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His trial? nt intrepidity Apr 13 #1
It will, for him. Sneederbunk Apr 13 #2
Iran/syria and Israel messy right now. jimfields33 Apr 13 #3
his trial Celerity Apr 13 #4
Heard it where? SharonClark Apr 13 #5
Here Beachnutt Apr 13 #8
He hopes his MAGAts will do a 1/6 on the courtroom on Monday. Ocelot II Apr 13 #6
Security Teams and Police bdamomma Apr 13 #16
I certainly hope so. Omnipresent Apr 13 #30
He made that claim with his fraud hearing six people showed up. nt doc03 Apr 13 #7
He must be signaling to his Proud Boys and Nazis Emile Apr 13 #9
I bet he is cheering a conflict on Beachnutt Apr 13 #10
or that too. Emile Apr 13 #11
And I bet it's a big dud. Elessar Zappa Apr 13 #21
His verbal diarrhea certainly is hellish to any non-lunatic forced to listen to it, RockRaven Apr 13 #12
The video suggests he's maybe expecting... Septua Apr 13 #13
He looks like shit Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Apr 13 #28
And this is new...how? NanaCat Apr 14 #40
All hell enid602 Apr 13 #14
He said "break lose"... Think. Again. Apr 13 #22
Well played! nt Gore1FL Apr 13 #31
What do you mean by "break lose"? Is that his actual spelling mistake? I assumed he wrote "loose". . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Apr 13 #35
Sorry, just a misspelling on my part. Think. Again. Apr 13 #38
He is having one of his rallies tonight in Pennsylvania and will probably call for his supporters to rise up again and kimbutgar Apr 13 #15
Maybe he'll hold a press conference with a posse in tow bucolic_frolic Apr 13 #17
He doesn't seem to be able to motivate angry mobs in Manhattan. Frasier Balzov Apr 13 #18
Maybe he knows he is going to have bathroom issues IbogaProject Apr 13 #19
Severe Pantload Alert Blue Owl Apr 13 #24
That was a direct order from him to his minions... Think. Again. Apr 13 #20
He should not have top secret security briefings. Emile Apr 13 #23
Biden's team could just make up shit and he'd be dumb enough to not know better. Xavier Breath Apr 13 #25
Hail Freedonia!!! COL Mustard Apr 13 #27
LOL 😂 Emile Apr 13 #29
The Grand Duchy of Fenwick is preparing to lay siege against tRump Tower. . . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Apr 13 #36
Explosive diarrhea? COL Mustard Apr 13 #26
Similar thoughts. republianmushroom Apr 13 #33
Trump's trail was going to be the number one news story, but maybe Putin came to his rescue. Doodley Apr 13 #32
I think so too, Beachnutt Apr 13 #34
JMO of "all hell" His jackboots are going to blow up something Jewish and claim Muslims crossing from MX did it. Runningdawg Apr 13 #37
Just wishful thinking. EndlessWire Apr 14 #39
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