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union rep

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54. On the nod?
Mon Apr 15, 2024, 05:42 PM
Apr 15

His handlers probably sedated him. Wouldn't You? Back to Katy she's there for a paycheck, its not what you know it who you listen to, maybe she has same Life coach as Sean Hannity, just sayin.

Well, asking the question as it's worded here - that's okay. calimary Apr 15 #1
It just came across that way. I think you had to see it. senseandsensibility Apr 15 #3
I may have been in the kitchen, making another cup of tea when it happened. calimary Apr 15 #10
Trump treated Tur very badly PatSeg Apr 15 #27
Well I guess you have a point senseandsensibility Apr 15 #48
I don't watch much daytime cable news these days PatSeg Apr 15 #60
Thanks for being open minded senseandsensibility Apr 15 #61
I really try to be PatSeg Apr 15 #68
I thought the same way at first happy feet Apr 15 #63
I don't see her as a Trump apologist at all PatSeg Apr 15 #70
I read Katy Tur's book a few years ago FakeNoose Apr 15 #74
I liked her book "Unbelievable" so much PatSeg Apr 15 #77
I find it astonishing that otherwise well-informed DUers cannot seem to remember that... Hekate Apr 15 #88
We need a video of him nodding off to offset the one they play about Biden. TheBlackAdder Apr 15 #38
Well in fairness, PatSeg Apr 15 #71
I've Faux pas Apr 15 #2
And a closet trump supporter. n/t iluvtennis Apr 15 #25
Yep BonnieJW Apr 15 #56
I added a D to her surname years ago malaise Apr 15 #4
Ah yes, "Dtur" Xavier Breath Apr 15 #12
I see what you did there malaise Apr 15 #23
Heehee. At the end of her name I assume? brush Apr 15 #81
Why yes malaise Apr 15 #82
Poor old man can't stay awake during his own criminal trial, but some of us want him to be President again. Chainfire Apr 15 #5
Yeah senseandsensibility Apr 15 #8
It I possible, even probable, he has sleep apnea. 3Hotdogs Apr 15 #37
Well, I doubt he slept much last night. louis-t Apr 15 #45
Katy is a waste of time, switch to something else until she's gone. n/t SheilaAnn Apr 15 #6
I know right? senseandsensibility Apr 15 #9
For Katy it's a career move, there's no room at the top where she's at bucolic_frolic Apr 15 #7
She is soooooooooooo worthless montanacowboy Apr 15 #11
Agree about Phang senseandsensibility Apr 15 #13
Yes. Katy Phang is quite good. yorkster Apr 15 #19
I still like Katy Tur PatSeg Apr 15 #30
Not fond of either although I like Tur's voice malaise Apr 15 #72
Yes, I do as well PatSeg Apr 15 #73
Chris has improved with time malaise Apr 15 #76
I've watched Chris off and on over the years PatSeg Apr 15 #83
Nice post malaise Apr 15 #84
Thanks, I'm trying to watch less news PatSeg Apr 15 #87
I head for the food channel or quiz shows malaise Apr 15 #91
Yes, I look for anything PatSeg Apr 15 #94
This was before jury selection BeyondGeography Apr 15 #14
Gotta be her producer. no_hypocrisy Apr 15 #15
This message was self-deleted by its author AllaN01Bear Apr 15 #16
So, did Weissman play along and answer? Fiendish Thingy Apr 15 #17
You know how polite he is. senseandsensibility Apr 15 #18
As I remember, he said some thing like tavernier Apr 15 #29
Oh good.. that's something. TY nt Cha Apr 15 #46
So, it's not "Sleepy Joe" but "Sleepy Donnie". sinkingfeeling Apr 15 #20
I look forward to hearing that ad nauseum senseandsensibility Apr 15 #22
"How could that tired old man be accused of having sex?" pfitz59 Apr 15 #21
Katy Tur is Andrea Mitchell reborn ... agingdem Apr 15 #24
There is a wiff of misogyny in the air when ever Katy Tur's name is mentioned. Srkdqltr Apr 15 #26
I saw no such thing in any of these posts. NoRethugFriends Apr 15 #32
THIS malaise Apr 15 #80
I honestly don't get it PatSeg Apr 15 #33
I don't get it either. Still wiffy. Srkdqltr Apr 15 #41
Sometimes it feels like a lot of people PatSeg Apr 15 #50
It is tiresome. NoSheep Apr 15 #89
Yes and unnecessary PatSeg Apr 15 #93
I haven't read either of her books, but I've never thought of her as supportive of Trump. ShazzieB Apr 15 #52
I agree with all you said PatSeg Apr 15 #65
And I agree with everything you've said here. ShazzieB Apr 15 #75
Yes, I've seen legal dramas on TV PatSeg Apr 15 #78
I've watched that a few times! ShazzieB Apr 15 #85
Interesting, I didn't know that about McGraw PatSeg Apr 15 #86
TY, ShazzieB Hekate Apr 15 #90
My pleasure! ShazzieB Apr 15 #92
Sorry.. you are Wrong. Katy Turd can be called Cha Apr 15 #49
I used to cilla4progress Apr 15 #28
I haven't Rebl2 Apr 15 #31
It's past 4pm EST, real stuffs on now, Katy and Mumble Mouth Mitchell are gone. Cheezoholic Apr 15 #34
Turd's for dump. onecaliberal Apr 15 #35
Haberman reported Trump was sleeping bmichaelh Apr 15 #36
Im sure she'll make it up to him johnnyfins Apr 15 #39
Well, gotta give credit where it's due I guess senseandsensibility Apr 15 #47
Hard hittin journalism. nt doc03 Apr 15 #40
Wow MustLoveBeagles Apr 15 #42
Maybe Katy Turd Should Wake the Fuck UP! Cha Apr 15 #43
I wish we the people had a way to get these hosers fired for negligence Warpy Apr 15 #44
As I responded elsewhere. I think his tendency to fall asleep LiberalFighter Apr 15 #51
Why not? senseandsensibility Apr 15 #57
Does he stop talking when he sleeps? twodogsbarking Apr 15 #53
On the nod? union rep Apr 15 #54
Welcome to DU! senseandsensibility Apr 15 #55
Welcome aboard! OAITW r.2.0 Apr 15 #59
Arggh LetMyPeopleVote Apr 15 #58
When Trump ends up leading court bailiffs in a slow-speed chase down Broadway driving a white Bronco, sop Apr 15 #62
At least she... Mike Nelson Apr 15 #64
"If trump is Too Old And Weak to Stay Awake At his Own Criminal Trial.." Cha Apr 15 #66
Good one! senseandsensibility Apr 15 #67
Yeah, Dan Pheiffer! Cha Apr 15 #69
She's pathetic, about the worse on MSNBC, boring doesn't quite describe her effectiveness... brush Apr 15 #79
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