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They're not, but it's not enforced. They stop there because they've hit their hours of service and would be WhiskeyGrinder Apr 11 #1
I never see it in CA - but do see it in other states FHRRK Apr 11 #41
I see it all the time on and near I-81 phylny Apr 11 #2
When I travel.... Happy Hoosier Apr 11 #3
I don't have a problem with them using rest stops NanaCat Apr 11 #49
There are Jilly_in_VA Apr 11 #4
Huh.... A HERETIC I AM Apr 11 #34
I was thinking of the same thing. Some people may be injured or even killed but,.. chouchou Apr 13 #66
I see the on I55 south of Chicago Hassin Bin Sober Apr 11 #9
not fair... myohmy2 Apr 11 #15
I See It Once In While ProfessorGAC Apr 12 #61
Actually... 2naSalit Apr 11 #13
... A HERETIC I AM Apr 11 #35
A lot of truck drivers in my family Sympthsical Apr 12 #60
Truck parking is the biggest issue in the industry. BluesRunTheGame Apr 11 #26
Reserve parking at a TS? 2naSalit Apr 11 #27
Most of the TAs, Pilots, and flying Js have spaces that you can call ahead and reserve. BluesRunTheGame Apr 11 #28
Most of the truck stops in Southern California don't have free parking anymore. BluesRunTheGame Apr 11 #29
Further proving my claim... 2naSalit Apr 11 #32
So true Duncanpup Apr 11 #52
There are rigid time limits on their driving IbogaProject Apr 11 #5
Then they should stop Jilly_in_VA Apr 11 #8
Likely the driver's employer and insurance company. Cuthbert Allgood Apr 11 #14
None of the triangles or flares are required. 2naSalit Apr 11 #16
I'm sorry for the man who was killed while driving into the parked 18-wheeler Polybius Apr 11 #22
If the trucks stopped... 2naSalit Apr 11 #37
Why was he driving on the shoulder & on a ramp fast enough to kill himself? EX500rider Apr 11 #47
It's not hard to not hit a truck parked on the shoulder. SYFROYH Apr 11 #6
It is when Jilly_in_VA Apr 11 #10
If they're blocking the view tazkcmo Apr 11 #17
If you can't see a big rig on the shoulder Zeitghost Apr 11 #23
... A HERETIC I AM Apr 11 #36
LOL!!! 2naSalit Apr 11 #38
Many republican governors have closed rest areas Emile Apr 11 #7
We have rest areas Jilly_in_VA Apr 11 #12
Maybe people in... 2naSalit Apr 11 #19
Now when there are more trucks on the road than Emile Apr 11 #20
Where? In Virginia? A HERETIC I AM Apr 11 #39
How dare you mess up this thread... NeoGreen Apr 11 #48
Yeah the truckstop at Troutville isn't very big. underpants Apr 11 #53
Yeah, not much more than a fuel stop. A HERETIC I AM Apr 11 #56
There are a couple an hour up the road just past Stuart's Draft underpants Apr 11 #57
I'ma call you CVS Sympthsical Apr 12 #62
It's there . It's by the Valley Field Mall on route 3 across from the cinema cineplex and Singer Sewing Center Hassin Bin Sober Apr 13 #65
LOL....Well, color me embarrassed! A HERETIC I AM Apr 13 #67
We actually have a new one that just opened. However, there are not enough LeftInTX Apr 12 #64
I see more and more vehicles parked on the pavement Marthe48 Apr 11 #11
Or... 2naSalit Apr 11 #18
Pick ups and flatbeds Marthe48 Apr 11 #21
I have seen... 2naSalit Apr 11 #40
The amount of truck parking spaces moniss Apr 11 #24
Spot on. A HERETIC I AM Apr 11 #33
Well said. 2naSalit Apr 11 #43
Yes indeed moniss Apr 11 #46
AMEN!!! 2naSalit Apr 11 #42
It isn't legal in CA to park on a freeway or on/off ramp to a freeway. Jacson6 Apr 11 #25
Because there is a shortage of truck parking spaces in this country... A HERETIC I AM Apr 11 #30
This one is easy: John Shaft Apr 11 #31
+1 2naSalit Apr 11 #44
Walmart used to let them park, but stopped after a truck on their lot was found full of dead migrants LeftInTX Apr 11 #45
Not enough rest stops. Xolodno Apr 11 #50
This. n/t ms liberty Apr 11 #51
I know this Jilly_in_VA Apr 11 #54
That's usually the problem when you solve a problem. Xolodno Apr 11 #55
I saw the video of that incident. progressoid Apr 11 #58
America's Truckers Face a Chronic Headache: Finding Parking (NYT) dalton99a Apr 11 #59
This is an interesting thread. Thanks for posting and bringing up the issue/parking problems LeftInTX Apr 12 #63
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