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9. There Is No Doubt In My Mind That The Jury Went Into The Trial With The Verdict Already Decided........
Thu Apr 11, 2024, 01:04 PM
Apr 11

.........but that doesn't excuse the fact that the Prosecutors did a piss-poor job proving their case. I believe to my very core that OJ was guilty, but also that the jury got the verdict RIGHT. The Prosecutor didn't prove her case. And it's her own damn fault. Procedural/tactical mistake after mistake.

I heard in a seminar years ago that the Prosecutor's office tried this case to a mock jury 3 different times and lost all 3 times. And the main reason why (among many reasons) was that the juries ALL said they didn't believe her timeline. Yet she went into the trial and insisted on going forward with that exact same timeline. Making him try on the gloves was another huge mistake. The jury didn't need to see him try on those gloves. It was unnecessary, and it backfired.

The other big blunders she made were allowing him to change the venue of the trial to get a more favorable jury, and NOT asking for the death penalty. The reason for asking for the death penalty is tactical. He was a major celebrity. There's no way in hell that any jury would ever sentence him to death. But once you ask for the death penalty, you are required to seat a "death penalty qualified" jury. That means every juror seated has to state that if convicted, they would be willing to sentence the defendant to death. That gives you a much more prosecution-slanted jury.

That's why I tell people to this day, OJ is guilty, but the jury actually got the verdict right.

Yup, I thought the same thing Farmer-Rick Apr 11 #1
One of the all time dumb juries. I recall one of them when asked about the dna evidence replied Floyd R. Turbo Apr 11 #4
This is pre CSI era, though Johonny Apr 11 #6
And snow they did! Floyd R. Turbo Apr 11 #7
There Is No Doubt In My Mind That The Jury Went Into The Trial With The Verdict Already Decided........ ChoppinBroccoli Apr 11 #9
Exactly correct in my opinion PCIntern Apr 11 #13
I missed that. LiberalFighter Apr 11 #12
One of the all time idiot judges too. CanonRay Apr 11 #29
It's tough putting snow boots on a kid that's uncooperative. Same deal. mobeau69 Apr 11 #2
and don't forget that the dried blood shrank the glove. niyad Apr 11 #3
Indeed. I found it incredibly disturbing the way he mugged to the jury wearing the gloves that were Floyd R. Turbo Apr 11 #8
ex-wife. niyad Apr 11 #22
I stand corrected! 😬 Floyd R. Turbo Apr 11 #25
I can testify to that. Butterflylady Apr 11 #15
u just have to wear them til they dry. mopinko Apr 11 #17
One of the secrets for why shoes fit mannequins so well NanaCat Apr 11 #23
Anyone Who Played Baseball Knows.......... ChoppinBroccoli Apr 11 #5
Base ball or H2O Man Apr 11 #11
DUzy worthy Brother Buzz Apr 11 #14
It was a terrible H2O Man Apr 11 #10
Exactly.. even I know that from Tv Law. Cha Apr 11 #28
I'm not sure H2O Man Apr 11 #30
Maybe if they get tfg to testify he'll come up with something equally assinine captain queeg Apr 11 #16
the latex gloves were too small crud Apr 11 #18
Exactly what I thought back then, the latex gloves made it more difficult. Silent Type Apr 11 #19
Having worked with leather... ProudMNDemocrat Apr 11 #20
I remember that Tom Tomorrow (Dan Perkins), the political cartoonist... keep_left Apr 11 #21
I was just looking ar the wiki page on Nicole Brown Simpson, and I niyad Apr 11 #24
Johnnie Cochran--from someone mchill Apr 11 #26
He was so guilty but his lawyers were able to prove the benefit of doubt. kimbutgar Apr 11 #27
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