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Wed Apr 3, 2024, 01:55 AM Apr 3

Now I think I get it.... re: RFK Jr. [View all]

For a while now I've been saying and thinking that there is something beneath the surface going on here that is not fully understood or being discussed. Even for Refucklicans, some are saying such outrageous and stupid things, it just makes you question their sanity or suspect there is something else going on we don't understand.

There's obviously something going on with Putin having direct influence on a significant part of the Refucklican party. But I think there's more than that. Plus, there has to be a mechanism by which Putin has control over these people.

When I saw RFK Jr's comments about Biden being a bigger threat to democracy than Trump, this was one of those moments for me. I thought to myself, this is not just someone running for president. this is not explained by normal facts we have seen in the press. There has to be something going on here.

One of my theories has been, one of the missing pieces of the puzzle, the explanation of why these people are saying and doing such absurd things is ..... yep you guessed it, sexual scandal. It starts with TFG and the pee-pee tapes, which would explain why he kisses Putins ass at every opportunity. But take it a step further.

The basic idea is, you get sucked in to some kind of sexual experience and someone knows about it. Then you are blackmailed to say and do whatever they demand, to keep this secret out of the public. You'll do ANYTHING to keep it from the public.

Ever see the movie The Firm? In it there is a law firm, and everyone who works there, as part of their hiring process, they get invited to a trip at a resort in the Caribbean. They get real drunk one night and they throw a hooker into the hotel room with them and flash a few pictures without their knowing. Then forever, they are forced to follow the (corrupt) directions of the firm or otherwise risk having their family, friends, and public know what they did, which would pretty much ruin their lives.

When I read RFK Jr's comments I thought, this is just too weird. So I googled "RFK Jr Jeffrey Epstein" just to see if anything came up. I found out that yes indeed he was forced to admit that he flew on his plane and spent some time with him. And he had no reasonable explanation for this.

Matt Gaetz, Jeffrey Epstein, ... i think we could be just scratching the surface.

My theory is not scientific and I do not claim to know what's going on. But I will say that I have a reasonable suspicion that there is a bigger sexual scandal going on under the surface than is being discussed. and if my theory is correct, the people who are saying and doing the most outrageous things are the most suspect. I would include MTG and Boebert on the list there.

I have wondered and suspected this for a while but the RFK revelation really makes me wonder a lot more.

You know that concept that people who do bad things often accuse others of doing those exact things, as a way to cover their own ass? Now think back to "pizzagate" and how the rightwingers are always saying the Democrats have a vast conspiracy involving sex trafficking and exploitation of children for sexual purposes? Well there you go.

It's pretty simple. You did something bad and someone knows about it. That person is blackmailing you to say and do outrageous things and no matter how outrageous they are, you continue to do it because the alternative is worse.

Just a theory. Any others who have been thinking along these lines?

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VP enid602 Apr 3 #1
I don't think Trump would choose him as VP because he has spasmodic dysphonia phylny Apr 3 #18
or it could just be that there are a lot more stopdiggin Apr 3 #2
Not really garybeck Apr 3 #4
well, in my mind the grand kompromat line stopdiggin Apr 3 #7
You know what--I just connected some dots, too. barbaraann Apr 3 #3
RFK jr is rumored to be a sexual leviathan. Have you heard of "the diary"? Earth-shine Apr 3 #5
He's an over-sexed misogynist who mistreated his wife. . . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Apr 3 #10
That may be the least of it! Earth-shine Apr 3 #14
No. H2O Man Apr 3 #6
Not sure about vast. But I have always been sure that vanlassie Apr 3 #8
And the sad thing is, unless it is something like a preference for kiddie niyad Apr 3 #12
"They" have no creative thoughts. usonian Apr 3 #9
There is a very old joke in certain circles. Three men, an American, niyad Apr 3 #11
I think he suffers some form of PTSD. LisaM Apr 3 #13
I wouldn't make it too complicated. He makes things up for attention. BootinUp Apr 3 #15
I doubt Bobby Jr. would be susceptible to a sex threat. I think it's simpler than that. DFW Apr 3 #16
20 years ago, he co-hosted "Ring of Fire" on Air America with attorney no_hypocrisy Apr 3 #17
I've said for awhile now that tfg's handlers Arthur_Frain Apr 3 #19
Sexual scandals happened under G Gordon Liddy MagickMuffin Apr 3 #20
No. Bill Clinton is known to have taken several plane trips with Epstein too. progressoid Apr 3 #21
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