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It seems to be unfinished, maybe it will get better? I hope? Ocelot II Apr 17 #1
The finished building won't look much better: highplainsdem Apr 17 #8
Ugh. Clunky, neo-Brutalist monstrosity. Ocelot II Apr 17 #11
It certainly doesn't convey the openness, vision, and sense of hope that he's meant to us. highplainsdem Apr 17 #12
I hope that's not a flat roof on there. Captain Zero Apr 17 #31
"Your mother was a hamster TxGuitar Apr 18 #78
After perusing the plans, I'm happy to settle for what it does convey-- ariadne0614 Apr 18 #82
I agree! ShazzieB Apr 18 #89
This is horrible. "Brutalist" describes it well! Earth-shine Apr 17 #15
Not seeing the intention unless designed to withstand white wing or other attacks during next century. Silent Type Apr 17 #30
Unfortunately, that's the first thing (upon seeing the current construction) my mind went to: Protection. electric_blue68 Apr 18 #59
My first thought when I saw it, too. highplainsdem Apr 18 #106
The building looks like it could be part of my university campus Redleg Apr 18 #63
I don't know, I kind of like it Mossfern Apr 18 #87
Oh, I don't think it's that bad. harumph Apr 18 #75
very different bigtree Apr 18 #81
Looks a little Rebl2 Apr 18 #95
The finished building looks much better to me.. whathehell Apr 18 #103
Kind of Rebl2 Apr 18 #92
Gotta agree at this point rpannier Apr 17 #2
Yes, at this point-it looks hideous to me. riversedge Apr 18 #72
Yeah, that's...certainly...something ActRaiser Apr 17 #3
I seem to remember there was some... Think. Again. Apr 17 #4
There was a lot of neighborhood oppostion. former9thward Apr 17 #6
I'm guessing that limited space meant the design had to be vertical. yardwork Apr 18 #74
Some of that resistance... sheshe2 Apr 18 #41
Looks like something from the planet Vulcan. I like it. lindysalsagal Apr 18 #84
That's a stretch. maxsolomon Apr 18 #112
FFS dweller Apr 17 #5
Renderings at link chowder66 Apr 17 #7
Thank edhopper Apr 17 #13
I wanted to see the rendering before I put my two cents in. chowder66 Apr 18 #91
Also edhopper Apr 18 #99
Yes, they can be for sure. chowder66 Apr 18 #100
Thank You for the Real Story & Photos. Cha Apr 17 #28
I hope to go and see it in the future. chowder66 Apr 18 #93
Thanks. elleng Apr 17 #38
My pleasure! chowder66 Apr 18 #94
but it is 'brutalist'!!!!! Voltaire2 Apr 18 #86
It reminds me of an ancient monolith which is why I think it's cool. chowder66 Apr 18 #90
For some reason 'Mayan' occurred to me. Voltaire2 Apr 18 #108
Mayan, African, Egyptian chowder66 Apr 18 #116
Looks like a tribute to his tan suit. CrispyQ Apr 18 #102
Same obamanut2012 Apr 18 #104
🌈💕The plans are gorgeous, inside and out. I would very much like to visit this, when open... Hekate Apr 19 #119
Wait until its finished... brooklynite Apr 17 #9
I just looked at the architectural renderings. madaboutharry Apr 17 #10
Or a prison Rebl2 Apr 18 #97
I like it. LuvLoogie Apr 17 #14
I like the crane. Nice touch. It symbolizes that there are things next to us and above us. Earth-shine Apr 17 #16
I won't say it's ugly tavernier Apr 17 #17
From obama.org enid602 Apr 17 #18
Four hands coming together..... Bayard Apr 17 #19
Neither do I. highplainsdem Apr 17 #33
Maybe those four hands True Dough Apr 19 #129
Oh,hogwash. HUAJIAO Apr 18 #40
I bet the exhibits, interior, etc., will be exceptional. The exterior reminds me of something Silent Type Apr 18 #48
It's not finished, is it? Anybody bother to look up the architect's rendering online? Hekate Apr 17 #20
Yeah, right here: Polybius Apr 17 #22
Thanks. It's unusual, and the different shades of color in the stone will add to its presence... Hekate Apr 18 #42
When I enlarge it, looks like upper left has some kind of writing. Maybe that is for illustration Silent Type Apr 18 #49
When I zoomed into that upper left feature - looks like an outer "lattice" with glass windowed wall behind it... electric_blue68 Apr 18 #60
well, it's different. and who needs windows. BlueWaveNeverEnd Apr 17 #21
It looks cold. And it also seems small. Don't get a welcome feeling. jimfields33 Apr 17 #23
There's a very tall panel above what looks like the entryway. Looks like it extends several stories up. Hekate Apr 18 #44
I see. also, many of the floors might be used as a museum, so no windows needed. BlueWaveNeverEnd Apr 18 #57
That, too Hekate Apr 18 #61
... Celerity Apr 18 #52
wow...the lettering looks pretty fancy. BlueWaveNeverEnd Apr 18 #58
