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If I'd won that 1.3 billion $$ lottery, I'd negotiate w Lukovich to run his best on billboards across the US hlthe2b Apr 10 #1
yes mdmc Apr 11 #30
But, it seems Farmer-Rick Apr 11 #31
Guess we'll see this Roe-vember... Wounded Bear Apr 10 #2
I just ordered a "Roevember is coming" bumper sticker from Etsy. It's pink with Barbie-style letters. Scrivener7 Apr 11 #29
I so want to put that bumper sticker Farmer-Rick Apr 11 #32
If you want to go there, all life depends on killing other life to survive... Wounded Bear Apr 11 #33
Exactly Farmer-Rick Apr 11 #38
So prolife that YHWH has a kill count in the millions NanaCat Apr 11 #36
Good point Farmer-Rick Apr 11 #39
People who claim to know the mind of God have no god but themselves. Scrivener7 Apr 11 #40
They really aren't known for thinking of the consequences of their little-head decisions. erronis Apr 10 #3
And this time all their money isn't going buy this next election. rubbersole Apr 10 #4
Yes, a little to full of themselves I think PatSeg Apr 10 #9
Oh, don't worry.... SergeStorms Apr 10 #5
Many are already talking about it. soldierant Apr 10 #18
Some Republican candidates actually believe that bmichaelh Apr 10 #6
Dont worry, they jave the 13th and 19th amendments in their sights... getagrip_already Apr 10 #7
If they win the White house, soldierant Apr 10 #19
Big Fat Ugly Elephant heads. Cha Apr 10 #8
ha! BlueWaveNeverEnd Apr 10 #10
Republicans are now Russiapublicans; they are all anti-American. Hermit-The-Prog Apr 10 #11
Oof! Ain't that the truth. Hekate Apr 10 #12
That WAS an immense faux-pas, wasn't it? dchill Apr 10 #13
I don't think Republican women will go along with ending their voting rights, but I could be wrong. sop Apr 10 #14
Yeah, too many repub women have become Stepford wives/clones... Wounded Bear Apr 11 #34
Thank you, Luckovich, as always Wild blueberry Apr 10 #15
I would be not at all surprised Quanto Magnus Apr 10 #17
Yes, I completely agree. Sparkly Apr 11 #20
The objective of Christian Nationalism is to increase its birthrate. Denial of women's rights is mere collateral damage Marcuse Apr 11 #21
Couple laid off professors from Don Poorleone U. nt Prairie_Seagull Apr 11 #27
Oh that one's next on their list. calimary Apr 11 #22
K&R for another spot-on Luckovich!!! Rhiannon12866 Apr 11 #23
Kick dalton99a Apr 11 #24
Added to my signature line malaise Apr 11 #25
We will see. betsuni Apr 11 #26
Luckovich for the win! gademocrat7 Apr 11 #28
ROEVEMBER IS COMING! LetMyPeopleVote Apr 11 #35
Check my new addition to malaise Apr 11 #37
Yup, and they will find out how much they erred. republianmushroom Apr 11 #41
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