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111. I can see her point
Sat Apr 13, 2024, 02:21 AM
Apr 13

She is lucky to come at a time when you can sell millions of CDs and have the best of these songs played by radio stations all over the country. An artist today like Maggie Rogers, who should be making money hand over fist, and enjoy the same amenities, does not.

I get what she is saying and have agreed with her over the years on most things. She is probably coming to grips with the changing music industry going from record sales to ticket sales for making money. As with the sleazy hangers-on that helped themselves to hitmakers money back in the day, they have probably turned into sleazy ticket sellers and concert promoters. Shaming her for being a millionaire? Come on. We can do better than that.

Good grief, $70 million wendyb-NC Apr 12 #1
what a joke... democratsruletheday Apr 12 #76
Boo fucking hoo. You're lucky you made $70 singing. we can do it Apr 12 #2
no shit. musicians i know mopinko Apr 12 #9
As I've understood it, the industry is set up for musicians to have to tour to make money underpants Apr 12 #3
Fuck the suits. LuvLoogie Apr 12 #28
Les Claypool recently explained it thus... jcgoldie Apr 12 #45
Explains why ticket prices are so high SouthernDem4ever Apr 12 #51
True but... residentcynic Apr 12 #57
Well that and ticketmaster has a monopoly... jcgoldie Apr 12 #72
Yeah, ticket prices are so high I said the hell with it a few years ago. raccoon Apr 13 #116
she has a good point - and other artists just starting out will be more heavily impacted. samsingh Apr 13 #133
I think she has a great point Johnny2X2X Apr 12 #4
Yes. Elessar Zappa Apr 12 #34
I agree - she makes decent points about how difficult it is for recording artists. harumph Apr 12 #42
+1 demmiblue Apr 12 #61
I agree. MorbidButterflyTat Apr 13 #124
I agree too Unwind Your Mind Apr 13 #169
Spotify, Sirius, Prime and other legitimate streaming platforms aren't ripping off the artists FakeNoose Apr 13 #177
The streaming services are ripping off the artists... appmanga Apr 13 #183
Oh, poor, poor, millionaire sakabatou Apr 12 #5
Maybe she should consider going into Bible and shoe sales. Ping Tung Apr 12 #6
I'm sorry, but you've just touched the surface as to the vast universe of Abolishinist Apr 13 #108
I reached the nauseum long before the infinitum. BobTheSubgenius Apr 13 #130
Yet a few individuals at Spotify are soaking up all the cash... lame54 Apr 12 #7
She's lucky... newer musicians, not so much. Chakaconcarne Apr 12 #8
Got all mine too! Now I need a solar solution to make sure I'll have power. SouthernDem4ever Apr 12 #54
Not good for new acts.No more incentive for start-up bands like... brush Apr 12 #102
" Not good for new acts", like Billie Eilish or Olivia Rodrigo for example? speak easy Apr 13 #165
Yeah, what's the incentive now if you can't make money now with a start-up band? brush Apr 13 #180
She's not necessarily wrong, in a certain way. Tommy Carcetti Apr 12 #10
I agree Johonny Apr 12 #12
I think it's fun to stream an artist live Captain Zero Apr 12 #38
The argument is as Ive heard it Johonny Apr 12 #98
Yes. Straw Man Apr 13 #113
The musicians I know make nothing from streaming shrike3 Apr 13 #119
Has Beens Have Always Done Poorly MineralMan Apr 12 #11
Not true at all BannonsLiver Apr 12 #32
None of those were ever has-beens. Nope. MineralMan Apr 12 #69
She put out an album two weeks ago AZSkiffyGeek Apr 13 #128
OK. MineralMan Apr 13 #132
Sheryl Crow is not a "has been" Sugarcoated Apr 13 #144
OK MineralMan Apr 13 #145
A lot of misinformed comments Sugarcoated Apr 13 #151
I don't think you're up on the music scene past and present TBH. BannonsLiver Apr 13 #140
Motley Crue's Carnival of Sins tour Mr. Evil Apr 12 #71
If Crow has 7 mil then, Captain Zero Apr 12 #40
Seventy Million----$70,000,000 mtngirl47 Apr 12 #53
Crow's made a lot of great records. shrike3 Apr 13 #120
Yes. I'd call him a has-been, even though I'm a big fan. MineralMan Apr 13 #122
You do you. shrike3 Apr 13 #123
I always do. MineralMan Apr 13 #134
Zappa is dead, every dead person is a has been. Voltaire2 Apr 13 #139
I believe I first heard that True Dough Apr 13 #153
I was referring to the time when he was alive and ignored but still making records. shrike3 Apr 13 #154
Zappa and the Mothers of Invention were never 'big' they were always eclectic. Voltaire2 Apr 13 #162
I did not call him a has-been. Another poster did, so take it up with them, please. shrike3 Apr 13 #174
