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5. As it's always been...
Fri Apr 19, 2024, 09:25 AM
Apr 19

When one side marches and chants “the Jews will not replace us”, many recoil in disgust and say “there’s no place for hate”.

When the other side marches and chants “from the river to the sea”, many tacitly or proactively agree and say “oh I don’t know, maybe it’s ok”.

Imagine a couple dozen straight white far right homophobic Christian nationalist Charlottesville protesters piled into a room with a couple dozen gender fluid far left multiracial eco-aware pro-Palestinian supporters. The two groups stand at the opposite ends of the room, looking at each other like bull vs matador (each side playing both roles).

They’re told they can’t come out without unanimous agreement on at least one topic. From outside the room, screaming back and forth can be heard…tables pounded, even the sound of a chair being thrown. Within minutes…it goes silent.

Seconds later, the door bursts open and they exit…laughing and patting each other in the back. There’s conversation about their next gathering. Exchanging numbers and social media handles.

In shock those outside the room ask incredulously “what could unify this diverse group so quickly and, it appears, so deeply?”

Reporters from Newsmax and Democracy Now rush to their usual sources, some of whom were in the room, to ask the question….what is this unifying topic.

Standing side by side, their interviewees smile. One looks at the other and says “you should tell them”. The other responds “No…you should get to tell them”. After a bit of the old Chip’n’Dale routine they agree “we should both tell them”. And like the end of an SNL cold open…they lean in and say…

“It’s “Blame the Jews”…[cut to music with a wailing sax solo on top playing Hava Nagila]


3,000 years in the making. While the cast of characters “in the room where it happens” and the points of rabid difference between the groups change from generation to generation…the theme of the show remains the same. And like SNL, some seasons are stronger than others, some seasons have a star and some just have a muddle of unknown names shuffling around.

But in the end, the show survives because some viewers are vigilant supporters, some are too intellectually unaware to get off the couch to change the channel and many think they’ve just discovered a new show that’s the greatest thing since sliced bread.

History shows us that no matter where hate starts, it gets to the Jews sooner of later…and all the allies in easy times step back and say “oh I don’t know, maybe it’s ok”.

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