Ah, ty ...if it turns out like that ... well, not too bad, then... electric_blue68 Apr 18 #105
It will look better when surrounding trees get about 20 stories tall. LeftInTX Apr 17 #24
The finished design reminds me of a sprinkleeninow Apr 17 #25
I actually like it GenThePerservering Apr 17 #26
The link above dweller Apr 17 #29
I kind of like it flying rabbit Apr 17 #27
I do too. I think it is interesting and unusual. Irish_Dem Apr 18 #80
Kinda looks like an air traffic control tower. rsdsharp Apr 17 #32
I'm curious what it will feel like inside the building. jalan48 Apr 17 #34
Sorry, Sad. elleng Apr 17 #35
Yes, adjoining Hyde Park, just to the south. former9thward Apr 18 #66
DU being DU - architecture critics. NoMoreRepugs Apr 17 #36
There's a Bad Architecture FB group. It's a hoot! LeftInTX Apr 18 #47
Many DUers have never shown the respect for Obama that he deserves. BannonsLiver Apr 18 #101
It is not a person it is a building. Voltaire2 Apr 19 #133
Looks like a superstructure on the flight deck Emile Apr 17 #37
Well a lot of people didn't like Frank Lloyd Wright's designs. sheshe2 Apr 17 #39
Good point, she Hekate Apr 18 #46
The look of it also reminds me of the pyramids. sheshe2 Apr 18 #54
Different strokes.... ornotna Apr 18 #43
It looks like Burj Al Arab with the top half cut off and no window LeftInTX Apr 18 #45
I think it looks like a monolith from a Star Trek episode. Polly Hennessey Apr 18 #50
Star Trek was my first thought Red Mountain Apr 18 #76
Looked at the rendering on the link. yorkster Apr 18 #51
Imposing cilla4progress Apr 18 #53
It's Hideous (JMHO) DET Apr 18 #55
You'll get over it. Hassin Bin Sober Apr 18 #56
You selling jet-packs? I might be interested if the price is right. Hermit-The-Prog Apr 19 #122
You're really basing an opinion on an in-progress NanaCat Apr 18 #62
Its not a library. former9thward Apr 19 #125
It occurred to me later that it sort of reminds me of an obelisk. A relatively short one... electric_blue68 Apr 18 #64
It instantly reminded me of both an obelisk and monolith. chowder66 Apr 18 #98
It looks like somebody's building a grain elevator . . . hatrack Apr 18 #65
other views of finished bulding edhopper Apr 18 #67
I don't know where those trees are. former9thward Apr 18 #68
These are renderings edhopper Apr 18 #71
I understand. former9thward Apr 18 #77
No improvement IMHO riversedge Apr 18 #73
It's interesting to read the range of responses to the design. yardwork Apr 18 #69
That's one word for it. Chowder posted the link to the plans &artists' renderings, & I was very moved Hekate Apr 19 #121
I only hope the final exterior color is not "tan" JustABozoOnThisBus Apr 18 #70
Most half-finished buildings are. Tommy Carcetti Apr 18 #79
Maybe they will tear it all down. Litigation is sadly necessary on Obama Presidential Center in Jackson Park IA8IT Apr 18 #83
Your judgment may be premature PJMcK Apr 18 #85
I actually think the finished building is eloquent. Different yes, ugly absolutely not. Fla Dem Apr 18 #88
I guees you'll just have to deal with that Mysterian Apr 18 #96
Tod Williams and Billie Tsien are the Architects. maxsolomon Apr 18 #107
We're Supposed To RobinA Apr 18 #109
De gustibus non disputadem. maxsolomon Apr 18 #111
Then you haven't even looked at the proposed NanaCat Apr 18 #114
Yeah, I've Looked RobinA Apr 18 #117
There are windows behind the Lettered Screen, maxsolomon Apr 18 #118
It is not a library,. You do realize that...right? former9thward Apr 19 #124
Sore thumb Crataegus Apr 18 #110
"Proposal"? maxsolomon Apr 18 #113
You are showing the 2019 proposal with white marble. former9thward Apr 19 #128
Lots of renderings out there. maxsolomon Apr 19 #134
If you haven't seen them, it's for lack of trying NanaCat Apr 18 #115
Maybe you should move? nt PufPuf23 Apr 19 #120
Have you ever criticized anything? former9thward Apr 19 #127
They should have used a different color for the crane. DFW Apr 19 #123
I will wait a few years to see it in person. I live in Chicago. mucifer Apr 19 #126
I think the architectural team may have been influenced by True Dough Apr 19 #130
John Kerry's head? BeyondGeography Apr 19 #132
One is older than the other True Dough Apr 19 #135
That's only the museum! The entire campus is gorgeous and impressive. More photos at this link: CousinIT Apr 19 #131
Image: CoopersDad Apr 19 #136
Except that is an early drawing. former9thward Apr 19 #137
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