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14. Wow! It's odd seeing one when it is light outside.
Wed Apr 17, 2024, 04:08 AM
Apr 17

It almost looks like a missile. If I saw it that in person it is what I would have initially thought.

Here is a stupid question... the asteroid that hit near the Yucatan peninsula was big enough to hit the planet and cause a giant soot cloud around the globe. If one were that big in 2024 would scientists be able to detect it before it hits the ground?

Report what you saw! usonian Apr 16 #1
Eight reports in Southern CA, and AZ all around 8 pm LeftInTX Apr 17 #2
It was also seen in Nevada and Colorado. haele Apr 17 #4
Someone caught it on camera! LeftInTX Apr 17 #3
Wow, a fireball. usonian Apr 17 #5
Wow. Terrific. PCIntern Apr 17 #13
That was huge! RKP5637 Apr 17 #26
It was green. That sounds like the Romulans. Their ships are green. chouchou Apr 17 #6
Maybe Donny Boy should RipVanWinkle Apr 17 #7
Ya...and laced with bleach. (Since Donnie loves that so much). chouchou Apr 17 #21
You may have seen a comet canetoad Apr 17 #8
No, comets don't appear to be moving except over a period of days William Seger Apr 17 #18
Thank you canetoad Apr 17 #24
Green meteors are burning nickel and magnesium William Seger Apr 17 #9
I've seen one too. It was a fairly large meteor LeftInTX Apr 17 #11
I just looked at Reddit and there are many reports BigmanPigman Apr 17 #10
Nope. They aren't predictable LeftInTX Apr 17 #12
Wow! It's odd seeing one when it is light outside. BigmanPigman Apr 17 #14
Yes, it did look like a missile! I have no idea if they could have predicted the Yucatan asteroid! LeftInTX Apr 17 #15
The one that hit Yucatan was 6+ miles wide BigmanPigman Apr 17 #17
What good would detecting it do? Polybius Apr 17 #20
That is why Hollywood is BS. BigmanPigman Apr 17 #25
I suppose there is a slight chance they could knock it off course Polybius Apr 18 #27
I feel badly for the animals and plants BigmanPigman Apr 18 #28
We would've seen Chicxulub coming Sympthsical Apr 17 #19
I remember seeing a fireball over my house once when I was a teen Tommy Carcetti Apr 17 #16
According to Phil Plait from Bad Astronomy, it was probably a Bollide.. haele Apr 17 #22
I saw a bright green one once in California MineralMan Apr 17 #23
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