratInPa Apr 19 #40
Your concern -- and typo -- is duly noted. W_HAMILTON Apr 19 #42
here DemocratInPa Apr 19 #41
Your link contradicts your OP. W_HAMILTON Apr 19 #43
I am good thanks DemocratInPa Apr 19 #44
Oh, I bet you are, which is what I suspected in the first place. W_HAMILTON Apr 19 #45
English is fundamental. Considering and doing are not the same thing, unless JohnSJ Apr 20 #55
So you're good w spreading disinformation? emulatorloo Apr 19 #46
Just keep walking AZSkiffyGeek Apr 20 #54
... emulatorloo Apr 20 #67
No you're not. Cha Apr 20 #71
This? lapucelle Apr 20 #59
Before Oct 7th, Gaza's GDP was less than $20 B annually. How about a few billion for Silent Type Apr 20 #51
There's $9,000,000,000 in humanitarian aid for Gaza in the package that passed today. lapucelle Apr 20 #61
About $2B might get to Gaza. Seems a bit low, but better than nothing. Silent Type Apr 20 #62
So you concede that there are at least "a few billion for Gaza". lapucelle Apr 20 #65
More for bombs. Silent Type Apr 20 #66
So there are at least a few billion for humanitarian aid to Gaza. lapucelle Apr 20 #68
Not to Gaza. Again, better than nothing. Silent Type Apr 20 #70
You were wrong when you implied that there is nothing in the aid package for Gaza. lapucelle Apr 20 #72
Naive that the money will be spent on reconstructing civilian infrastructure. Ace Rothstein Apr 20 #63
Yeah, you are right, send more bombs. Silent Type Apr 20 #64
I don't think it's naive to trust President Biden's judgement on the allocation of the funds. lapucelle Apr 21 #74
NO !!! HUAJIAO Apr 20 #52
It's a "twofer" for Gen Z... WarGamer Apr 20 #53
Except the OP is not accurate JohnSJ Apr 20 #56
11-26 age group? How many in that group will even vote? They have never JohnSJ Apr 20 #58
EVERY election cycle we pin our hopes and dreams on the youth vote AkFemDem May 1 #78
Unless the Republicans have reversed on climate change and women's freedoms pwb May 1 #77
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