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9. "They" have no creative thoughts.
Wed Apr 3, 2024, 03:44 AM
Apr 3

Everything they say is an accusation that projects their own fears, weaknesses and failures -- onto others. Run a regression test!

A TSF Moscow sex scandal is both plausible and also unlikely, because Shitler is the poster boy for cheap sex thrills. He doesn't or can't deny them.

It has to be deeper. Given the Bible Blather he spouts endlessly, it would have to be something sacrilegious (there) in my estimation.

Recall our "Founding Father" Ben Franklin is said to have frequented a Hellfire-like club while in England.


Perhaps something like a "Black Mass"


Sex is the lure.

Recall the secret rites of the rich and famous in "Eyes Wide Shut". Kubrick's last film. Orgies looking like religious ceremonies.


Disclaimer: pure speculation based on TSF's regard of sex as cheap and religion as valuable (as a weapon). He's selling bibles. And how does someone have promiscuous sex (unprotected, presumably ) without you know what.

What's he most adamant about? What would be the most damaging to him?

In the movie, a doctor does a cover-up.


It would take a world-class liar to hoodwink so many. But then ... that's his entire life story.

VP enid602 Apr 3 #1
I don't think Trump would choose him as VP because he has spasmodic dysphonia phylny Apr 3 #18
or it could just be that there are a lot more stopdiggin Apr 3 #2
Not really garybeck Apr 3 #4
well, in my mind the grand kompromat line stopdiggin Apr 3 #7
You know what--I just connected some dots, too. barbaraann Apr 3 #3
RFK jr is rumored to be a sexual leviathan. Have you heard of "the diary"? Earth-shine Apr 3 #5
He's an over-sexed misogynist who mistreated his wife. . . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Apr 3 #10
That may be the least of it! Earth-shine Apr 3 #14
No. H2O Man Apr 3 #6
Not sure about vast. But I have always been sure that vanlassie Apr 3 #8
And the sad thing is, unless it is something like a preference for kiddie niyad Apr 3 #12
"They" have no creative thoughts. usonian Apr 3 #9
There is a very old joke in certain circles. Three men, an American, niyad Apr 3 #11
I think he suffers some form of PTSD. LisaM Apr 3 #13
I wouldn't make it too complicated. He makes things up for attention. BootinUp Apr 3 #15
I doubt Bobby Jr. would be susceptible to a sex threat. I think it's simpler than that. DFW Apr 3 #16
20 years ago, he co-hosted "Ring of Fire" on Air America with attorney no_hypocrisy Apr 3 #17
I've said for awhile now that tfg's handlers Arthur_Frain Apr 3 #19
Sexual scandals happened under G Gordon Liddy MagickMuffin Apr 3 #20
No. Bill Clinton is known to have taken several plane trips with Epstein too. progressoid Apr 3 #21
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