Doesn't matter how much money she has, she's still being ripped off. tinrobot Apr 12 #13
She's right about the business, musicians are fucked and it's wrong. BlueTsunami2018 Apr 12 #14
Absolutely. I know plenty of musicians. Some of whom are very talented. shrike3 Apr 13 #121
When she sold 15 million copies of her debut maxsolomon Apr 12 #15
But she was the only one getting paid! Sympthsical Apr 12 #16
thats why so many artists are touring like it's 1979... WarGamer Apr 12 #17
Also, why tickets cost so darn much. shrike3 Apr 13 #118
A few things ScratchCat Apr 12 #18
Best Buy doesn't even sell physical media anymore (other than video games) pstokely Apr 13 #107
I don't know if you remember The Romantics. "What I Like About You" and others. shrike3 Apr 13 #155
Milwaukee irish julmur Apr 12 #19
I didn't know she partnered with Kid Rock. Haggard Celine Apr 12 #37
I think she's correct rockfordfile Apr 12 #20
"Taylor swift music is imo junk." mwb970 Apr 12 #29
Taylor Swift music is... TexasBushwhacker Apr 12 #103
lololol. Someone needs to get off the top 40 channel Blue_Adept Apr 12 #50
Top 40? rockfordfile Apr 12 #79
How many members were still around in that bloated corpse of 38 Special?? AZSkiffyGeek Apr 13 #135
38 rockfordfile Apr 13 #167
Get off my lawn you kids with your terrible music! Elessar Zappa Apr 13 #146
I don't think so rockfordfile Apr 13 #166
And while you're at it GenThePerservering Apr 12 #74
That says it all. Thanks. twodogsbarking Apr 12 #89
Kids these days... Wednesdays Apr 12 #81
smdh Celerity Apr 12 #97
No "today's music" is crap for the most part rockfordfile Apr 13 #168
No it is not. You clearly are just bent on making derogatory universalised comments that would not withstand scrutiny Celerity Apr 13 #171
No rockfordfile Apr 13 #175
No. You are just using your personal prejudices to effect ageist, falsely universalised smears and attacks. Celerity Apr 13 #181
Grandpa, is that you? :P XorXor Apr 12 #101
I'll stay off your lawn pstokely Apr 13 #109
The only way one could reach this conclusion is by not listening to enough music made after the 90s. ramen Apr 13 #125
No rockfordfile Apr 13 #172
You're a victim of merging media empires. yourmovemonkey Apr 13 #142
"Now today's "music" is crap" vs Olivia Rodrigo (Live) speak easy Apr 13 #182
Wow, this group is right up there with Led Zeppelin, the Rolling Stones, Abolishinist Apr 14 #184
[snark] OK Boomer [/snark] speak easy Apr 14 #185
A classic song about an event 54 years ago from today. Abolishinist May 5 #186
The Cranberries - Zombie (Northern Ireland) 1994 speak easy May 5 #187
Seems like some investment advice might have been useful 30 years ago... nt Gore1FL Apr 12 #21
She had better prepare to live off her savings. Musicians these days get screwed out of their creativity. DFW Apr 12 #22
Oh little Crow ... I wish i had your problems. My house is falling down. Trueblue1968 Apr 12 #23
Mine is, too. The cost of repairs has gone leftyladyfrommo Apr 12 #27
We need a new roof aand deck on our floating home Trueblue1968 Apr 12 #62
I think she's complaining about systemic issues that affect all musicians meadowlander Apr 12 #24
+1 progressoid Apr 12 #36
Agreed. ShazzieB Apr 12 #43
The business model changed. Don Henley whines the same tune. twodogsbarking Apr 12 #25
It isn't a whine -- they are being ripped off obamanut2012 Apr 12 #80
Sorry I am not a whine expert. twodogsbarking Apr 12 #86
I think they are putting words in her mouth. LisaM Apr 12 #26
She is not a very good singer KT2000 Apr 12 #30
Hmm? Straw Man Apr 13 #114
Are you kidding? She's awesome. Bucky Apr 13 #131
Google searches for net worth are wildly wrong. Cuthbert Allgood Apr 12 #31
+1 ShazzieB Apr 12 #44
+1 demmiblue Apr 12 #60
I Found 4 Different Numbers ProfessorGAC Apr 13 #179
Interesting responses here dwking66 Apr 12 #33
And if it wasn't a famous artist saying it, who would be paying any attention? meadowlander Apr 12 #41
You are not wrong. demmiblue Apr 12 #65
Seriously -- wtf am I raeding? obamanut2012 Apr 12 #83
Welcome to DU Unwind Your Mind Apr 13 #173
Apropos of Spotify, didn't Taylor Swift pull all her material from that service? keep_left Apr 12 #35
My take is she's not really complaining she's not rich enough. She's talking about the MUSIC INDUSTRY. pnwmom Apr 12 #39
It sucked when the David Geffens of the world Arthur_Frain Apr 12 #46
Yeah, but listeners / fans want and almost expect (!) music for free these days. She is largely wrong though, there are TeamProg Apr 12 #52
Not anywhere close to what it was. ZZenith Apr 12 #66
