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Anecdotally, from my southern, white, rural perspective, they (the book authors) are 100% correct about the rage. Lunabell Apr 5 #1
I found it interesting, that many people who consider themselves rural aren't. I hadn't heard of the RUCA metric. LauraInLA Apr 5 #2
While this is absolutely true, Lunabell Apr 5 #5
Oh, I get where you're coming from. I grew up in west Texas LauraInLA Apr 5 #9
Midway, fl. Lunabell Apr 6 #25
Here is a great tool that determines if an area is eleigible for specific grants and aid for rural populations Cheezoholic Apr 5 #7
This one also seems good and offers a lot of different sources LauraInLA Apr 5 #10
I grew up on a farm. That's rural. shrike3 Apr 5 #22
As a northerner is a purple state I agree Cosmocat Apr 6 #32
Oh no! *one* book! Must rush to the defense of rural people! unblock Apr 5 #3
This book says it's talking about rural whites, but it ISN'T. The reason I shared both articles LauraInLA Apr 5 #4
Are you counting women and POC in your "rural folks" question? yagotme Apr 5 #6
Understood. As well as lgtbqia+ and immigrants and so on unblock Apr 5 #16
Yes, the bigotry seems to be coming from everywhere. yagotme Apr 5 #17
For a good while between the 60s and Reagan, the media kept things fairly decent unblock Apr 5 #19
I find myself bigoted today.... and I'm someone who has always accepted different people and customs. albacore Apr 5 #21
Rural America is about 20-30% Democratic. We don't want to isolate rural Democrats. LeftInTX Apr 6 #37
Rural people not allowed to be defended? Bernardo de La Paz Apr 6 #29
Of course. I'm not a fan of over-generalizing or assuming individuals in a group unblock Apr 6 #39
I think what the authors missed is Republicans agingdem Apr 6 #33
That books a good read Johonny Apr 5 #8
I find it interesting that a lot of their sources LauraInLA Apr 5 #12
Dont think that matters Johonny Apr 5 #13
But a lot of the people they're categorizing as rural, really aren't. LauraInLA Apr 5 #14
If you listen to them Johonny Apr 5 #15
Yes, correct. Very interesting, but a lot of people won't listen. betsuni Apr 6 #26
I live in a urban area, however I live in one of the largest congressional districts in the country. LeftInTX Apr 6 #38
Ha! Think your district is gerrymandered? yagotme Apr 11 #40
We also have one like that. CD-35. Number given to the interstate it travels along! LeftInTX Apr 11 #41
Take an exit, change your district. Turn the other way, change it again. yagotme Apr 11 #42
Thank you for posting that article!! Cheezoholic Apr 5 #11
My closest White Friends live in Rural Washington State and Idaho. They are very active in MenloParque Apr 5 #18
I agree -- it's really easy to pick on a stereotype. LauraInLA Apr 5 #20
Thank you codfisherman Apr 6 #31
"elite liberal ire" LOL betsuni Apr 5 #23
The book told people what they wanted to hear Sympthsical Apr 5 #24
What did they tell people? betsuni Apr 6 #28
Let's put it this way Sympthsical Apr 6 #35
More divisiveness hits the bestseller list, great. Think. Again. Apr 6 #27
Not blaming liberal elites for the problems of rural America is divisive? How so? betsuni Apr 6 #30
The book itself, blaming a very specific subgroup... Think. Again. Apr 6 #34
Jim the Waco Kid said it best JanMichael Apr 6 #36
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