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14. was trying to recall my own Covid help/why this doesn't worry me
Sun Apr 14, 2024, 11:54 AM
Apr 2024

This person has a memory problem:


Marecus Maupin, 41, said he now looked back at the Trump years as a time of economic prosperity, even though he is making more money with Mr. Biden as president. He voted for Mr. Biden and now plans to back Mr. Trump.
“We all had a little bit more money in our pockets when he was in office. I think he gave out more money than any other president that I have had in my lifetime,” he said of Mr. Trump. “It now feels like, although I’m making more, I’m not seeing it.”


However, I recall getting quite a bit of money during Covid. It took me about five minutes of thinking to recall that a job that was important to me was entirely decimated and has never come back. Thus I got a fairly sizable amount.

After my difficulty in remembering, I'm not so worried. Even if this survey wasn't flawed (which it is--as a former market researcher for NBC, CBS, and ABC, I looked at the same excerpts of the methodology above and honed in on the same boldfaced sentences), we, meaning Democrats, have a sizable war chest to remind people of what an ass he was and now he's even worse.

Furthermore, these people who fall into such groups can be targeted fairly economically. Here I'm drawing on my background as a media buyer.

So to conclude, even if this survey was done to standards, I would still not be worried. We have the money and know-how to counteract these memory lapses.

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