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Elessar Zappa

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4. We need to allow millions in.
Mon Apr 15, 2024, 09:10 PM
Apr 15

And it should be legally. We’re currently having severe shortages in healthcare (especially nursing aides), construction, skilled labor, and other industries. And there’s not currently enough potential workers to fill them.

Your problem is that you have some common sense. Biophilic Apr 15 #1
Not only that Mad_Machine76 Apr 15 #2
EXACTLY! tavernier Apr 15 #6
Agreed on Braun Mad_Machine76 Apr 16 #24
Well, yes, but come on, they are obviously easily confused. Biophilic Apr 15 #7
But doesn't H2O Man Apr 16 #15
Are they wielding hockey sticks, or no? True Dough Apr 16 #20
Both. H2O Man Apr 16 #25
Always appreciate your analysis, H2O Man True Dough Apr 16 #26
He likes both. H2O Man Apr 16 #29
The need for migrant labor doesn't mean you allow anyone to cross the border at any place at any time for any reason. brooklynite Apr 15 #3
We need to allow millions in. Elessar Zappa Apr 15 #4
We're also short on housing for the people already here RubyRose Apr 16 #19
Yes, that's true too. Elessar Zappa Apr 16 #22
Gosh, how did I know it was you? tavernier Apr 15 #8
We only recently have had a MAGA House. former9thward Apr 15 #10
Perhaps it is. IN the meantime, you can't have an open border. brooklynite Apr 16 #14
but again bdamomma Apr 16 #23
Try crossing the "open border" and see what happens awesomerwb1 Apr 16 #32
1. Plenty of people DO cross the "open border" brooklynite Apr 16 #33
We used to. But the nativists were really happy to blame immigrants - haele Apr 15 #11
H-2A: Temporary Agricultural Employment of Foreign Workers jxla Apr 16 #16
Exactly LeftInTX Apr 16 #18
Which requires application in advance and approval by the State Dept. brooklynite Apr 16 #21
Really? to play devils advocate..... getagrip_already Apr 16 #27
You aren't missing anything KentuckyWoman Apr 15 #5
make hiring illegals a criminal offense lapfog_1 Apr 15 #9
Republicans control the house. Republicans need Emile Apr 15 #12
Cheap labor always an issue. Was "solved" here in 1960s with "Bracero" program UTUSN Apr 15 #13
A fellow El Pasoan wrote a song about the Bracero program duhneece Apr 16 #28
Message auto-removed Name removed Apr 16 #17
The RACISM and XENOPHOBIA Caliman73 Apr 16 #30
They're hypocritical and it's a wedge issue LeftInTX Apr 16 #31
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