5% sounds about right, unfortunately! nt TeamProg Apr 12 #68
You're absolutely right. Arthur_Frain Apr 12 #99
You are awesome. ZZenith Apr 13 #105
Obviously, you're having difficulty coping with how primitive your lifestyle actually is............. jaxexpat Apr 12 #47
This is so sad, makes me want to cry! Leave Sheryl Crow alone! TeamProg Apr 12 #48
if she isn't living comfortably to say the least, barbtries Apr 12 #49
Remember Napster? SleeplessinSoCal Apr 12 #55
The "roof over her head" bit is from an anonymous "friend". "In Touch" doesn't have a great reputation muriel_volestrangler Apr 12 #56
This ain't no disco! Otterdaemmerung Apr 12 #58
Well, this is a bad take (not hers). n/t demmiblue Apr 12 #59
Go Fund Sheryl. While she oasis Apr 12 #63
That's what I thought too. BigmanPigman Apr 12 #87
But astonishingly we are expected to live on 7.60 an hour. onecaliberal Apr 12 #64
Really? What percentage of workers live on $7.60 per hour? Abolishinist Apr 13 #110
That is the federal minimum wage. Give or take a few. onecaliberal Apr 13 #112
It's 7.25 per hour and 1.3% of workers were earning that much in 2022 Bucky Apr 13 #136
The U.S. workforce in 2022 True Dough Apr 13 #156
Your 2.1 million computation is flawed. The total U.S. workforce Abolishinist Apr 13 #159
My thanks to Bucky for giving some perspective to your statement, Abolishinist Apr 13 #160
Sure Jan. onecaliberal Apr 13 #164
Put all of that pain into multigraincracker Apr 12 #67
She's not wrong. Nobody I know in the music biz is making money off recordings. bluesbassman Apr 12 #70
Taylor Swift is doing rather well at it, she's a billionaire RainCaster Apr 12 #73
Yes, she has done very well, but something of an anomaly. bluesbassman Apr 12 #75
Somehow Taylor Swift figured out how to make money. NameAlreadyTaken Apr 12 #77
Writing is part of it twodogsbarking Apr 12 #88
She made her money before streaming. Voltaire2 Apr 13 #141
Don't assume her net worth is that high NanaCat Apr 12 #78
No way is it that high obamanut2012 Apr 12 #84
This reminds me of an awesome, pissed off Queen song MorbidButterflyTat Apr 12 #91
The rest of Queen were a little hesitant to record it tavernier Apr 13 #158
You know, rich people have a right not to be ripped off, too obamanut2012 Apr 12 #82
Agreed. MorbidButterflyTat Apr 12 #92
🤜🤛 Traildogbob Apr 13 #137
How much money have you whizzed away, Ms. Crow ? republianmushroom Apr 12 #85
She needs to pack her lunch to save money. twodogsbarking Apr 12 #90
Try being an average working musician. shrike3 Apr 12 #93
Tried it for forty-seven years. OldBaldy1701E Apr 12 #95
I can remember Alice Cooper talking about his early days. shrike3 Apr 13 #117
I love seeing rich folk cry about losing money JoseBalow Apr 12 #94
Oh the times, they are a'changing. GreenWave Apr 12 #96
I'm not sure multi-millionaires are the best people to use when trying to highlight the plight of struggling muscians XorXor Apr 12 #100
I'm capable of both agreeing it's a shitty deal for artists these days, and also not having too much sympathy... Silent3 Apr 12 #104
Sorry. I don't care how much her net worth is (and net worth is a garbage number anyway). All Mixed Up Apr 13 #106
I can see her point Norbert Apr 13 #111
She doesn't make music all by herself, those employed in the music business are affected. betsuni Apr 13 #115
Oh, no! Mike Nelson Apr 13 #126
In the music industry, as with many other artistic genres, it's the suits who enjoy the lion's share of the profits dlk Apr 13 #127
Ahhhh. But how much staff do you have employed in your home? BobTheSubgenius Apr 13 #129
Some serious "Get off my lawn," and "OK, Boomer" vibes in this thread. AnrothElf Apr 13 #138
Ikr? Sugarcoated Apr 13 #147
For sure... Artists get it. AnrothElf Apr 13 #163
Not even from an interview. sl8 Apr 13 #149
It's beginning to look like Mr.Bill Apr 13 #143
The money is now in live performances. Jacson6 Apr 13 #148
I don't get self-pity from the message as much as a heads up about this change for musicians mahina Apr 13 #150
Did Crow actually say that? sl8 Apr 13 #152
so while she was reeling in the big bucks gopiscrap Apr 13 #157
People taking what "In Touch" magazine says seriously Sugarcoated Apr 13 #161
Maybe now she understands how Kevin Gilbert and the other guys ... dawg Apr 13 #170
She's talking about the music industry. But heres a tour of one of her houses... IcyPeas Apr 13 #176
It's amazing how many people have an opinion without actually listening to the interview AkFemDem Apr 13 #178
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