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Unbelievable, but NOT unexpected really. "Only the Best." NoMoreRepugs Apr 15 #1
So what is going to happen, to this Trump supporting attorney ? republianmushroom Apr 15 #2
Given the visibility of his tweet (and his subsequent decision to double down on it)... Tommy Carcetti Apr 15 #5
Tennessee Bar, could be (?), IMO nothing, got it. republianmushroom Apr 15 #8
I'm sorry, what are you getting at? Tommy Carcetti Apr 15 #9
"things don't happen instantaneously, right?", agree and sometimes nothing not at all happens. republianmushroom Apr 15 #10
We had people here at DU jumping up and down insisting Trump would never see the inside of a courtroom... Tommy Carcetti Apr 15 #11
Yes, time will tell. republianmushroom Apr 15 #12
Wait and see? Excellent advice, but... good luck with that. That's not likely to happen * Oopsie Daisy Apr 15 #21
I'll say he'll never see the inside of a PRISON cell oldsoftie Apr 15 #65
Umm Kennah Apr 15 #3
Except Clay's too stupid to even claim "Oops." Tommy Carcetti Apr 15 #7
How could someone go to college for PatSeg Apr 15 #15
He's looking for work. SergeStorms Apr 15 #34
If he was smart, PatSeg Apr 15 #35
In New York its a misdemeanor. onenote Apr 15 #46
Are social media comments jury tampering? WarGamer Apr 15 #4
IMHO, It's directed at potential jurors, not to the general public and should be Wonder Why Apr 15 #14
When Trump is actually smarter PatSeg Apr 15 #18
Vanderbilt School of Law. SergeStorms Apr 15 #36
There are so many of these weird people PatSeg Apr 15 #39
Yes, there are. SergeStorms Apr 15 #45
Ha, ha maybe that is where they learned to grift PatSeg Apr 15 #49
Perfect for him.... SergeStorms Apr 15 #51
Maybe not so great for him either PatSeg Apr 15 #54
He never realized that. SergeStorms Apr 16 #68
I think there was a point early on PatSeg Apr 16 #69
Not Trump's attorney. An attorney who supports Trump. onenote Apr 15 #47
Oh okay PatSeg Apr 15 #50
He is the plaintiff's attorney, publicly encouraging potential jurors to acquit the defendant even hadEnuf Apr 15 #37
Travis isn't TFG's atorney WarGamer Apr 15 #38
Plaintiff's attorney? colorado_ufo Apr 15 #43
Duh, guess I read the article too fast and mixed up the words plaintiff and defendant. hadEnuf Apr 15 #52
He's a right-wing radio hack.... SergeStorms Apr 15 #48
OMG! The tweet speaks for itself. No other comment needed. wnylib Apr 15 #6
Telling people to lie and get on a jury with a predetermined vedict? Maeve Apr 15 #13
Kick. N/T Upthevibe Apr 15 #16
As if the MAGAts wouldn't come up with this without his help. Demobrat Apr 15 #17
If someone is pre-disposed to acquit the defendant, Mr.Bill Apr 15 #22
What problem? Demobrat Apr 15 #26
And...I think the prosecution is probably wise enough to spot questionable jurors b4 they are seated. PortTack Apr 15 #28
Of course they are. Mr.Bill Apr 15 #30
He has a right-wing radio show.... SergeStorms Apr 15 #41
Trump's followers really have made stupidity Blue Idaho Apr 15 #19
yeah, paint by numbers. Think. Again. Apr 15 #59
If Trump still wants to shoot somebody on Firth Avenue, Clay should volunteer struggle4progress Apr 15 #20
Justice takes time. The 24/7, instant messages doesn't fit into actual justice. Traurigkeit Apr 15 #23
Clay Travis...ah yes...Rush Limpballs "replacement" maxrandb Apr 15 #24
I can't believe this is the real person. Any lawyer stupid enough to do this s/b disbarred. Fla Dem Apr 15 #25
Hey...questionable attorney travis, would you be claiming the same if a "supporting" prosecutor said the same? PortTack Apr 15 #27
Maybe. But TN might buy his claim that he has 1A protection re a matter of national news. ancianita Apr 15 #29
He is telling prospective jurors to lie orangecrush Apr 15 #56
They're just New Yorkers, not jurors yet. ancianita Apr 15 #62
Under New York law, the prohibition on jury tampering applies to prospective jurors who've been summoned onenote Apr 16 #67
First freaking day and jury not even seated CanonRay Apr 15 #31
$764324896.99 fine to thar sleezeball lawyer and then jail Him Trueblue1968 Apr 15 #32
NY Penal Law 215.25 -- Jury tampering is a misdemeanor. onenote Apr 15 #61
Wouldn't this need to be a Trump-EMPLOYED Attorney? maxsolomon Apr 15 #33
I hope the prosecutor is all over this. orangecrush Apr 15 #40
This guy Cherokee100 Apr 15 #42
It sure would be nice if somebody would latch Firestorm49 Apr 15 #44
I just hopped over to CNN; they were going on and on about how over 50% of the potential jurors recused themselves robbob Apr 15 #53
Holy moly, idiotic move even for a TSF lawyer! MLAA Apr 15 #55
Clay Travis is an attorney? Man, he's so freaking dumb LymphocyteLover Apr 15 #57
Weren't there trump supporters who were jurors on the E Jean Carroll trial that voted to hold him liable? maryellen99 Apr 15 #58
Hope the Rebl2 Apr 15 #60
It is nearly impossible to fathom... GiqueCee Apr 15 #63
If trump wants that mistrial, he's gonna have to jump over the table and rush the judge. Iggo Apr 15 #64
Is this idiot one of the two assholes that took over for Rush Limbaugh? Ohioboy Apr 16 #66
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