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In It to Win It

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16. So far, it just seems to be places where Republicans were already weak.
Sat Apr 13, 2024, 12:29 PM
Apr 13

I’d take the hit if more Republicans from Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Georgia want to move to Florida.

With abortion rights and marijuana legalization measures on the ballot, turn out will be high in Florida. sop Apr 13 #1
Need a huge non Cuban Hispanic turnout. Funtatlaguy Apr 13 #2
Cubans make up only 25% or so of FL Latinos so you cannot just blame them alone (like some incorrectly do on DU) for Celerity Apr 13 #5
Probably not, but it should be a lot closer. Freethinker65 Apr 13 #3
There has been seismic shift in Florida voter registration towards the Republicans... brooklynite Apr 13 #4
It will be a long shot. sop Apr 13 #9
So many of the boomers that moved here from New York love trump RandiFan1290 Apr 13 #6
It's possible mcar Apr 13 #7
gilliam, too. so close. mopinko Apr 13 #8
So close mcar Apr 13 #12
No he cannot. Raftergirl Apr 13 #10
It was fairly close in 2020 Johnny2X2X Apr 13 #11
Then all or a significant amount of Republicans will have to move back to wherever they came from In It to Win It Apr 13 #15
Yes, a lot has changed Polybius Apr 13 #19
No... and I live here and will vote for him In It to Win It Apr 13 #13
Which means they have weakened anamnua Apr 13 #14
So far, it just seems to be places where Republicans were already weak. In It to Win It Apr 13 #16
Roe Roe your vote...abortion is on the ballot and a 60 point win is need thus...I think Demsrule86 Apr 13 #18
In Florida, DeSantis has an approval of 47% Polybius Apr 13 #20
Your using Emerson polls...No DeSantis is not popular in florida. He has Demsrule86 Apr 19 #23
Sorry, but you're incorrect if you think that his approval is bad in Florida Polybius Apr 20 #28
I think Florida is in play. I also think if we push Roe and Social Security...fixing the insurance Demsrule86 Apr 13 #17
Unfortunately- right now not looking good womanofthehills Apr 20 #24
They need a strong turnout in the blue counties Seasider Apr 13 #21
Using 2020 numbers getting 185,844 votes of the 371,686 plus votes TSH got would do it. LiberalFighter Apr 13 #22
Yes. H2O Man Apr 20 #25
As one who is there one to two times per month...No Mark.b2 Apr 20 #26
Trump himself literally IDed Florida as a swing state where he should be campaigning the Prairie Gates Apr 20 #27
"vote Democrat" I sure you meant "vote DemocratIC" elocs Apr 20 #29
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