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11. There is a very old joke in certain circles. Three men, an American,
Wed Apr 3, 2024, 04:02 AM
Apr 3

a Brit, and a Frenchman, all high-ramking in their fields, are all caught in a ruzzian "honeypot". When confronted with the evidence, the American and the Brit are horrified, embarrassed, and appalled, and agree to do whatever their ruzzian contact wants. When the Frenchman is confronted, he is also horrified, embarrassed, and appalled. "You cannot show these pictures to my wife, they are terrible. She will never believe it is me. You must take them again, be sure to get my good side." The ruzzian agent left in defeat.

Being the twisted, perverse soul that I am, with my background, this VERY old (older than I am!!!) joke has always cracked me up. The person who told me this joke also said that only cranky old guys should be stationed at certain posts, because nobody would care (or might actually applaud), if they were caught in "compromising" situations.

VP enid602 Apr 3 #1
I don't think Trump would choose him as VP because he has spasmodic dysphonia phylny Apr 3 #18
or it could just be that there are a lot more stopdiggin Apr 3 #2
Not really garybeck Apr 3 #4
well, in my mind the grand kompromat line stopdiggin Apr 3 #7
You know what--I just connected some dots, too. barbaraann Apr 3 #3
RFK jr is rumored to be a sexual leviathan. Have you heard of "the diary"? Earth-shine Apr 3 #5
He's an over-sexed misogynist who mistreated his wife. . . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Apr 3 #10
That may be the least of it! Earth-shine Apr 3 #14
No. H2O Man Apr 3 #6
Not sure about vast. But I have always been sure that vanlassie Apr 3 #8
And the sad thing is, unless it is something like a preference for kiddie niyad Apr 3 #12
"They" have no creative thoughts. usonian Apr 3 #9
There is a very old joke in certain circles. Three men, an American, niyad Apr 3 #11
I think he suffers some form of PTSD. LisaM Apr 3 #13
I wouldn't make it too complicated. He makes things up for attention. BootinUp Apr 3 #15
I doubt Bobby Jr. would be susceptible to a sex threat. I think it's simpler than that. DFW Apr 3 #16
20 years ago, he co-hosted "Ring of Fire" on Air America with attorney no_hypocrisy Apr 3 #17
I've said for awhile now that tfg's handlers Arthur_Frain Apr 3 #19
Sexual scandals happened under G Gordon Liddy MagickMuffin Apr 3 #20
No. Bill Clinton is known to have taken several plane trips with Epstein too. progressoid Apr 3 #21
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