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28. Then why the term Democratic Socialism?
Sun Apr 14, 2024, 05:40 PM
Apr 14

A democracy where the means of production are owned by the state? Now that's a conundrum.

Capitalism [View all] onecaliberal Apr 14 OP
Funny how socialism hasn't caught on anywhere....... brooklynite Apr 14 #1
What about Democratic socialism? edhopper Apr 14 #3
And then Democratic Socialists help out by not challenging the term. brooklynite Apr 14 #4
That's not socialism. That's communism. Gotta get your isms correct. paleotn Apr 14 #8
Try, try again brooklynite Apr 14 #9
In the general parlance I'm correct and you're mincing words. paleotn Apr 14 #11
Just rearrange the word order and his problem Voltaire2 Apr 14 #12
Socialism is an economic system Zeitghost Apr 14 #24
I would posit that you mean social democracy, like we have here in Sweden & the other Nordics, NOT democratic socialism. Celerity Apr 14 #31
I kinda remember someone saying capitalism and socialism aren't mutually exclusive by any means. paleotn Apr 14 #6
plural and singular forms in proper Swedish Celerity Apr 14 #32
We have nothing else to blame. Voltaire2 Apr 14 #2
You do know socialism and capitalism aren't mutually exclusive. paleotn Apr 14 #5
Nothing works fine when it's bastardized to benefit one class onecaliberal Apr 14 #10
You're not getting my point. It's not black and white. paleotn Apr 14 #13
I get your point just fine. It's the other way around. onecaliberal Apr 14 #15
Words wasted on the wrong people I suppose. paleotn Apr 14 #19
Selfish and pathetic. They got theirs, they don't care. onecaliberal Apr 14 #20
We discarded regulation. Voltaire2 Apr 14 #14
Not everywhere. paleotn Apr 14 #17
You are confusing socialism Zeitghost Apr 14 #25
Then why the term Democratic Socialism? paleotn Apr 14 #28
Democratic Socialism Zeitghost Apr 14 #30
Absolutely correct we (Sweden) are not a socialist nation, but we do have more billionaires per capita than the US Celerity Apr 14 #33
I don't think that many people think that socialism or communism will take their freedom DFW Apr 14 #7
Funny how we deliberately sabotage any democratically Voltaire2 Apr 14 #16
I believe it takes a sprinkle of socialism to keep Emile Apr 14 #18
100% pandr32 Apr 14 #21
I fear DENVERPOPS Apr 14 #22
The people who stole the most from me, by far, markodochartaigh Apr 14 #23
Capitalism... GiqueCee Apr 14 #26
Our problem, IMO, is unrestrained and vulture Capitalism, The Unmitigated Gall Apr 14 #27
And it's not in the Constitution! SleeplessinSoCal Apr 14 #29
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