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Sat Apr 13, 2024, 05:28 PM Apr 13

I'm gonna go out on a BIG limb here re:the Middle East: [View all]

The Hamas attack and horror was designed to manifest the outrage of Israel and they absolutely welcomed the serious warfare waged against them and used the media and some easily-made-queasy folk to turn against Israel and the Jews.

They bided their time until this moment when they felt that they maximized global ill-will against Israel and that the forces were involved in Gaza and have launched an attack against civilian centers and air defenses most likely.

Now when Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait we sent 400,000 troops to reestablish the sovereignty of that country. I expect that if Israel is truly threatened, there will be equivalent Hell to pay for the Iranians. I will add that it doesn’t matter one whit what any of us think or feel on this or any other message board. These decisions are made by people who have information and devices of which we know nothing.

The game has changed, and not for the better.

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🕯️🕊️🇮🇱💙 🇺🇸 sounds reasonable. Cha Apr 13 #1
A thoughtful post.... walkingman Apr 13 #2
I don't believe for an instant that Israel hoped PCIntern Apr 13 #3
isreal reacted like a hurt child mdmc Apr 13 #7
So we and they should have just let it slide? paleotn Apr 13 #8
People that say that literally never have an alternative. Ace Rothstein Apr 13 #12
Israel did act like a hurt child. Eko Apr 13 #19
Riiiiiight Hekate Apr 13 #24
How can I not have an alternative? Eko Apr 13 #25
kick mdmc Apr 14 #34
here are the alternatives to 9-11 mdmc Apr 14 #33
oh, there are lots of alternatives. paleotn Apr 14 #44
not at all mdmc Apr 14 #37
In that we agree. paleotn Apr 14 #45
"Extreme responses" MorbidButterflyTat Apr 16 #54
Oh really.... PCIntern Apr 13 #10
And then Israel slaughtered and starved tens of thousands of Gazans. Sky Jewels Apr 13 #13
Their leading party Hamas PCIntern Apr 13 #14
No kidding! Sky Jewels Apr 13 #15
No PCIntern Apr 13 #16
Of course the hostages should be released. Sky Jewels Apr 13 #18
"Of course"??? PCIntern Apr 13 #20
Don't. AloeVera Apr 13 #29
BS PCIntern Apr 14 #32
On the contrary. AloeVera Apr 14 #47
Hammas was willing to eradicate the Palistinan people if it brought the world against Isreal mdmc Apr 14 #35
good morning mdmc Apr 14 #38
Good morning... PCIntern Apr 14 #46
What do you think the US gov't SHOULD have done after 9-11? Please be explicit. Hekate Apr 13 #17
1. Not attack Iraq. Eko Apr 13 #21
I was explicit that I opposed BushCheney's response. But to say we reacted like "a hurt child" is asinine Hekate Apr 13 #22
I just adopted it and I explained it. Eko Apr 13 #23
Good morning Hekate mdmc Apr 14 #41
I came back to find your post, and to apologize for overreacting. Yeah, I'll be happy with "dog"... Hekate Apr 15 #49
thanks for checking back in mdmc Apr 16 #50
Good morning Eko mdmc Apr 14 #39
Bush used the pent-up frustration over 9-11 to go after Iraq, not Al Qaida. lees1975 Apr 13 #30
thanks for your input lee1975 mdmc Apr 14 #42
good morning mdmc Apr 14 #36
Truth. There are those who want conflict... even war. WheelWalker Apr 13 #4
This! paleotn Apr 13 #9
r mdmc Apr 14 #43
Yes, let's kick the stupid so it is more visible. BannonsLiver Apr 14 #48
hammas had a mission mdmc Apr 13 #5
i disagree with the main point in the original post. Tetrachloride Apr 13 #6
Scary times now. calimary Apr 13 #11
what about the missiles hitting Ukraine TomDaisy Apr 13 #26
My eyes are on Ukraine JustAnotherGen Apr 13 #31
"in retaliation for last week's deadly Israeli strike on an Iranian embassy complex" TomDaisy Apr 13 #27
The residents of the compound PCIntern Apr 13 #28
Is it too much CT to consider that this conflagration, at THIS time, plays RIGHT into the hands RandomNumbers Apr 14 #40
" easily-made-queasy folks" Voltaire2 Apr 16 #51
So Hamas aka the Palestinian people, directed Bibi to missile attack the Iranian consulate? Chakaconcarne Apr 16 #52
I for one have no problem killing terrorists PCIntern Apr 16 #53
Continuing the 6 months long explanation that Israel has no agency and is instead directed by Hamas. Voltaire2 Apr 16 #55
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