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Yup, I thought the same thing Farmer-Rick Apr 11 #1
One of the all time dumb juries. I recall one of them when asked about the dna evidence replied Floyd R. Turbo Apr 11 #4
This is pre CSI era, though Johonny Apr 11 #6
And snow they did! Floyd R. Turbo Apr 11 #7
There Is No Doubt In My Mind That The Jury Went Into The Trial With The Verdict Already Decided........ ChoppinBroccoli Apr 11 #9
Exactly correct in my opinion PCIntern Apr 11 #13
I missed that. LiberalFighter Apr 11 #12
One of the all time idiot judges too. CanonRay Apr 11 #29
It's tough putting snow boots on a kid that's uncooperative. Same deal. mobeau69 Apr 11 #2
and don't forget that the dried blood shrank the glove. niyad Apr 11 #3
Indeed. I found it incredibly disturbing the way he mugged to the jury wearing the gloves that were Floyd R. Turbo Apr 11 #8
ex-wife. niyad Apr 11 #22
I stand corrected! 😬 Floyd R. Turbo Apr 11 #25
I can testify to that. Butterflylady Apr 11 #15
u just have to wear them til they dry. mopinko Apr 11 #17
One of the secrets for why shoes fit mannequins so well NanaCat Apr 11 #23
Anyone Who Played Baseball Knows.......... ChoppinBroccoli Apr 11 #5
Base ball or H2O Man Apr 11 #11
DUzy worthy Brother Buzz Apr 11 #14
It was a terrible H2O Man Apr 11 #10
Exactly.. even I know that from Tv Law. Cha Apr 11 #28
I'm not sure H2O Man Apr 11 #30
Maybe if they get tfg to testify he'll come up with something equally assinine captain queeg Apr 11 #16
the latex gloves were too small crud Apr 11 #18
Exactly what I thought back then, the latex gloves made it more difficult. Silent Type Apr 11 #19
Having worked with leather... ProudMNDemocrat Apr 11 #20
I remember that Tom Tomorrow (Dan Perkins), the political cartoonist... keep_left Apr 11 #21
I was just looking ar the wiki page on Nicole Brown Simpson, and I niyad Apr 11 #24
Johnnie Cochran--from someone mchill Apr 11 #26
He was so guilty but his lawyers were able to prove the benefit of doubt. kimbutgar Apr 11 #27
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