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When will Garland Appoint A Special Counsel to Investigate Trump's Money Laundering? Botany Apr 2024 #1
Face it Gab, the oligarchs want Trump. CrispyQ Apr 2024 #2
Crispy I think you are exactly correct. Irish_Dem Apr 2024 #7
I listened to Michael Cohen a couple of days ago, gab13by13 Apr 2024 #12
Just cuz they're rich doesn't mean they're smart. CrispyQ Apr 2024 #16
Any day now dalton99a Apr 2024 #3
K&R Hugin Apr 2024 #4
The lack of interest in the post is because it's obviously another slanted anti-Garland thread (yawn!) * Oopsie Daisy Apr 2024 #5
Darn tootin it's anti-Garland gab13by13 Apr 2024 #9
+1 Emile Apr 2024 #17
They are pro trump, it's all you can be left to think. onecaliberal Apr 2024 #19
Even if the DOJ opened an investigation and had unassailable evidence BlueKota Apr 2024 #6
It is the publicity that is the point gab13by13 Apr 2024 #11
Any minute now. Emile Apr 2024 #8
You know he won't do that. The wealthy and powerful own the top tier of justice. Autumn Apr 2024 #10
K&R Blue Owl Apr 2024 #13
Old Johnny Mathis song tavernier Apr 2024 #14
Then we all need to stop pretending that Trump doesn't have the money gab13by13 Apr 2024 #15
Second Tuesday of next week. onecaliberal Apr 2024 #18
My guess is, if reasonable suspicion exists, DOJ is already investigating Fiendish Thingy Apr 2024 #20
Maybe, possibly, could happen,.. but do expect to much and you won't be to disappointed. republianmushroom Apr 2024 #21
the bibles r just a way to funnel money from rich fundies and corrupt pastors. mopinko Apr 2024 #22
This Garland obsession is beyond bizarre. tritsofme Apr 2024 #23
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